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  1. Thanks! I actually went back to Don Quixote yesterday and found it! They must of restocked it. Thanks for the reply though.
  2. I have been craving some yuzu koshou for my grilled chicken but haven't been able to find it at any supermarkets near me. Does anyone know where to get this in town? I have been to Daiei and Shirokiya and had no luck. thanks!
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    Eating in Kansai

    Thanks Eastersun! Take a look into your suggestions. Thanks for the link too, it has alot of listings that sound pretty good.
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    Eating in Kansai

    So I'm going to Osaka next week for a week and I'm looking for the best Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki out there. Can anyone help? Any other suggestions will be appreciated also. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know if these schools teach in english? I'm looking in to Tokyo Cookery Academy and the Yukio Hattori school.
  6. Try Rai Rai Ken 0n 10th St , Sapporo on 49th St, Ajisen on Mott St. There are more I just can think of them now, also I don't know the specific addresses, so run a google on them.
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    The tonkatsu at Maisen in Omotesando is great especially for the price. Whats really cool is that the restaurant use to be a public sento.
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