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  1. I'm spending a week in Madeira and looking for suggestions on authentic local cuisine and restaurants/wine bars with interesting lists. Any help much appreciated.
  2. You may want to give Boneta a try - they have a private dining area and great food and service. Pourhouse during the week is on the quieter side and they can easily seat a gorup of six. Chill Winston also has a private dining area near the kitchen that seats upto 10. As Karen mentioned Two Chefs and a Table is also an option. Cheers, Stephen
  3. Noticed next to Gourmet Warehouse a new cafe - Latino Organic is being built.
  4. Here's a link to my blog on our Chef's table Dinner at Pourhouse Vancouver in Gastown. http://barbourswelliesandwine.blogspot.com/2009/10/pourhouse-vancouver-chefs-table-dinner.html
  5. Pubs of note. The Irish Heather, Darby's and although not really a pub the Alibi Room for the best selecton of craft beers on tap in the city. I like the Irish breakfast at the IH on weekends and their take on bangers and pot pies works well for me.
  6. I have heard that Octopus Garden is supposedly decent. ← I'd also recommend Octopus Garden. Consider taking the aquabus across to Yaletown for more dining options. I'd recommend RTL Regional Tasting Lounge. Stephen
  7. Au Petite Chavignol Helen and I had our first meal at Au Petit Chavignol on Friday night. Here's our recap. Vancouver's latest cheese and wine bar is a great success. Ths small room is inimate, frendly, and full of foodie energy. Take a seat at the bar and get Chef Owen to assamble a cheese and charcuterie plate for you. There are currently six "Tasting Flights" each consisting of three cheeses along with the option of a wine pairing. We opted for the Flight of 3 hams so we could get our fix on some jamon Iberico de Bellota along with two cheese plates that we let Owen choose for us. Prices are reasonable compared to some cheese and meat oriented menus in the city. One cheese is $4, 3 $10, and 5 for $16. There are 22 cheeses available divided into Cow, Goat, Sheep, and Mixed as well as about dozen optons for charcuturie and ten or so hot dishes. What I found fascnating was the broad selection of cheese plate accompaniments ranging from sides of exotic honey, olives, preserves and jellies and the must try grapes in Bandol marc. The wine by the glass selection is Euro focused with about a dozen choices including the intriguing a Thalassitis Gaia. There are half a dozen beers by the bottle and one microbrewery R&B on tap. The wine selecton by the bottle reflects owner Joe's passion for German Riesling along with a spattering of Iberian, talian, and Californian options. Service was very friendly and professonal with Annette runnng the FOH with some seasoned industry pro's working the floor. Highly reccomended!They do not take reso's so go either early or late for a seat. A nice touch is getting offered a drink while waiting - something you do not see alot of in YVR.
  8. I thought she and her husband went into the furniture making business up North. I really enjoyed the Velvet Cafe as well.
  9. Do you need a reso for lunch or can you walk in at sit at the bar? Sounds great and I'm going there this week.
  10. I had a laugh. I've only flown on Virgin once and the food was much better than described. The letter sound like an Air Canada or Air Transat meal
  11. Gastropubs of note: The Narrow, The Cow, Princess Victoria, The Gun. Private dining for 60 to 80 is tough! I've done family events at the Narrow and Cow for 20 or less. Cheers, Stephen
  12. Anyone know where to get pre-cooked chestnuts? I need some for the brussel sprouts and stuffing. Thanks, Stephen
  13. Scout is proving to be a great daily read. Thanks Andrew.
  14. MY mum lives in Surrey and there is little of culinary interest there. I'd 2nd The restaurant at Domaine de Chaberton (Langley) or Mahek for Indian. In a pinch the brew pub at Central City will do.
  15. I'd give all the restuarants on 6th a miss - all really mediocre.
  16. I think Van mag needed more suggestions like those above. The list was all over the map. It should have stayed regional focused to make it's point.
  17. Actually, Adlards is (much) better than that review. To be fair to Tracey she doesn't try to hide her dislike of Norfolk. Adlards is, however (as Andy notes) for sale and my understanding is that it is likely to close (in its present form) in September. Morston Hall is indeed a bit far from Norwich, especially as it only does dinner (except on Sundays) in one sitting (8pm). Worth considering though if you are staying closer. ← I had to postpone the trip. I'm arriving in Norwich for a week in late October and will check out some of the recommendations. I'll be staying at St. Giles House during my visit then off to a remote watermill on the Broads for some r&r.
  18. Anyone have the scoop on "Crime Lab" that is opening on Coal Harbour in the old Asian Bliss location?
  19. having worked both on the floor and as part of a management team in London I never saw much of an increase in tip out percentages as a manager; although that was back in the early '80s The perk of being in management was bonsues based on sales and cost control.
  20. Smiths of Smithfields has had decent steaks on several different visits.
  21. No great ones in my opinion but Hakkesan is very cool and delightful for dimsum. Vancouver does beat London for Chinese for sure.
  22. Went to "Two Chefs and Table" 305 Alexander (Gastown/Railtown) for dinner last night. Nice minimalist room and a great value $36 Five course chef's table menu. Small wine list but grander things in the works. I recommend you give it a try. Stephen Bonner
  23. Chinese cuisine in Vancouver is on par with HK. We are very lucky with the quality of Asian food in this city and would agree that we are in the top 5 cities for sure. Indian restaurants fall far short of what the UK has in the way of regional styles and flavours.
  24. It's an interesting list and says something about the diners who use OpenTable. Chambar makes sense - it is always full. The others I'm guessing are diners who just want to collect opentable points for coupons. The Hot Spot list is bang on in my opinion.
  25. Brunch and lunch at Browns at West India Quay has been pretty reliable. Stephen Bonner
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