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  1. Did anyone read The Knaypa's review in yesterday's Evening Standard? Who is Mr Sexton? He has chosen this restaurant to slag off a entire country (Poland) and its food. Why write about something he knows he doesn't like? Does anyone read this stuff before the actually put it in print? Reminds me of a couple of year's ago whenn AA Gill reviewed Thai Square at Putney Bridge saying from the outset how much he disliked Thai cuisine so proceeded to slate the poor place. Can't find the link to that one though.
  2. Is that a waft of snobbery drifiting across from table three? I think that poster was merely rather clumsily making the fair point about not shovelling seasoning on until you have tasted first. Elementary perhaps, but ... ← No, I just found it funny. ← Laughing at others' social ineptitude is snobbish. I found it funny, so I must be a snob too. ← In that case, I am a total one! I also have no doubt that unfortunately the joke has been on me many times as well.
  3. Is that a waft of snobbery drifiting across from table three? I think that poster was merely rather clumsily making the fair point about not shovelling seasoning on until you have tasted first. Elementary perhaps, but ... There are some very funny punter reviews on LE if you have a bit of time to kill by browsing around. Some of them intentionally so. Some are even good enough to put the frighteners on the pros, imho. Re Michael Moore. He is on TV a fair bit, but possibly only Daytime TV. It is actually a good restaurant, I've been there a few times. He's a genial man, too. S ← No, I just found it funny.
  4. I loved this comment on LE: "An useful tip if you opt for any Polish soup - taste it first and then decide if you want more salt or seasoning in it. My soup didn't need any of this and was very tasty".
  5. Yes, not good. I actually spoke to them yesterday to see how they choose who they send the letter to. The woman at Optomen told me they senT out 40,000 letters to restaurants all over the UK. It was blanket coverage. I then enquired as to whether or not Gary Rhodes or Giorgio Locatelli get these letters but she said that Michelin starred places did not nor did restaurants owned by people His Royal Ramsayness does not get on with. Total disrespect.
  6. Quod has gone - it closed just before Christmas. Detroit on Earlham Street has fantastic drinks, unpretentious crowd and the food is modern British. About 2 years since I went but I remember it not being bad but it was after an Absinthe cocktail...
  7. Hi Mark I am afraid that they are fully booked on those days and the rest of that weekend. I agree with the Alastair Sawday comment though and I know my parents' place always gets a good write up in there!
  8. Hi Mark The drive from London is simple to Oxford (45 mins) and Warwick (1hr 20mins). Just head up the M40. Trains will also be very easy so it will be entiely up to you as which you prefer but I would think getting a car early doors would be one less worry and save carting around luggage. You could always stop off at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire and Woodstock is a pictureque little town nearby. Athough its not Buckingham Palace, Blenheim is very impressive and set in wonderful grounds.
  9. I know I am a little biased but may parents have a B&B in a village called Loxley. It's about 10 miles from Warwick and the Cotswolds and 4 miles from Stratford-Upon-Avon. It's a lovely village, no shops but there is a pub. Oh and my mum and dad's breakfasts are worth the stay alone. Loxley Farm
  10. Hi, Chez Kristof on Hammersmith Grove has a private room for 50. You could take over Fiore on St James' Street. I have heard great things about this place recently and the management of any party by the manageress, Mieke, will be meticulous. The French/Japanese cuisine at L'etranger on Gloucester Rd, would be different but the only thing is they may not be keen on closing for a private function. Or how about Pied a Terre? Opens again shortly and may well still have the availabilty.
  11. Jan Moir in Saturday's Telegraph reviewed Amaya. An absolutely terrible review for such an acclaimmed venue. What intrigued me though was Jan's question as to whether or not Amaya had benefitted from what she called the restaurant world's "shadowy patronage". Does anyone possibly what she could mean by this?
  12. Thanks Morfudd, I hoped that I was wrong!
  13. Can any shed any light on the wet fish that was last night's chef? Phillipe Blais, ex Belgo? If I remember rightly that is also the name of the founder of Belgo in Camden (think the other is Andre Blais founder of Bodeans). Surely though things cannot have got o bad for him as to work in D Place!!! Is it the same man or am I getting confused???
  14. It closed a couple of weeks ago. It's a shame, I had a couple of fabulous meals there. I feared it to be a pretentious place before my first visit but the staff were welcoming and relaxed and the portions were actually quite generous. They dropped the Japanese bit a long while ago but everyone knew it as the Japanesey Italian place and even after its demise it seems nothing has changed. They will keep the Calma Lounge (bar) open on the ground floor and the upstairs restaurant will be a new concept.
  15. Apologies, I got it wrong! The place I was speaking about ha actually just put its sign up and is called Indian Zing. Head Chef is Manoj (?) who has, apparently, been top chef at Chutney Mary and Veeraswamy. Opens this coming Friday. 020 8748 5959
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