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  1. No. Sometimes when I'm out eating at another restaurant I get the urge to uppercut a passing tray of wine glasses. Call it restorative malice. ← Moi aussi - although in a total different line of work for myself. There's nothing like watching a new Jr. Lifeguard shitting bricks at some crazy pool when it's slammed with moms, dads, and tots in the deep end of the wave pool on the Spring Break. Will he notice the 5 yr old flailling underneath him? Does he know all the Senior LG's are watching him and the 5 yr old now? When is he going to notice the kid yet? Ahh,damn, I going in.... &*%$'! <Splash> And this is why I can never really enjoy swimming at a new pool. I, like Mr. Wyles, keep watching the room for some action. But back on topic.... I've never eaten on the Lumiere side but the density of tables is a tad much. But I like my restaurants a bit more open than that. Each to their own. Nice of the staff to drop the wine charge though. Took Mom to brunch on the Feenie's side and she liked it. I'd be more analytical but damn it's late... !
  2. Funny, that quince tree. My mom's got one that produces a crap-load of quince every summer. To eat the fruit (pear-like) is brutal, but she makes a damn good marmalade from it that feeds the family for months on end. Apparently a popular tradition in northern Portugal where my folks are from.... MMmMMmm.... maaaaarmalade.....
  3. Ahh diners... many a place visited while trekking out to Yale to count fish in the Native food fisheries every weekend in the summer of 99.... There's the Seabird Island IR on Hwy 7 to Hope. Long stretch, makes for something different from Hope when you've been on the #1 for too long. There's a diner/cafe that serves good portions. i've been meaning to try the Normandy. Christ, the prices alone is a shocker from the overpriced hype of South Granville. Better go before it closes eh?
  4. Thanks for the review! After reading this, my sweety agreed to go for my big 3-0 (OMG) Birthday in a couple of weeks... I'm looking forward to it, but can anyone recommend a unique cocktail from their menu? I'm a spirits guy at heart and heard that their bartender is one of the best in the city.... (something masculine for me and feminine for my girl) Cheers Carlos
  5. OK oKok , I can't help myself from this thread... after backpacking thru India recently there's only 2 real criteria for authenticity... OK 3.. and the one place that fits the bill is little India Sweets on 49th and Main for the vegetarian buffet 1) cheap (aka the ratio of all-you-can-eat to $$ fits the bill) 2) food is about as good (and cheap) as you'd find in any market in an Indian city (it ain't the Ragoli people .... therefore "authentic") 3) the ability for food poisoning.... hmmm.. Ok nevermind (what's an Indian dietary experience without some Delhi belly the first time... you will get it. trust me. our North American stomachs need the initial jolt to acclimitize... just be glad you don't get Calcutta belly... ugh.... 4) the best (and did I mention cheap?) gulab jaman ever.... <lick> 5) Bollywood blasting above your head (hey, waitaminute, isn't that Stanley Park in the background..? And how did they get to Bombay again... and now they are back at SP...? what the..?) OK so there's 5 ... hmmm.... my student wallet loves that place...
  6. Here we go Truffles (cornwall and walnut): nice little place, Earl's pricing, the manicotti (sp?) was delicious but the service needed some work. Was there with friends tonight and we had a great time. maybe the snow kept people at home on a Friday night. Good place for a group as everyone went up to the bar to pay for their own meals.... phew... BCIT cafeteria. I missed the mushroom burger. Felt very greasy afterwards. Must have been the fries and XL Coke... HSG: Neil, I wish I wasn't a student.... I'd have filet mignon every week at your place if I lived in Gastown. In a perfect world, finding a parking spot would be soooo easy.... Cheers (Update Jan8) I almost forgot! Tomokazu located just above Habibi's on Broadway... very good take-out sushi.... and the all-you-can sushi prices..! unreal...
  7. So, by the same logic, would cranberry juice and scotch be "crotch"? The possibilities are endless.....Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, scotch and cranberry: "funky crotch". Maybe add a little Stilton for "cheesy, funky crotch".... (full disclosure: I must properly attribute the above to the brilliant wit of slkinsey) ← How about this? "Fuzzy Crotch" : Peach Schnapps, Scotch, Cranberry juice.... ah.... a new low....
  8. First off, as a West Coast CDN growing up in Vancouver, CC is the house whiskey and generally used as a bare basic in the mixed drinks. Most guys with discerning tastes (and my bartending instructor) would look at it the way an Aussie feels about Foster's - only newbies and tourists drink the shit.... That being said, Crown Royal is better but not by much either when you compare to good whiskeys. Haven't been able to try out the higher end stuff but a good friend of mine swears by the aged CR. So... when you're up in Van City and want to enjoy a "local" drink, order the Crown and Coke.... I think that impressed the ladies when I was, what, 21? LOL PS Never heard about the "Stilletto" - can't wait to try it out....
  9. Well it looks like me and the missus are off to the Fish House in Stanley Park for her birthday.... DOV - perfect timing for the student budget; just a shame it don't extend to Valentine's anyone seen the menu? what's the duck like? Cheers PS On a total other thread - I'll be hitting the big 3-0 in April. Me, the missus in her best, sexiest outfit and a couple of C-notes to spluge on the night... Anyone recommend on good wine and restaurant for the night... West is definetly in contention....
  10. Forgive me - I'm a newbie to the food biz and just enjoy reading the posts of the "pros".... But what about Romano's Macaroni Grill on Davie? Your son will have a entire table to scribble on, you and the wife get some decent pasta dishes, and the waiters sing! OK, so it's not West but hey... whatever keeps the kid happy and quiet for 10 minutes must be good eh?
  11. Coop is harsh.... If you have all this hard-earned money to go out to dinner, then why not check out Gismondi's website, or even the vancouver Magazine's Top 50 BC Wines in the 2004 eating and drinking guide? I'm sure by now you know your palate and could find some nice red that ages well. Here's my two cents: the Sumac Rideg Steller Jay's Brut is a good substitute for the $50 bottle of French champagne I had the week before. It was a very good Xmas holiday. I also had the pleasure of visiting the Wolf Blass winery in South Australia. Granted the Aussies have a hell of a lot of cheap good wine (especially on a backpacking budget). The Wolf Blass Black Label rocks - it's soooo hard to go back to wine in a cask after you've tried a sip of the A$130 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz.... But for great value, you have to try the more affordable 2001 Brown label Classic Shiraz - great finish, chocolate flavors, a v.g. aussie shiraz. the only down side to wine in Oz? The country was awash in its own wines, and the stores reflected that - hard to get anything else other than European... (I missed that diversity in the Canadian LDB)
  12. mzungu

