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  1. Yes, several restaurants in Italy do that, it supposed to "cleanse the palate" for the next course. Quite nice. BTW, Jason, there is another similar-type place also close by to you, Terrana, in Bergenfield on Clinton Ave and Washington. Any reports on this place? In the warm weather, the outside patio here looks quite nice. Terrana is pretty good. Nothing spectacular but you wouldn't be disappointed. It's just a nice friendly BYO. My Valentine's dinner was at Andiamo's in Haworth not too far away. You should give that place a try if you haven't been.
  2. baumgarts is NOT good in any way. maybe their ice cream, but that's about it. and it's only good if u just want chinese food that is a little bit better than take-out. how do these people compare places like thai chef and sushi restaurants to chinese restaurants? i don't understand and probably never will b/c these posts are from aug 03 so i doubt they will come back to read this. i've yet to find a decent chinese restaurant but from what i hear, beijing duck house in bergenfield is outstanding.
  3. i know the (son of the) chef/owners of kratiem and thai chef (5-6 locations in nj). they also own bluchili and sala thai in nyc. they cook for the princess of thailand and own ALOT of thai restaurants in the nj/nyc area, so if u think of any other thai restaurants the owner is most likely the same as thai chef! i know the the only complaint i heard about thai chef in englewood is the weird location, since such a nice place is in the same area as shoprite and a subway next door.
  4. i love the screw atkins t-shirt idea! damn them all... all the low-carb/atkins crazed dieters are driving up the prices of my beloved cereals!
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