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  1. I remember the Genuardi's thing. The commercials were like "we hear your comments, and we're gonna bring back your favorite brands..." Safeway also ran Zagara's into the ground. It was a really ritzy supermarket, and Safeway stopped the daily, local deliveries of produce, and insisted on carrying the "top 100 products" even though they totally didn't go w/ the gourmet feel of Zagara's. I'm related to the Genuardis, btw. The Norristown ones, anyway.
  2. any chance for a recipe for limoncello?
  3. A tradition in my southern-italian/sicillian family has been the making of Crustella, a special xmas cookie. Rather labor-intensive, and I don't know if anyone except us still makes them. It starts w/ a stiff dough. It definitely has eggs in it. You roll it out pretty thin. My dad actually uses a pasta machine (the rollers w/ the crank). Then you cut thin strips w/ a pastry wheel. Here's where it gets busy. You sit down w/ a strip and some egg white and pinch little cups into the strip of dough. Then you spiral the strip around itself, forming a rosette full of these little cups. We'll often spend an afternoon just forming the dough, w/ dad or pop-pop rolling it out , and Nanny (RIP), mom and I sitting and making the rosettes. There's usually conversation or menu planning going on... Then you deepfry the rosettes. They turn golden and crispy (you could eat them now. w/ some powdered sugar on top..). Then you fill the rosettes. Melt honey, and a little blackberry or grape jam. Mix in finely chopped toasted walnuts (sometimes there's peacans, sometimes almonds, and very occasionally black walnuts). Then this sweet, nutty mixture gets spooned into the rosette shells. Those little cups hold the yummy goo. Eating them is crunchy, rich and sweet. They keep forever, and we usually hide away a tin for summer.
  4. huh, I got one of those coupon flyer things w/ Roux3 widely advertized. Good to hear that it's good. I'll definitely check it out.
  5. Toliver, I use about 1/2 tsp of chipotle paste (made by whizzing the contents of a chipotles w/ adobo can in the blender), which makes it spicy and smoky. I have gone up to 1 tsp (yea, I'm a wimp), but I find that the longer it sits, the hotter it gets. YMMV.
  6. maries blue cheese. I make balsamic dijon vinaigrette, and keep that in the fridge. Sometimes I make it w/ rasberry vinegar and a little sugar if I want something sweeter (for bitter greens, etc.). I very occasionally buy the HVR packets, and make my own "lite" ranch w/ yogurt, mayo and buttermilk. I usually add a lot of cracked pepper and some chipotle paste--spicy ranch.
  7. Is the deli thing part of the cart? Because we have ordering kiosks already at Giant in PA. You can also select how thin you want stuff cut, which is great....
  8. lyz2814


    I have eaten at a Pho 75 in the NE. Is that the place you are talking about? Really great and cheap. I was w/ NAVICP guys and Major Beverly-Blanco (handsome old-school navy guy) was kind enough to introduce me to vietnamese-style coffee.... -sigh- :)
  9. I've been inspired by your chili thing to make a batch of wicked dan dan mein--I need to clear my head of awful allergy-induced sniffles. I'm already crying, at it feels wonderful!
  10. ooo K of P! If you go to William Sonoma--try their Olio Santo. It's my favorite, affordable EVOO, although the french lemon-infused stuff has been calling me for some time...
  11. There's a guy in Thorndale who sharpens knives. Keep meaning to check it out... cdh--where is this marvelous Clemens?!~
  12. Howdy! I'm about 30 minutes west of Philly, so we're practically neighbors! Looking forward to reading your blog :)
  13. I want some of that great-looking olive oil...any of the farmer's market folks mail order?? I am so jealous of you californians...
  14. I was in NYC that same day (up from philly), and stopped at Katz's. But I got too intimidated, so I just smelled the smells. Since I was shopping (and sneaking into the Met--open on a holiday Monday) all I had all day was an orange bundt cake from some Village bakery. It was yummy.
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