    Poor Service

    Guys and Gals, Thanks for all the advice - it all sounds right on the money( esp yours Stovetop - I think I was really thinking about "How" to go about doing it). I'll definitely mention the situation with the manager the next time I'm in there with a friend. I won't be going back there with a group that's for sure. It was also true that the group before us was lagging. As for the T.I.P.S., the restaurant added it to the bill automoatically and it was noted as policy that for groups of 10 or more people, it was put on. A friend mentioned to me that restaurants are starting to do this b/c there's too many instances of people shorting on the bill at the end of the night. Any comments on that zinger?
  13. mzungu

    Poor Service

    yeah, time is eternally elastic when you don't have kids... I should perhaps add that even though there was about half of us there at 9, the hostess told me that they had another group there at our tables. But should a restaurant honor it's commitment to a reservation even if some people in the party were running late?
  14. Greetings all I am new to the eGullet and from what I've seen, the caliber of commentary is top-notch. (as an aside, if you are looking for travel info, the Lonely Planet.com website has a really great bulletin board as well..) I'm just a student living on a meeger budget and I do like to go to some great places to eat out with friends. However, I'm a bit of a pansy when it comes to complaining about poor service or poor food. Most of the time, I've had a good time at any restaurant I've been to. So here's the situation: I was at the Rugby Club on Saturday with some friends. I booked a reservation for 9 PM for 12. For those who haven't been there, the place is = Earls, Cactus Club, Sammy J's and notorious for it's cheap martinis and beers. (The martinis though only have about 1 oz of alcohol of booze in them so they better be cheap). All my friends and I enjoyed the foos and ambience but the service was atrocious. We were seated 30 min late. It was a busy night (saturday) and most of my buddies weren't there at 9 so I didn't mind if they got us to our table 10 or 15 min later than expected. But 30 min? So when we were seated the waitress took 10 minutes to even get our order and we practically had to wave our hands to get her attention for more rounds of drinks and food. So here's my questions to you all: Should I have bitched before, during, or after? In a medium cost place like the RC should I expect prompt service? If so, what do I say to the waitress or manager without having my food spit into? I'm not the type of person to put on a big show. As the organizer of the night, I wanted to say something but it was my brithday and I was a bit tipsy so I figure I should talk to the manager another day. Thanks for replying - I'll kick back and appreciate any advice you guys in the industry have... Cheers mzungu
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