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  1. My husband & I read this review of Bombay Masala in this week's City Paper restaurant roundup (Indian/Pakistani) and thought the idea of indian-chinese food sounded yummy and intriguing. So without bothering to write down the name of the restaurant or the address, we headed out to Greenbelt Road to track it down.

    After circling a couple PG County strip-malls, we found a place with "Bombay" in the name and went inside. The room was small, and the decor was a strange combination of basement rumpus room (linoleum floor and faux wood paneled walls) and classic Indian (framed Hindu prints). We didn't see any of the dishes mentioned in the review, in fact nothing seemed to indicate a chinese influence. :huh:

    Since we were already seated, we decided to eat anyway (after all, it had to be better than the Ruby Tuesday's in the same shopping center) and worked our way through a perfectly serviceable but not the slightest bit memorable meal. Samosas, tandourri lamb, cauliflower curry, naan.

    Convinced that we had ended up in the wrong "Bombay" restaurant, we looked up the review when we got home -- nope! We'd been in the right place! (but it musta been the wrong time... - sorry) I guess we should've given the waiter the secret handshake and whispered to him about the special menu for those in the know :cool: Given that the review is almost a year old though, I'm wondering. If we decide to go back, we'll call beforehand to see if that chinese-indian menu actually exists.

  2. Oh fun!

    Hmmm, for all things literary:

    Dorothy Dunnett

    Iris Murdoch

    A.S. Byatt

    I think the meal here would clearly be high tea!

    To talk about music & play a few tunes with:

    Dolly Parton

    Eck Robertson (texas fiddler)

    Sting :wub:

    Buddy Bolden (I'd be sure to make a recording!)

    This would be a creole/southern/soul food feast, although not sure Sting would eat that, isn't he vegan or something?

  3. Oh heck, I didn't even know what a Baltimore cake was until now.  Interesting, thanks!  I'm not a big fan of buttercream but I'm sure her cakes are good.

    I have a very fuzzy memory of seeing somewhere (in one of my mom's old cookbooks?) that there are actually two similar cakes, one is called Lord Baltimore and the other is Lady Baltimore.

    Anyone else ever heard of this?

  4. I was just in Elkins last weekend, and had a really nice lunch at the Appalachian Grill downtown (can't remember the exact address but it's right in town). The chef used to work at the Greenbrier and the cooking showed it - yum!

    I had a smoked chicken and blue cheese bisque that was really good, other people at my table liked it so much they ordered two cups!

    They are currently only open for lunch, so the menu is heavy on sandwiches & salads. I got a cornmeal-breaded trout po'boy that was very tasty and fresh. Another highlight was their italian sausage sandwich - the sausage is made in-house.

  5. Well I'm sitting here in my bathrobe, drinking a big mug of coffee, trying to recover from a REALLY fun evening at Firefly! (Okay, going across the Circle for pints at Biddy Mulligans afterwards was probably what did me in :rolleyes: )

    Anyhow, it was grand. We were celebrating Mr. EllenH's birthday and had convinced a few friends to join us. Everyone cleaned their plates, but there wasn't much sharing so I'll just tell you what I had:

    Cornmeal Dumplings [thank you, bookluvingbabe!!]

    These almost chewy dumplings with the hefty chunks of flavorful mushrooms on top are genius.

    Crab-Stuffed Trout

    I'm a sucker for just about any combination of fish and crab. This one is a winner.

    Bittersweet Panna Cotta [again props to blb]

    Decadently chocolatey without being at all cloying. And plenty of it, too :raz:

    This was all complimented by a bottle of California Syrah that Derek recommended -- I don't remember the make & model, but it's the only one on the menu. I'm a wine beginner, but I was impressed that this was a red with a lot of flavor that didn't swamp the fish. (He recommended it based on my question about his 2 australian shirazes, at that point we hadn't even decided on food yet)

    The food was great, the service was just right, and they even brought my husband a birthday slice of espresso poundcake with ice cream with one discreet candle on the corner of the plate. I also got to meet egullet favorite Derek so that was fun!

    Thanks Firefly, what a perfect place to celebrate :wub:

  6. I'm pretty sure the Daily Grill on Wisconsin serves breakfast (they are in a hotel). Also, if you're not looking for atmosphere, the Georgetown Bagelry on M st does a mean toasted bagel with egg & cheese! Along with a variety of other bagel sandwiches. yum. Finally, if you don't mind the student-diner feeling of Booeymonger, they also serve breakfast. Bagels, various egg things, etc.

  7. I understand the need to review suburban restaurants, but Baltimore is not the suburbs.  Baltimore is a completely separate city that has its own newspaper,

    Hmmm....I'm remembering a very recent article on the front page of the Sun about rising housing prices in Baltimore & surrounding area driven by people living in Balmer and commuting to DC. There was a line in the article, something like "Baltimore, welcome to the DC suburbs".

