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  1. I'll be visiting San Francisco the first full week of May. Am I safe assuming Bourbon and Branch and Alembic are still two must-visits? Any others I can't miss?

    I'd also appreciate any information on liquor stores to hit, if that won't take the thread too far off course. Thanks!

    My favorite liquor stores are Blackwell Wines & Spirits



    Weimax in Burlingame.


    And not necessarily in that order. Weimax is definitely best wine and liquor store I've been to in the Bay Area. Both of those will be a haul--don't know how far you're willing to go or what you're looking for in particular.

    Honorable mention for Plumpjack in Noe Valley.


    I'm sure others will have good ideas.

  2. Hey Kids,

    I have a friend looking for an old (I mean OLD) Italian resty.  Not all remodeled and shiny.  He loves mid-century and doesn't mind peeling plaster.  Any ideas?

    For old-fashioned, red sauce Italian, I like La Traviata on Mission between 24th and 25th. They bring you piping hot bread fresh from the oven and plenty of butter, and the meat dishes are served with a side of tortellini (your choice of red or white sauce). The walls are covered with hundreds of photos of opera singers, and opera is always playing softly in the background. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I like to go occasionally and the service is really good.

  3. Have you looked for Carnation Malt powder?  I buy in in a small border town in MI so I'd think you'd be able to find it in Safeway in SF.

    Looked in several Safeways and phoned several others with no luck. None at the one Whole Foods I called and none at the yuppie gourmet grocery stores I called.

    If you google Malt drink +recipe you'll find lots that you can use your malt powder for.

    In this thread, I was stating that I actually could not find any malt and had to buy malt barley powder. I was wondering if it could be used just like malt or not.

  4. I cannot find malt powder anywhere (the stuff one would use to, for example, make a malted milkshake). Finally called the hippie store, and they have malt barley powder in bulk, which I bought. I'm wonder if the only difference is that the stuff I bought doesn't have dried milk solids in it. Please advise. Thanks!

  5. "Better" is subjective and right now the "hot" Italian-esque restaurants are Incanto and A16.

    I would add Perbacco to that and perhaps La Ciccia as well.

    I also second Aziza and think it's a fantastic value for the great flavors and very high quality. Also a pretty unique restaurant with dishes you won't find everywhere, as well as fantastic desserts and cocktails.

  6. I love my brownies a bit crunchy on the top, and fudgy in the middle. No nuts, either, please. Mmmmmm.

    That's exactly how I like my brownie. Has to be very chocolatey (surprisingly, some are not!). I'm looking forward to this challenge. I usually use Alice Medrich's recipe from Bittersweet using . . . bittersweet chocolate. There are variations using cocoa powder or unsweetened chocolate. The unsweetened chocolate version has done me very, very wrong (won't bake all the way in the time specified or even much longer, won't come out of the pan gracefully, ends up being an unserveable mess).

    I personally don't like chocolate chips, fruit flavors, or (quel horreur!!!) cream cheese in my brownies.

  7. I dunno, from the way the show was edited, it kind of seemed like they were leaning toward sending Mikey home before Mia decided to "throw herself under the bus".

    From Tom's blog:

    "We were ready to send Elia packing, when a funny thing happened: In one of the first acts of genuine selflessness I’ve witnessed on the show to date, Mia asked to go home instead of Elia."

  8. One of these sold on eBay this week for $150!! Incredible. Well, it didn't have attachments. I love my K5-A and would probably never buy a new KA. It's worth seeking out the vintage KitchenAids.

    I've seen several posts mentioning Hobart Kitchen Aids, pre 1986. The Hobart N50 is the current professional model still manufactured by Hobart and is the king of stand mixers. It is the design that KitchenAids and most other stand mixers are based on. At $1800 street price, it is expensive, but I have seen used models on eBay in the $400 range. It would last a home cook for two lifetimes.

  9. I've been wondering about Sugar 'n Spice myself. I drive by often but has yet to stop by. Have you visited the store? Do they have a lot of candy making supplies? I'm in SF as well but made trips to Spun Sugar because I have yet to find something closer for what I need. I like to hear your impression of Sugar 'n Spice.

    There has been some discussion of it recently on craigslist. It sounds like a great store.


  10. Thanks for these. Our friends are staying downtown, like classy places and are big spenders.

    Given these criteria, I'd say Nishino is the place to go, though Mashiko is still my favorite overall.

    Shiro's would also fit the bill, and the neighborhood is a lot more fun when you get done with dinner.

    I guess that chipped linoleum tables and grubby carpet doesn't say "classy" to me. Have they remodeled?

    I've never noticed that. I like Nishino, but I thought the decor was 80s tacky, so there! :raz: All they need is some Nagel posters and perpetual light mirrors to complete the look.

  11. That was a good article. 50 bonus points for the Ted Leo reference. I am trying to place the continental store. Of course I mired on that street forever. Is Lucky Dog still open. They did a neat job and had good stuff in the beginning.

    50 bonus points for Ted Leo + 25 bonus points for the knitting reference. Chicks With Sticks rule.

    Online Coffee Co. (on Olive & Harvard) serves beer and wine as well.

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