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  1. ... another thumbs up for Chengdu 1. Mmmm.... double cooked pork belly... mmm
  2. This past Sunday my wife and I took a drive out west on Route 46 - from where it merges with Route 10, all the way to the end in Knowlton. Along the way I must have spotted four or five different bars/pubs/restaurants that proudly proclaim 'barbecue!' As a part-time 'cue addict (when I get the time to fire up the smoker at home - or pay a visit to Bourbon BBQ, Front Street Smokehouse, etc.), my curiousity was stirred, however, as we had just had something to eat before leaving for the drive, we did not stop off at any of the places. Anyway - to get to the question - if we happen to find ourselves in that part of NJ again, are any of the joints on Route 46 worth paying a visit?
  3. That is funny - nice to meet you too! Yes, a very small world! Food choices were great - the sauce accompanying those wontons was delicious - in fact, I should have got the waitress to just leave it there when the entrees came out. I have been to Chengdu 1 about four or five times up until now with my wife, but I'm looking to try out some more dishes. I will have to switch over to the Chengdu 1 thread and take a look at some other suggestions! Thanks again, Jason
  4. ... and just to follow up - decided to go Chengdu 1. That place just turns out consistently good food - we had the Spicy Wontons as an appetizer, then the Spicy Lamb, Smoked Tea Duck and Potatoes with Peppers as the entrees. Great stuff!
  5. Hey ejebud, You know, I was just thinking last night about taking him to Chengdu 1. It's actually much closer to my 'neck of the woods' (I live in West Orange) - but I concur that the food is great! Definitely on the list of options...
  6. jb_973


    ... just to add my 2 cents. Went there with my wife a couple of weeks back, and I must say it was a great experience. Food was well prepared, service was very hospitable, and, on that night, we didn't have to wait for a table. Our regular 'greek' spot is Greek Delights in Montclair, however Stamna has a great range of authentic dishes that I really look forward to exploring....
  7. Hi, I'm meeting up tomorrow evening with an old colleague of mine from dinner. He lives down in Maryland, but is staying in Hoboken. Rather than dine in Hoboken, I've decided to pick him up in the car and drive to somewhere to eat. The only request I have from him is for good 'spicy' food - and my only requirement is good, safe parking. Any suggestions? Off the top of my head, I'm thinking Thai, Korean, or Malaysian, but I am open to other suggestions. Thanks! Jason
  8. This is probably my favorite Vietnamese place around here. We also occasionally go to Little Saigon in Montclair, however I think the prices at Viet Ai are hard to beat - and their Pho is just great. Haven't yet been to Saigon House on Route 10 in East Hanover.
  9. ... if you're heading north on Pleasant Valley Way, you can also hang a right immediately after the Dunkin Donuts - there's a one-way drive that will take you into the parking lot. You can see the drive on this map - Nemo's is at the left of the screen, Dunkin Donuts is at the other end of the strip. http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=q...44111&encType=1 I think they may benefit from a sign in the window saying that there is parking available around the back. I haven't been there yet - may go and check it out either sometime this week, or over the weekend.
  10. ... following up on old thread. If your friend in Park Slope is still looking for Guyanese food, Sybil's over on the other side of Prospect Park (2210 Church Ave - near the intersection of Church + Flatbush) does some good Guyanese food. When we used to live in Park Slope, we'd take a stroll through the park to go over there for some Sunday morning Pepperpot (+ Wonder bread!)
  11. Is this place now open? I drove past there last night just before 10pm, and thought I saw the lights on and people in the kitchen...
  12. A 'staff wanted' sign has gone up in the window, so I can only assume that this place should be opening sometime soon...
  13. MsSumida, eGullet thread on Nemo's Seafood in West Orange
  14. I was just about to post about this - I spotted the new awning this morning while taking a spin on my bike. This is great - we used to go to Bill & Harry's in East Hanover quite a bit. I must admit that Chengdu 1 has become our favorite chinese hot spot, however seeing that the new Bill & Harry's is within walking distance from our house, I can see them getting more of my business. Anyone know when they will open?
  15. I just spotted this while driving this lunchtime from my office to the Menlo Park mall - Route 1 South, just north of the turn-off to the mall (i.e. near the new Famous Daves, Pizzeria Uno etc), they're in the process of turning the old Wendy's location into a <a href="http://www.pollotropical.com/">Pollo Tropical</a>. Given the <a href="http://www.baristanet.com/2007/03/pollo_tropical.php">usual crazed atmosphere</a> that accompanies the opening of a Pollo Tropical location, this should be interesting... Jason P. has a <a href="http://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/2007/06/19/njnyc-dining-pollo-tropical/">nice post on his blog</a> about the location up in Clifton.
  16. If you're a Costco member, you may want to check to see if they carry the Carrot Cake (I have had it before, but not sure if this is a regular or special order item.) We also like the cakes from Calandra's - they have locations in Newark (just off Bloomfield) and Fairfield (Route 46) - <a href="http://www.calandrasbakery.com/Aboutus.html">http://www.calandrasbakery.com/Aboutus.html</a>
  17. jb_973

