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  1. Café 2825 on Atlantic Avenue is amazing Italian. They have a table side Caesar salad, polenta, And the most amazing pasta prepared and a cheese wheel. Olon in the Tropicana, Is great for south American fusion.
  2. Yes, that is the name! I don't really read Italian, but from what I see, it is the ingredients. My daughter's boyfriend is a pastry chef, so I am going to ask for his help with the dough and try to make for Christmas. Thank you. Denise
  3. Thank you so much for the recipe! Did it have a name? My grandmother's town was in Salerno so Campangna makes sense. Did it say what type of chocolate to use (Dark or Milk?) Also, is the dough the same as strofulli? Also, any measurements on chestnuts, chocolate, etc. I will definitely make for the holidays. Thanks again.
  4. My grandmother made a chocolate pastry around Christmas time. It was a fried dough (may have been a stufoli recipe) with chocolate, chestnuts, pine nuts and citron inside. The looked like round raviolis and were fried then covered with honey. I believe she called them bastadella (sp?). Anyone know of any similar recipe? Thanks
  5. The restaurant next door is Brick Oven Pizza. Nice inside and out. Brick oven personal pizzas in many varieties along with chicken, veal, pasta, and fish dishes. Settabello's, Famished Frog, and LaCampanga still there, but I am not a fan. Orgins or Andaman Sea good for Thai; Sushi Lounge, good but a little pricey for sushi; and Grasshopper off the Green good for sandwiches/pub food. Lastly there is Mendhi and Ming 23 - Indian and Asian fusion in the HQ's
  6. The new restaurant at the Lincoln Park Airport is called Sunset Bar and Grill. Not only was the parking lot extended, they now have valet parking. You enter into the bar area which is done in an exposed brick and has a clubby feeling. There are also two downstairs dining areas as well as an upstairs, all with views of the runway. The outside dining area seems to be extended. There is an outside bar, as well as the patio seating, and a grassy area with umbrellas and round tables. We stopped by last night for drinks and an appetizer, but we will be back for either lunch or a casual dinner. The drink menu is great, with lots of sweet and frozen drinks. My favorite on the menu were the mojitos. Take your standard mojito and add a choice of fruit - stawberries, blueberries, rasberries, mango; then add a choice of either muddled mint, basil, or cilantro. My daughter had the mango and cilantro and it was to die for. We shared their fried calamari appetizer. The calamari was not at all greasy, and were accompanied by kalamata olives, celery, hot peppers, on a bed of greens, with a balsamic dressing. It was a perfect size for sharing but did not last. Other appetizers on the menu included, nachos and wings. The menu also offers panninis, wraps and flatbread pizzas, as well as a long list of burgers. There were also salads, including an ahi tuna salad. The dinner menu featured, sirloin steak, lobster mac and cheese, seared salmon, and a few other offers. From an early look, it seems that this will be a perfect place to enjoy good comfort food while watching the planes fly by.
  7. My husband flew in this weekend and spoke to the airport owner. Yes, the restaurant will be opening in a few weeks. Fare will be American. We look forward to the spring/summer lunching there. Denise
  8. I believe that the restaurant on Main that was a Portuguese restaurant is now Rare, a steakhouse.
  9. Went to Belcourt last night. Party of four ordered 5 apps. and 4 entrees. Had the oysters - fresh, clean flavor; boudain blanc - agree, great flavor to the dog, and the homemade kraut and chips were good; the octopus was cooked to perfection but a tough one to share around the table due to its size; the duck pastrami was very flavorful; and the sweetbreads were yummy, although plentiful, we yearned for more. For the entrees, we orders four different choices. The pork belly - very good,the sausage flavor was amazing, and the spatzel was delicous; The branzino in a salted crust was very moist and flavorful. The rabbit was braised to perfection and had a lot of flavor; and the hangar steak with bone marrow sauce was to die for. The steak was rare as requested, and the the flavor of the marrow sauce was the prominent without being overbearing. The fried scallions that came with the steak were tempura like and tasty. Service was good, although the waiter was new and could not really answer questions without going to the back. Loved the atmosphere of the place. This is definitely worth a return trip since the prices are reasonable and things can only get better since they are recently opened.
  10. So is it offically opened? Hours, do they have liquor license?
  11. We discovered this place about a year or two ago. We enjoy it on a regular basis - once a week or every other week. We like that we can get consistant quality of Italian-American cooking at a price where it doesn't pay to eat at home. Some favs are their Seafood Salad (agree); their Green Bean, Tomato, Potato salad - $6.00 for an app that two can share with leftovers the next day; their pizza; and their flounder mareciada...; and the list goes on. If you are looking for a very good Italian American restaurant, I do recommend it.
  12. Are they doing a soft opening? Are they opened for lunch on Sunday?
  13. Going to see A Bronx Tale tomorrow and would like to have lunch. Looking for either a good Spanish tapas bar or a small plate restaurant. Any ideas?
  14. Carmella's in the Mountainview Section of Wayne (right off Rt. 23) may fit your need. BYOB, Italian, pasta, chicken, veal, fish. Salad, veg, or pasta come with meal.
  15. What about Restaurant Nicholas in Red Bank
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