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  1. No working hard at all. Combination of what's been posted and PMs - we should be fine. Helena, bring whatever you like.
  2. So shall we say that those who feel like coming early to mingle and have a drink will do so, and dinner will begin promptly at 7:30?
  3. Rosie, there are some garages in the area. Other than that, it's the street....
  4. Okay mousketeers - a combination of posts and plenty of PMs has led me to declare that we have enough booze a'comin' ! No more need for a list, in other words... I didn't hear from all attendees, but nevertheless, we shoud be just fine.
  5. Okay, so we'll be 12 people: Nina & Beau - confirmed Nina's friend Adam - confirmed BklynEats - confirmed StefanyB - confirmed Toby - confirmed MartyL - confirmed unless last minute situation arises Rory & Daniel - confirmed 2 anonymous - yes 1 other possible anonymous
  6. Nina & Beau - confirmed BklynEats - confirmed StefanyB - confirmed nesita - confirmed Toby - confirmed MartyL - confirmed unless last minute situation arises Rory & Daniel - yes? 2 anonymous - yes 1 other possible anonymous Okay - is that it? Rory and Daniel please confirm. I'm going to make a reservation so I need to know for sure... Details: Sripraphai Thai Restaurant 6413 39th Ave. Phone: (718)899-9599 Take the #7 train to 61st St./Woodside. The express and local both stop there. Get down from the train and walk along Roosevelt Ave in the same direction as the train, until you get to 64th St. Take a left, go one block, and it's on that block, across the street and slightly to the right. See you all there on Monday at 7pm! If anybody would like my cell number, send me a PM and I'll send it along....remember, Sripraphai is BYO.
  7. Astoria rules for this type of food. Bereket is okay when you're in that 'hood and it's late at night, but it's far from excellent in the genre. My favorite of late is El Manara, on Steinway St. Egyptian style, outta this world.
  8. I think this level of planning is getting a little absurd, frankly.
  9. Looks like we're up to: 11 bottles of white 10 bottles of red 2 dessert wines 1 port 1 whisky 1 hard cider 6 people bringing beer 25 people heard from re: booze (some are bringing more than one bottle, obviously)
  10. Except some people will drink/bring beer... Another tally coming soon...
  11. Okay boys and girls....Sripraphai outing is next Monday, the 18th, at 7pm. List I have is as follows: Nina & Beau BklynEats StefanyB Nick Gatti nesita Toby MartyL? 2 anonymous Please confirm or deny....then I'll post detailed directions. And also remember, it's BYO. I'll bring beer.
  12. Nametags, musical chairs, strongbox for money...I'm beginning to feel like I'm in some weird gradeschool event...
  13. Rachel, the point was to make sure we had enough, enough variety, and not insanely too much booze. Nobody's assigning anything or telling people what to bring. It's just so people can fill in holes, or not bring too much.
  14. Okay, gang - here it is, the long-awaited BOOZE TALLY: Nina & beau - white wine and a dessert wine Toby - dessert wine Laura - white wine KimWB - beer CathyL - white wine rstarobi - beer Charles Smith - white wine Yvonne Johnson - beer and whisky BklynEats - beer Rosie - red wine Damian - white wine Sandra Levine - hard cider DoubleO - white wine MHesse - port So far that's 6 botles of white wine, 1 bottle of red wine, 2 dessert wines, a port, a whisky, a hard cider, and 4 people bringing beer. I think we need more wine/beer - only 15 people have said what they're bringing - so let's hear from the rest of you...
  15. Good idea. If we can have the room at 6:30, those who want to come early would be able to...(I could come at 7 probably, but not earlier). I'm amazed....I know 25 of those people already.
  16. No, I didn't mean that 7:30 was too late. I think 7:30 is good - lots of people can' get out of work so early. I just didn't think that if we added a cocktail hour, and then only just started to sit down, it would be a good idea in terms of trying to get done at a reasonable hour.
  17. Let's bear in mind that it's a weeknight, and we're not even arriving until 7:30...
  18. I'm with Tommy on this one. I don't want to play organized musical chairs.
  19. Hey, where's that photo of me and Suvir making out?
  20. Personally, I think the circulating should be left to happen naturally, but that's just my opinion. I'll do whatever the majority says. But I'd like my beau to circulate with me...
  21. Teuscher is hand made in Zurich and flown in twice a week to the shops in NYC. There are no additives or preservatives of any kind. I have eaten Teuscher in Switzerland and I find no difference between the chocolates there and the chocolates sold in NYC. They are fresh, not to sweet, wonderful textures, high quality ingredients, and beautifully presented. I stand by my preference 100%. Their champagne truffles, and pistachio marzipan in dark chocolate are two of my favorite confections in the world. Try again.
  22. My personal favorite is Teuscher. Although I think Payard and Maison blow Torres away, in terms of chocolate quality.
  23. Yo, my beau brought plastic cups, utensils, and napkins, too. More salamis detail: I brought 2 Hungarian varieties - long skinny smoked dried ones, an oilier moist paprika one, a somewhat spicy sopressata - housemade from A&S pork store, and a German beef cervelat from Schaller & Weber.
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