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  1. The mussels at CB are wonderful... swimming in tarragon. The frites are good as well. crisp, nicely salted. It wasn't a $50.00 dinner .... may be low $40.00's. I do plan to go back. great food!
  2. For mexican, try Oaxacan Tamaleo. It is located on Anderson lane (just west of Lamar blvd). This is the real deal and pretty inexpensive. The woman who runs it is from Oaxaca mexico. The drinks are tamarind and hibiscus. There are wonderful tamales (wrapped in banana leaves), chicken mole, posole and other dishes, menu changes based on specials of the day! She is also at the downtown farmers market on saturday morning! (best breakfast!!). Enjoy! Maddie
  3. Spec's in downtown Houston is amazing and is so much better than Grape Vine in Austin. Don't get me wrong, I really like Grape Vine but Spec's carries a lot of wines that are not available in Austin due to the smaller market up here. Matilda254
  4. ← There are LOTs of asian restaurants around. Din Ho Chinese barbecue is wonderful. It is south of the arboretum on 183 near Hong Kong market. Lots of small mom and pop vietnamese noodle houses as well dot the area. great inexpensive food. Matilda
  5. My husband and I just got back from a trip to Fredricksburg and Stonewall. We stayed at the Rose Hill Manor outside Stonewall. The place is fabulous... out of the way but quiet, peaceful and very romantic rooms. The food is spectacular. The chef is Ned Elliott. He has quite a pedigree... worked with Alain Ducais and Thomas Keller <sic>. The rooms are a good value (IMHO) for what you get which includes a wonderful breakfast and a very relaxing weekend. We visited 2 wineries... Becker on Saturday. (I really liked the Clementine wine.. sweet dessert wine). Sister Creek on Sunday. The chardonnay is wonderful as is their reserve Muscat canelli (the man likes residual sugar in his wine). We do hope to get back up there when the weather is cooler... Matilda
  6. I have to agree.. the blood orange soda is amazing I have a stash at the house now. Want to try it with vodka! Maddie
  7. Now that is a good idea . . . having that display, I mean. I find that CMs and the big HEBs have just so much stuff that it makes me dizzy. I may be making an excursion into town over the weekend and may make a stop there just to check it out. Then I can go looking in my HEB for stuff that I am interested in. There were a lot of odd blank spaces on the shelves at the HEB. It was like they were reshuffling the stock, to make space for the new stuff maybe? But if they don't restock that blood orange soda I'm gonna GET A ROPE! ← I was in CM North yesterday wanting to pick up some Blood orange soda..there is none to be found. The warehouse is even out. SIGH.... Maddie
  8. I went to Andiamo a few months ago. I thought the food was fabulous. We even got complementary wine because the restaurant did not have their liquor license yet. The service was attentive and informative. The waiters knew the dishes and their recommendations were right on. Haven't had a chance to get back there, but I am sure planning on it. Maddie
  9. I still made a big pot of black eyed pea soup (used the recipe from the Statesman). It was yum. And yes, I know its like spring outside but I was still in the mood for a nice bean like soup. It was a very yummy recipe! Plan to enjoy some today again for lunch. Matilda254
  10. You might also try Henry's Butcher Block in Round Rock. He is off 79 east of I 35. He used to work at the Meat Place on Payton Gin. His place is spotless and his meat is very good. Hey also carries Wagyu beef. Matilda254
  11. Heitmiller's is a steakhouse in Elm Mott just north of Waco. Good steak and pretty inexpensive. It is run by the family. Not fancy, just good food. matilda254
  12. The produce dept is moving and expanding. The health area is also expanding. The cooking school is getting a big dishwasher (yeah). The cooking school is closed in august for the renovation. Can't wait to be able to take classes again in september. maddie
  13. matilda254

    Teeny Tiny Wines

    I tried a Savignon Blanc from Tohu winery. The winery is located in New Zealand and it is owned by native people. The wine is absolutely delicious. It is difficult to find in the wine stores. Had to order mine special, but it is worth it AND the wine is under $20.00 per bottle. matilda254
  14. Hi Alton, I really enjoy your show. I also just loved your class last year in Austin. It was an absolute blast. I am just wondering what was your greatest cooking challenge for the show? Thanks! Maddie
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