    While I'm definitely not saying I think of Baltimore as a suburb, it is unquestionably part of the greater DC area. Heck, I live in Takoma and my husband is interviewing for a job in downtown Charm City as I type -- and we're not planning on moving.

    Going up to Baltimore to eat, or catch an O's game, or visit the Aquarium, is not "travel" -- it's just taking advantage of all our area has to offer.

  8. If pub-grub and beer fit the bill, then Brickskeller may be worth a visit.  I mean, if you REALLY like beer.  Food is so-so, but it's the best beer selection you'll find pretty much anywhere.

    With all due respect...I wouldn't recommend the Brick for a meal to anyone! :raz: It has its own thread on this board, read through it for more info.

  9. If I was plating this in a restaurant I would twist the linguine with a long two pronged fork into a tightly rolled tube and center it in the plate almost timbale style then lean the 5 shrimps against the column of pasta, then finish with with the capers and maybe drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil.

    How about pasta with a colorful (ie tomato) sauce? I tried "plating" my standard spaghetti with italian sausages by putting the pasta & sauce on separately (deconstructed? :wink: ) and then arranging the sausages, but it ended up just looking silly. Big gloppy pile spaghetti, pile red sauce, line o' sausages. I didn't even take a picture 'cause it looked so dorky.

  10. I tip a standard 20%, and my bigger tips are usually at less-expensive places that still make me really enjoy my meal. I leave 25%+ at my neighborhood cafe because I'm a regular, the servers (and owner) know us, we always manage to get squeezed in immediately even when the place is packed, I love the food, etc etc. (Mark's Kitchen in Takoma, FWIW)

  11. My response to this article?  The man's a control freak.  Wants the same routine, the same drinks, the same servers, *the same chair* day in and day out.  Talk about being in your comfort zone!!

    Ah, c'mon...am I a "control freak" because I sit in my same chair at my dining room table & eat food either cooked by me or my husband 5 or 6 nights a week? I think his routine sounds great - wish I had that budget :biggrin:

  12. she also fed us canned asparagus.

    I made the mistake of telling my ex-mother-in-law that I like asparagus (fresh & steamed, but did not clarify this for her). Every meal at her house after that I'd get my own "specially prepared" green salad topped with many many spears of limp, mushy, grey canned asparagus! Eyuck. What kind of dressing do you put on that?? I never batted an eyelid though, as she did think she was feeding me something I liked. :huh:

  13. I think the idea of an appelation based choice would definately increase participation.

    I absolutely agree. It would be much easier for me to go to my local wine store & think "okay, I'm looking for an Aussie Shiraz-Cab [or whatever]" than have to find a more specific bottle.

    I also tend to surf around on a lot of different areas of eG, mostly for reading knowledge, and tend to contribute most to my local board. I think WOW is a great idea though & would love to use it to learn more.

  14. Let me get this straight-a restaurant nobody's been to

    Nothing personal, but please take your head(s) out of your ass(es) you snobs.


    I have been there, see earlier post. And no, nowhere as good as Firefly.


  15. there are many here who rave about it without realizing there is a significant number of people who are legitimately put off by the restricted hours and the increasing prices-they rail against anyone who is even slightly critical of Ray's

    Regardless of the half dozen sycophants on this board Ray's has as good of a steak as there is in the metropolitan area of Washington. 

    I've never even eaten at Ray's, but I guess I have to take a small issue with the idea that the folks who disagree with you are sycophants! I seem to recall you ripping into someone who ate at BlackSalt and wasn't as impressed as you are with the food and gave it "two stars". Wouldn't that be a case of "railing against anyone who is even slightly critical"? Seems to me like this board is full of people who are intelligent and passionate about food, yourself included of course, and that resorting to name-calling when a disagreement arises is a little harsh.

    Just my $.02.

  16. On my visit to N.O. in the fall, I had three AMAZING dinners at Jaques-Imos, Brigtsen's, and Herbsaint. If any of these serve lunch/brunch, I'm confident they would be delicious. All 3 are streetcar-accessible (although J-Imos will be a longer walk than the others) and all were decently priced.

  17. Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those singing the praises of CK brunch. Oh the donuts! After eating donuts, then brunch, was tempted to order more donuts. Did not, due to fear of exceeding capacity of stomach.

    Stuck to the basics & man, this is the way this stuff is supposed to taste! Eggs over medium, put on the plate at the PERFECT level of done-ness. Sausage -- where do they get theirs?? The pig that died for those should be proud. Hash browns. Hubby's benedict was great, only got one taste & he cleaned his plate. The biscuit on the side was amazing & the only thing I wish is that I could get a big plate of them with some gravy!


  18. Any reason this place shares a name with the other Le Chat Noir in DC? Seems like an odd decision, like naming a new place in DC "Le Disco Neuf Heure et Demi".


    I believe the original Le Chat Noir was/is a cabaret in Paris, there are a lot of bistros/cabarets/restaurants named after it. There's another one I know of in New Orleans.

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