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  1. no more lemon curd! But I did pick up key lime jelly--which is tangy!
  2. hmmm looks like a great place for my second post! #1 fall back meal is my own basterdized version of dan dan mein. I make a peanutty, oily, salty, garlicky, hot peppery sauce, and slather it on cold cooked noodles, then sprinkle w/ lots and lots of green onion. Then chill and dive in! Totally eat/sleep alone food... But very satisfying. #2 when I haven't crock-potted in a while. Bunch of chopped onion in the bottom, then salt n peppered skinless chicken, or maybe pork chops, then a 28 oz can of drained whole plum tomatoes that I crushed w/ my hands, red wine, chipped garlic, minced carrot, bell pepper, tomato paste, real black olives and maybe some dried mushrooms. Hmmmm. Served 8 hours later w/ couscous. Leftovers frozen for lazy, desperate days.
  3. Valrohna (sp) chocolate (Noir amer 71% cocoa) Blood orange juice, in the tall glass bottle Thick, 0% greek yogurt Fresh squeezed Grapefruit juice that doesn't require a second mortgage Dark chocolate covered pretzles dried cherries all reasons I keep coming back!
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