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  1. If you do go to Volo tonight, I'd appreciate a report, since I won't be able to make it. Volo is absolutely amazing, and the owner Ralph is a gem, but it is fairly tiny and you'll want to head down early-ish, I think...
  2. In fact, Volo is hosting an event tonight with cask ale from Black Oak. More info here: http://www.bartowel.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=3201
  3. Your best bet is Volo (Yonge and Dundonald, just north of Wellesley). Beerbistro is also good. If you're a beer fan, get on over to Bartowel (www.bartowel.com) where this stuff is discussed obsessively! Hope that helps!
  4. Best of luck to him. It's kind of a shame since I have only been able to get to Beckta once. I hope they can find someone just as talented to fill his, er, hat.
  5. jmcnally


    You'd still get "whacked" taking it across the border. And not declaring it is a no-no. That's called smuggling.
  6. jmcnally


    Vic Harradine of WineCurrent.com wasn't that thrilled with the Zind Humbrecht: "Parker fairly gushes over every release and the wines are usually massive. However, this is a medium weight offering with a lifted nose of toast and nectarine while the flavours are peaches and honey. Bracing acidity flows through this, providing a finish that is clean and refreshing. Drink now to 2010." He gave it 3.5 stars out of a possible 5.
  7. jmcnally


    I'm also happy to see the thread and hope to contribute. I work for Lifford, a wine agent and so may have a different perspective on some things.
  8. jmcnally


    They are reducing the selection all the time, unfortunately. If you're a fan of "non-critter" wine, best to find yourself a good wine agent. I'm the web guy with Lifford, and we have a large portfolio of stuff that we can sell to consumers by the case. The only issue with agents is that since you have to buy a case, it's hard to pull the trigger without being able to taste first. We try to deal with that by hosting a big charity tasting each year (May 3rd this year) where we pour all of our wines for consumers. Our web site has more details, or you could get in touch with me. James McNally, Webmaster/Consumer Marketing Lifford Wine Agency
  9. I also work these tastings regularly and would agree with Dinah Sarah's comments above. It's sometimes difficult to gauge the level of wine knowledge of the person you're pouring for, so it can make it a bit awkward to ask them good questions. But I thoroughly enjoy talking to people I pour for, whether they're educating me or I'm educating them. But, for goodness sake, SPIT! Talking to drunk people is not fun at all.
  10. Uruguayan cuisine is very heavy on meat. In fact, I don't think I saw a vegetable side dish the entire time I was there. Even the potato side-dishes were an afterthought and not that well-prepared (I think I had "tater tots" once!). But the meat... Meat is prepared over a wood-fired grill (never charcoal) and is always grass-fed and extremely fresh. Uruguay, after all, is really just one big cattle ranch with some beaches attached(!). Parrillada (and Asado) are words used to describe this barbecued meat and normally you can have just about any part of the cow, from sausages (chorizo) to organ meats (didn't try any of those). I suspect Argentinean barbecue would be similar, but the Uruguayans are fiercely competitive with their larger neighbours and will always claim to have better meat. There must be some Uruguayans in Toronto because when I was at a soccer match in Montevideo, I was sitting a few feet away from a guy wearing a Leafs baseball cap, if you can believe it!
  11. I didn't go, but thanks for the heads up on this group. They look interesting.
  12. Sorry I don't have anything to contribute, but just wanted to say I'll be following this thread with interest, since my wife and I just got back from a week in Uruguay. Some of the best roasted meat ever. Are there any Uruguayan/Argentinean parilladas in the city?
  13. I can vouch for Celestin's. Very very good. But not as good as the ones in Paris!
  14. I absolutely love Mariachi's, which is on the west side of Yonge between Davisville and Eglinton. I've had Mexican food elsewhere in the city that was entirely forgettable, but Mariachi's is always good.
  15. Realized my link was wonky above. Try this: http://www.liffordwineagency.com/special/2...isle/index.html That's info for the 2005 event...
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