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  1. Mara's in Denville, and I believe they also have a store in Westwood is quite good. Also, the Swiss Chalet in Morristown (a bit pricey though) Denise
  2. Just curious, but where would you plan on eating in Morristown? I left there around six months ago -- I never found anywhere there (outside of Sushi Lounge) that I would make special plans to visit, especially if I wanted to eat outdoors. ← We do go to the Sushi Lounge (not outdoor) and we like Andaman Sea (Thai) and Mogul (Indian). Sometimes we will do drinks/apps at Pazo or lunch at Dublin Pub or The Office enjoy an outdoor dining experience. As for Montclair, the list can go on and on for choices. Passionne, Blue, Corso 98, Fascino, Epernay, Table 8, and am dying to try Cullinaire. Doesn't matter indoor or out.
  3. Is your weekend planned around dining? At home grilling; chilling with friends; or eating your way through NJ restaurants? I am planning to have friends over at least one night; One invite to a friend so far; one or two night visits to restaurants (hopefully outdoor dining) in Montclair and/or Morristown. What are your plans?
  4. Shanghai Jazz in Madison. Good Chinese food and great jazz. www.shanghaijazz.com/
  5. Maybe it is time to try Origins again, but I went there two times when it first opened and was not overly impressed. I ordered a whole crispy fish and asked that it not be really hot. When they brought the fish out it was so spicy I could not eat it. When I questioned the waiter he said this is how the chef prepares it. The second time I really was not that impressed with my meal. The tom ka gai was not as good as Andaman or Thai Chef and the Pad Thai was Ok. Again, maybe the got the kinks out, and I hope that the chef can accommodate to people's taste in levels of hot.
  6. I have been going to Andaman Sea since it opened. The food has always been good, the service, initially inconsistant, now much improved. Yet Saturday night's visit stood out as exceptional. On of the specials of the day was Soft Shell Crabs with either a Garlic Sauce or Penang Curry. We asked the waiter which was best and he said he would ask the chef to offer both styles. We both ordered the crabs and they were presented in a four-section platter. Two large, plump, lightly dusted (panko?) crabs were in two of the sections and the other two held the Garlic Sauce and the Penang Curry. The crabs alone were wonderful. When dipped in the different sauces, it was amazing. I have never had soft shell craps so "soft" - the shell was almost absent. The Penang Curry sauce had a kick, while slightly creamy, and the Garlic Sauce had baby shrimp along with the red peppers and other sliced vegatables. I would definitely recommend ordering this culinary feast if you see it on the menu.
  7. Rosie, No, it is not Origin. It is a nwe restaurant called Andaman Seas Recipes at 147 Morris St. across from the train station.
  8. Dai-Kichi Japanese Restaurant on Valley Road in Montclair is a favorite. Went there last week and the sashami was so fresh tasting, especially the super white tuna. My daughter had a fried oyster roll and another roll that had soft shell crab. Both were very good.
  9. Saw an ad in the local paper (Morris Bee) for this new Thai French fusion on Morris St. in Morristown. Located directly across from the Morristown train station, this new restaurant, in my mind, wins over other Thai - Thai/Fusions in town and other towns close by. The chef/owners also own Deja Vu in Montclair. The exterior is just painted over in earth tones from the old China Moon Restaurant that was the previous occupant. The inside was a different story. The highly lacquered wood floors and Asian details were welcoming. They also have a private room for 12-20. The menu was divided into three sections. The first offered Thai apps and entrees. The middle offered a mix of different apps including a tuna roll, and seared tuna salad. Additionally in this section was a grilled section consisting of a choice of beef, lamb and a few other items, with an aioli sauce and rice pilaf accompaniment. There were also noodle dishes (Pad Thai) and others. Soups were also listed here including a Tom Kha Gai to die for. The last section had French influenced offerings including seared Fois Gras for an appetizer and entrees like Rack of Lamb, Red Mullet, Steak etc. My husband had the seared tuna appetizer. It was tender, the right temperature, and the sauce was excellent. I had the Tom Kha Gai which was the best I had including Vong's. For the entree, my husband asked what was the best crispy fried fish. They showed Pompano on the menu, but the waiter actually went back to ask the chef, and she recommended a whole crispy fried red snapper (not on the menu) which he thoroughly enjoyed. I had a grilled salmon over spinach. The sauce, although plentiful, was not overwhelming. It is a BYO and with 2 apps and entrees the bill was $53 for two before tip.
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