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  1. I actually ate at Pinxtos on Roy last night. Great food, ambiance and service. You can make a meal of the tapas or they have a combo of 4 tapas (chef choice) + your choice of one of the main meals @ $28. Very reasonable. They also have a good selection of Spanish wines. Highly recommended.
  2. By far, the best breakfast spot in town is in the La Potion Magique on Mason (not far from St Michel). They have a great menu of inventive items with high quality ingrediants. Try it out.....
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I did contact them today and unfortunately, the can not accomodate a part of our size (we need 110 to 120 for a seated dinner). Any other great suggestions out there? I dread going to a boring hotel......
  4. We need to start planning our holiday 2006 party and wanted any feedback on interesting options out there (be it restos, hall rentals, caterers etc.). Every year we seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Year one we rented out Area, then we had space at Cafe Melies, from there we moved to the Hotel Nelligan and this past year we had it at Cube 2 (Hotel St Paul). I am afraid that this year we need to plan for about 120 for a sit down dinner. I dread going to any of those banquet halls in the east end. Any ideas would be very appreciated.
  5. For Greek ...try Mythos on Park Ave. It is actually pretty good.
  6. Thanks so much ...so far so good! It seems like it will be fun to discover our city and there is nothing better than food as the outlet to do so. We are now a group of about 16 and counting.....
  7. I am conducting a food tour of Montreal for a group of my friends and wanted your feedback on a few additional places to check out. So far we are going to head to Jean Talon Market and the following establishements: Bilboquet (Ice Cream) Roberto (Gelato) Le Fromentier (Bread) Le Monde du Ravioli (Pasta) Le Fournil (Pies) Le Festin de Babette (Soft-Serve Ice Cream) Grandbois (Chocolates) I was looking for a few more places along these lines, that I can include. Also interesting food shops. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Any news on the liquor liscene or restaurant front at the Godin?
  9. I just wanted to let everyone know that I had a great meal there last night. I had originally gone to Nonya at their St Laurent location, but was dissuaded from going to their downtown site for some reason. They really brought their restaurant to a new level in terms of food quality and overall look of both food presentation and decor. We had the rijstafel which is a traditional Indonesian "tasting menu". Every little plate was delicious with each taste complimenting the other. By the way, the black rice pudding was the best I ever tasted. Warm, gooey, and not too sweet. Will go back with friends.....
  10. Take a look at this web site: www.hautecuisine.biz I have never used her services, but lives in my building
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