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  1. Don't forget that Apples are readily available right now and they are wonderful in many dishes.
  2. Harbor Lights is certainly a true Northwest experience, operating in the same location on Commencement Bay forver, and I'm sure the menu hasn't changed much since it opened. Its very charming in an anachronistic sort of way. Certainly worth stopping by sometime, but I wouldn't take an out of town guest there for one meal. If money is no object, Salty's is a good bet. It's got the whole package.
  3. Like most things, I think there's a bit of truth to both sides of the story here. Its true, CRS has a press agent. A few years ago the fishing industry in Cordova decided to market their local salmon. I don't think I had even heard of CRS ten years ago. But as part of that marketing, they instituted quality control standards. So instead of tossing the fish in the bottom of the boat with the bilge water, the fish are iced immediately, etc. etc. And there's no road to Cordova, so everything gets flown out more or less right away, as opposed to driving it to Anchorage first. But is it really better? Every population of salmon is a little different, so it stands to reason that one population is the tastiest. I don't doubt that CRS compares very well with others. The difference though, can be very subtle. And there different species too. All things being equal if you prefered red, would you order a CR king over a red from somewhere else? I'd be inclined to go for the red, because that's what I like. And not every fisherman tosses his fish into the bilge water. There's plenty of fine fish to be had from other places, but there is no stamp on the package saying what river the fish came from. You pay a lot for the brand, to be sure. Still, the CR brand means you'll get a nice piece of fish. That's worth $20/pound to a lot of people. I might be inclined to pick some up myself.
  4. Hello all, The Fidderler's Inn, a few blocks up the street from the Wedgwood, has a nice soup/salad/sandwhich menu and a very interesting selection of rotating beers on top. However, they have suprisingly good pizza too. The deck is very pleasant in the summer. The Dock in Fremont is a bit on the seedy end, but they have large menu and the food is really quite good, a lot better than your typical bar fare. The Triangle also in Fremont used to have great, innovative food, but has been on a long, slow downhill slide for years. However, nowdays they have given up trying to make fancy stuff and their standard chow is really not too bad. Their happy hour prices on food are very reasonable.
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