    Chengdu 1

    Had a decent meal at Chengdu 1 the other night - spicy wonton appetizer was delicious, and we had the Kung Pao Chicken Ding and Lamb with Special Pepper sauce. The lamb, which was prepared with a somewhat 'dry' sauce (and came with onions), had more of a kick to it than the chicken - in a good way. No complaints about the service - efficient and courteous. The only odd thing, which was in my subconcious mind until my wife pointed it out, was the fact that they had a Kenny G-like Christmas music album playing in the background! I definitely think we'll be going back - hopefully the next time the music will be a bit more seasonally appropriate
  18. ... was looking through some old posts, and just came across this one. I have an update on this topic - the other day I was walking around my local Shop Rite, in West Orange, and low-and-behold they had a whole shelf-full of Illy beans, including the treasured red-capped whole beans, for a couple of bucks less than Whole Foods. Just a heads-up if anyone else is looking for Illy out there!
  19. I have fond memories of those as well. Growing up in a seaside town in the south east of England, trips to the beach would involve a trip to the donut stand to get some freshly fried + sugared ring donuts. Great stuff. I think my doctor would faint if I ate them now
  20. Here's a link to their website - http://www.itsgreektome-taverna.com/ When I drove past the Livingston Town Center the other day, I saw a big sign up on the second floor (above Fresh City) for 'It's Greek to Me'. Not sure if they are still yet to open... Jason
  21. Oh yeah - they were on the table for two minutes (for the picture), then straight in the fridge. No one wants skunky lager!
  22. An update! MJP, the superstar eGullet poster, came to my rescue. I am now in possession of a six pack of these beauties. He was down in Maryland over the weekend, took a detour to State Line Liquors on the way back to pick up a few bottles for himself, and very kindly picked up an extra pack for me. Many, many thanks, MJP!!! I can't wait until the weekend to fire up the grill, cook something appropriate, and wash it down with one or two of these...
  23. I heard back from Star Brand Imports - they confirmed that it is only currently available in Florida and Maryland. Next time I'm visiting friends down in Delaware, I will have to take a detour!
  24. MJP: The place is called State Line Liquors - they're just off I-95, in Elkton. They have it listed on their website, however you should give them a call. Here's a link to their site: http://www.statelineliquors.com/beer.php?p...CO,%20CARIBBEAN I did a bit more hunting, and found the following page - http://www.brewpalace.com/BeerDetails.asp?...30&BeerTab=Beer I just shot off an email to Star Brand Imports, the US importer of Kalik. Let's see what they have to say. Anyway, if you're in that part of MD, you should definitely pick some up. It is a nice lager, especially as the temperature warms up outside!
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