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  1. I go to the West Orange Shop Rite in the Essex Green Mall. I've often had that wish myself, but I think it goes against what Costco stands for, and that's buying items in mass quantities and generally stocking up on items. What I'd really like to see is if they'd have more than 2 registers open during times that aren't so busy, and more than 5 when the store is insanely crowded. The way they run it, it doesn't seem to matter when you go--you'll wait on line forever.
  2. At $4.99 the Costco roasted chicken gives you the best bang for your buck. For a couple of dollars more, the Kosher roasted chicken at Shop Rite is a nice alternative without having to deal with the Costco crowd.
  3. There is Tossed in Livingston, but they are a little expensive.
  4. This is so exciting! It doesn't look as if they are so close to being finished, but maybe they are hustling to get it done. I wonder how this will impact traffic at the intersection of Prospect and Eagle Rock as well as the parking situation in that lot.
  5. Wish I'd seen this sooner, must have overlooked it. Where did you end up?
  6. I kind of guess that Whole Foods illustrates my point. Sure the Whole Foods in Montclair is convenient, but I'm so psyched for the new store to open just 5 minutes away right in West Orange! laziness is a terrible affliction...
  7. I completely believe you! I was just looking for more like 5-10 minutes and not 20-25 minutes. Round trip, that adds up!
  8. Always thinking, Tommy! Gilenson`s...The Grill Experts 591 So. Livingston Ave. Livingston , NJ 07039 (973) 994-4004 ← That's where I get mine! Quite a selection too, oak, cherry, mesquite. ← Small problem. I went there today but they were not open. I tried calling the number but it is not in service. They did not appear to be out of business. To complicate matters no hours of business were posted anywhere on the store. I tried calling an 800 number but no additional information was provided. Does anybody know their hours of operation? As I gazed through the window, I saw some pretty interesting items!
  9. Always thinking, Tommy! Gilenson`s...The Grill Experts 591 So. Livingston Ave. Livingston , NJ 07039 (973) 994-4004
  10. I may try Home Depot. I didn't really want to wait to get them via the internet. I was hoping more for the immediate gratification route.
  11. I'm looking for a local store (essex county) where I can buy a bag or two of woodchips so I can smoke food on my grill. I know that they are not sold at Shop Rite. I know that I can get a bag at Chef Central in Paramus, but I shouldn't have to drive that far. I'm not sure if they are sold at Home Depot. There has to be someplace closer to me that has them. I'm drawing a blank as far as ideas for local stores to peruse. If anyone has a suggestion, or knows where I can go, I'd be much obliged. Thanks!
  12. I felt the same way, outside of a couple of small parties I saw hosted there. I'd often ask myself how they stayed in business--Question answered.
  13. it's the same ol' argument i know, but hopefully, with any luck, in most restaurants, the chef is in charge of the kitchen, and most likely has respect for his craft. the bathrooms, of course, are kept clean by someone other than the chef and kitchen staff (runners, barbacks, guys in charge of cleaning the parking lot), with any luck, and that person may or may not have the restroom on the top of the list. i'm not saying that's right, but over the years of being in kitchens, and restrooms, i've seen little correlation between the cleanliness of the two. if you want to be really grossed out, have someone inspect your own ("your" general, not you hitmanoo) kitchen for germs and cross-contamination. you'll never eat at home again. ABC's 20/20 will be glad to come in a few weeks before "sweeps week." ← Believe it or not, that kind of thing doesn't bother me for the very reason you mention. I'm sure that my own kitchen is less than stellar. I don't trouble myself worrying if a kitchen is pristine. I just felt like stirring the pot!
  14. Just remember--at many restaurants, the bathrooms for the patrons are the same for the employees--the very men and women who are preparing your food. If hand washing conditions are less than sanitary, just think of the kitchen!
  15. Interesting... I was thinking that they'd put a business/management office up there.
  16. Caldwell Seafood was very good. I had some service issues, but they offer a wide selection of fresh seafood well prepared at reasonable prices. I wrote a whole review I'd meant to post several months ago, then managed to close my browser window before I posted it...
  17. Both carry an extended stock of general organic goods. Fruits, vegetables, meats, cereal, oils, vinegars, etc.
  18. Last I heard, Whole Foods was scheduled to open in October, but driving by there several times a week it doesn't look like they are that close. I think that sometime before the end of 2006 would be a reasonable time to expect them to open in West Orange.
  19. I find it interesting that when I brought up months ago Trader Joes as a competitor to Whole Foods the notion was dismissed. I think that Trader Joes has to do better in the quality of several of their items before they can really compete with Whole Foods. I bought several meat products from Trader Joes (Florham Park) this summer and was disappointed in the quality when compared to Whole Foods. One that comes to mind is flank steak. I will never buy flank Steak from Trader Joes again. I bought 4. The meat was tough and grainy. The worse was the flank steak I bought that I thought was 2 lbs, only to open up the packaging and find a 3/4 lb steak rolled inside of a 1 1/2 lb steak. That was completely unacceptable.
  20. I'm going to AC Saturday for the first time in a long time, and I definitely hope to hit the White House at some point.
  21. OK THIS GAME IS NOT CRUCIAL>> YES IT IS!! I BLEED BLUE> Every game is crucial.. I'll be watching the game from the best place to watch it.. IN THE STADIUM! Too bad Amazing hot dog cant open a booth there! ← No disrespect intended to Amazing Hotdog, but just about ANYTHING would be an improvement over the current fare at the Meadowlands. Aramark--champion of catering to the captive audience. edit to add something helpful: Egan and Sons in Montclair makes some pretty good wings. They have a bar area with TVs. I'm pretty sure that they are open on Sundays. I've never been there to watch football, but I do enjoy their microbrews and their wings.
  22. I had a good time watching football at The Famished Frog last season. The bar area has several televisions, there is a good selection of beers, and they serve some decent wings. Given that the Colts Vs Giants will be the only game on at the time, you can be sure that everybody watching football will be watching that game with you. Additionaly, it's right in Morris County, which should be pretty convenient travel-wise for you. The Famished Frog 18 Washington St Morristown, NJ 07960 As for me, I'll be at the game hoping for an upset!
  23. I am always amazed by mankind's need to somehow separate himself from nature or make himself "superior" to all living things. The need to make the distinction b/w "man-made" and "natural." Human beings are part of the natural order. Why is it not considered animal cruelty when a pack of lions hunt down their pray then feast with complete disregard to the fact that the hunted may not yet be dead? Or when an alligator chomps on its victim and rolls it around under the water, tenderizing it while it struggles for air? I just see both sides of the coin, and find it puzzling how human beings can put into law and enforce punishment on each other for how we choose to feed and sustain.
  24. I too have had both the ice cream and fro-yo version of the coffee chip at M&J's, as that is my favorite flavor. The ice cream version blows away the fro-yo, but the fro-yo is certainly a passable choice, not to mention a health conscious choice.
  25. Wish I knew about this place during my Lafayette days... Of course that was 10 years ago, and they may not even have been in existence... Big reunion coming up next year, so I may have to file this place into the back of my brain!
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