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  1. they might also use an air pump and pump it full of air to separate the skin from the meat, like the chinese do with the peking duck
  2. 1. You're a great kid. Your Dad's lucky to have been so well taken care of. I ended up treating my Dad to a tank of gas and a Wendy's chicken sandwich (I don't even know what it was)...but it's not my fault he wouldn't let me do anything else! Yet another treasury memory on the glorious Jersey Turnpike. 2. There's noooo way in hell that "cowboy cut" is any less than 40 ounces. If that's 28 ounces, then I weigh 67 pounds. Be Heart Healthy: Take the extra 12-15 ounces home and eat an apple if still hungry. 3. I love Ray's. Yes I do, yes I do. 4. I'm moving down the street from Ray's in a month or so... Gym and Ray will be fighting each other. i AM a good son! but don't discount wendy's, their chili kicks ass when spiked with their spicy chili seasoning.
  3. this was a very enjoyable read! i'll try to visit this place if i'm in the area
  4. My dad and I went here for father's day. He got the 28 oz ribeye "cowboy cut" It seemed more like 40 ounces. It also came with grilled onions and garlic, as well as some horseradish sauce on the side. I tried it and it was delicious, a perfectly cooked medium rare. The outside was crunchy and the inside was juicy and delicious. It's better than any steak I have tasted from some of those fancy shmancy steak joints around town. My steak was their ny strip and it was just as good. We also got extra mashed potatoes (which were great, but nothing special) and creamed spinach to take home. I really like this place.
  5. also known as the "who's who of high school students" award for restaurants. seriously, i used to own a restaurant in the area and a guy from the washingtonian came and asked if i wanted to be on this particular list. i said, "yes, of course!" he said, "okay now you can write the check out to ...."
  6. jmc8y


    Pho 75 has the best pho in town, i'd have to say. Great iced coffee too Also try Pho Hoa, they are good. Both have several branches but they are friggin good.
  7. OxO i think is the best restaurant in c'ville, but i'm not sure if it serves lunch. Hamilton's on the downtown mall serves a damn good lunch, i would go there. if you stay for dinner you might also want to try an inspired little place about halfway between the university and the downtown mall called continental divide.
  8. i'm taking my dad to ray's the steaks tomorrow for a belated father's day.
  9. i'll restate what others have said... WOW, who knew Carrabbas could evoke such passion? My opinion is that places like Carrabbas and Romanos can put together a decent dish. Personally I'd rather support independently run restaurants, but that's just my own weird little thing. Olive Garden, though, I hate because everything seems to come out piping cold. Oh, and it's nice how these chains seem to attract all of the families, so I don't have to listen to crying babies when I go to other restaurants.
  10. Sounds like Chicken Kadai. I love it. The trick is to not stop eating so the heat doesn't creep up on you. good call, this is the trick for eating most spicy food. although i rarely find restaurants that cook food spicy enough to merit this strategy.
  11. sounds like olive garden to me
  12. jmc8y


    i think it's pretty overpriced.
  13. i hope you are a chick, because they get treated much better at moby dick than men do.
  14. i actually am a pretty decent cook. has anyone ever been to circle bistro for happy hour?
  15. Don't worry, she will find out sooner or later, they always do. so true, i guess i'm just delaying the inevitable. thanks for the ideas so far guys!
  16. hey gang, do you have any food based date ideas? You know, like wine tastings in the area or other stuff like that? Also good date restaurants, modestly to mid priced please! We work in georgetown, so something close to there would be good, but not necessary. Speaking of Georgetown, i'm looking to take her out for drinks tomorrow after work. something casual, since we'll be in our friday office casual wear. thanks gang, i'm pretty new to the area and this would help me out a lot. ( i don't want to let her into the fact that i'm a dumbass quite yet) -jason
  17. i just found out that they are closed mondays during the summer. just thought you guys should know.
  18. jmc8y


    sounds good, i will have to try it!
  19. i really don't think pizzaria paradisio is that great. i'm interested in the free pizza happy hour at ella's. does anyone know if this is everyday and if so what hours?
  20. jmc8y


    how much are the mojitos at happy hour?
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