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  1. I'd be up for going twice! I wonder if they accept reservations for parties larger than 6?
  2. Thank You Hiroyuki San, I have always thought yomogi was mugwort. The other confusion I have on this thread is with Fuki. I have always thought fuki was a type of coltsfoot. I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling. There are many different species of both types of plants and I have found they all taste a little different. This difference might come from the type soils the sansai are grow in as well the different species. Maybe another word for aku would be astingent. I've heard some Oban Chan use the word removing the "ash" for aku.
  3. I saw soft shell crab at Mutual Fish on Thursday last week (13th). Didn't look at the price. The fresh abalone excited me more, so I purchased it at 6.99/ea. Sorry, didn't catch the price of the crab.
  4. About those squashed soybeans... Are the squashed soybeans called Petanko mame? What color are they? There is a black squashed soybean eaten in Miyagi Ken close to the Yamagata boarder. They dry fry the mame until it pops. It's very good.
  5. chow girl, do you want each of us to call Rover's and give them our credit card number or am I reading this incorrectly. I've inked it in on the calendar for June the 4th! Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled for this great deal! See you there at noon or a little before!
  6. Didn't find this thread until tonight. Am I really to late? Would love to join you for the 4th if possible. Thanks. Kathy
  7. I stand corrected. I haven't been in a while. At the time I was frequenting Le Painer there was only one very large sweet size.
  8. I think Le Panier's are the best in town. Their failings are... they're sweeter and larger than the Parisian ones. The ones at Essential Bakery are too sweet for me. I'm still looking so if you find any others please keep us posted, I too fell in love in Paris.
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