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  1. ****congrats to chefs colby and megan, as well as the talented team at bluestem for this badass achievement****
  2. just wanted to let everyone know that graham elliot will be accepting june reservations by the end of next week (312.624.9975).
  3. Thank you everyone for the continued support over the years at Avenues. I just wanted to say that I have nothing but the utmost confidence in Chef Duffy's abilities, and am excited to see a someone of his caliber step into the kitchen and lift the restaurant to a new level. Also, moving forward, perhaps any and all comments regarding Graham Elliot would best be written under a separate topic. Regards,
  4. This has been one of my favorite places in NYC since the first time I visited almost 8 years ago. I am so happy to hear that Chef Anthony and his team are doing great. I can't wait to get back and try it myself!
  5. I thought that was the only "card" they honored...
  6. I can't comment on the food scene, but there have been some great bands to come out of Lawrence, most notable being The Get Up Kids. For that alone, Lawrence has a place in my heart!
  7. What kind of credentials do you think one must have to be a critic?
  8. I bet they will still find a way to award someone from NYC the Best Chef Midwest award!
  9. Just to clarify, Aaron Elliott departed Avenues and The Peninsula Hotel earlier this year. Michael Muser has proved to be an amazing addition to the team, and we are looking forward to his continued success.
  10. Maybe this is selfish, but I for one would love to see Chef Randy come on up to The Windy City!
  11. I found out that I would need only 132 signatures on my petition to get on the ballot for the City Council elections in February. The idea of running sounds better all the time!
  12. There is word he will be doing London next, and may come to Chicago in a year or so. With regards to a NY Times review and overall success, what impact do you think his having other outlets will have in the long run?
  13. Todd Jurich is the is the first Chef I had the priveledge to work under over ten years ago. His cuisine is as fresh now as it was then, and his restaurant is not to be missed. He recently moved to a new downtown location. Hope this helps....
  14. Went there the other night....food was tasty, but they had one server on the floor and one cook in the kitchen. It took forever to get our order taken, and even longer to recieve our food, so I am in no hurry to return.
  15. It is my understanding that the ordinance is currently being rewritten due to the many loopholes associated with its effectiveness.
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