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  1. That's too bad.I would've also suggested Chadwick's on Wisconsin, across from Mazza Gallerie, but after my experience there on Sunday, I would suggest Bob Evan's before going back to Chadwick's Could you be more specific? Certainly. The atmosphere was fine, it was the food that I had a problem with. We were an 8 top (6 adults/2 children) and I think 3 of us got poached eggs of some variation. When the eggs arrived, I cut into mine and noticed the absence of the runny yolk. As I cut through the center of both yolks, I noticed that one of the eggs was soft-boiled and the other was closer to hard-boiled (as was the rest of the eggs at the table). I explained my problem to the waitress , Anna (very cute BTW), and she brought them back and had the kitchen make me new ones. When she returned, the eggs were VERY undercooked, the yolk on one of the eggs was already broken, and there was a puddle of water mixed in with the broken yolk (as if the cook had used a regular spoon to retrieve the eggs from the pan rather than a slotted spoon). Additionally, the english muffin was more like mush (from the water). Finally, I just had her bring me some waffles which were just okay. The restaurant wasn't very busy (I think there were only 3 or 4 other table there at the time), nor did Anna seem like she had more than she could handle. I'd be willing to give it a another try somewhere down the road, but for now, I'm sticking with Ardeo!
  2. That's too bad.I would've also suggested Chadwick's on Wisconsin, across from Mazza Gallerie, but after my experience there on Sunday, I would suggest Bob Evan's before going back to Chadwick's
  3. How often do you guys do this?? I want to go
  4. Ardeo is a solid choice!! And if you're willing to go to Bethesda (Black's), I would also suggest looking into Normandie Farm in Potomac. They are very child friendly for holiday brunches.
  5. How often do you guys do this? I can't make it this time, but I would like to get into the next one. Please let me know. Thanks
  6. Absolutely!! I LOVE that place. Great atmosphere, great service, excellent food. And if I remember correctly, it is fairly close to a metro. Another place to consider would be La Colline. I seem to remember private parties going on everytime I'm there. Additionally, they have the BEST bouillabaisse!!
  7. Although Cleveland Park is my favorite neighborhood to dine at, I have never been to Palena. A lot has to do with the price and my budget. From what I've read on this thread, dishes seem to be very simple. This discription reminds me of the meals I've had at Obelisk. Can some of you that have been to both restaurants, offer me some comparisons between the two? Thanks in advance!
  8. I've never been there for dinner. I've only been there a few times for their brunch and from what I remember, the crowds have been somewhat mixed. I don't remember too many "old" people there. I do remember seeing several multi-generational families there (along with couples). You might be right, I just didn't notice it. I DO remember, however, not wanting to move after my last plate each time I go
  9. They really do a good job there. Of course the menu on their website that I referenced is a few years old. I found a lot of the dishes to be similar, but with slight variations. If you live anywhere near Potomac, it might be worth it to treat yourself to Normandie Farm. The brunch is all you can eat and it includes a raw bar, omlette/egg station, carving station, waffle station, hot dishes, cold dishes, egg benedict, dessert station, etc. All for a very reasonable price. I know that they have two seatings on the weekends. You won't be let down.
  10. I had brunch at Ardeo on Sunday and it was FANTASTIC!! I had the eggs benedict on prosciutto (although I also had my choice of smoked salmon and lump crab meat). I think that the next time I'll try the brioche french toast w/ applewood bacon and carmelized apples. I will have to mention, though, that my favorite place for brunch is Normandie Farm in Potomac.
  11. This all sounds like a great idea!! How does one get involved with this?? My only restriction is that I have classes on Thursday nights. Thanks in advance. PS Any early picks on the Iron Chef?
  12. I'm glad your breakfast went well. Not that it matters much any more, but Old Ebbitt will be profiled on "The Best Of..." on the Food Network on 4/9 at 1:30 PM.
  13. I don't know if it's been mentioned on this thread yet, but I've always enjoyed Lebanese Taverna Cafe in Rockville. It's a nice substitute for the one on Conn Ave.
  14. If you're into greek, Yanni's in Cleveland Park ALWAYS has tables out. It sits right on an intersection, so if you're a "people watcher" (as I sometimes am), it's a great location.
  15. Thanks Jenny! I'm not big on Tex-Mex. I've been to the one in Bethesda a few times and liked it, but I usually go to Cactus Cantina for Tex-Mex. I'll give the other restaurants you mentioned a try next time I'm in the area.
  16. I've always been pleased with Sala Thai in Cleveland Park, but the atmosphere at Tera Thai (Bethesda, Rockville, and Alexandria) is much more appealing.
  17. Are there any restaurants that you guys can recommend for a nice dinner before or after a game or show? We usually go to either Jaleo or District Chop House but I am looking for other suggestions. Thanks!
  18. That IS a solid choice. I don't think you can go wrong with a Clyde's Group restaurant.
  19. I just looked at the menu online and it says that it is coffee, lemongrass & ginger-vanilla. This must've changed recently because the time that I was there (maybe 18 months ago), it was coffee, key lime and possibly ginger-vanilla.
  20. That's very unfortunate. They have excellent pizzas (you gotta love a place where have to eat a pizza with a knife and fork), but I haven't ventured into any of their other entrees yet. Perhaps I'll try one this Saturday when I'm out there. My favorite restaurant in CP is Ardeo (with Indique coming in a close second). Of course, you can't go wrong with Lavandou, Yanyu, or Spices.
  21. I would have to agree that this is truly a masterpiece. It was so simple, yet so perfect. I have found that in a nice restaurant, you really can't go wrong with creme brulee, but this was definately one of the best! I remember the coffee and the key lime flavors, but I can't remember the third. Perhaps Jenny can help me out here.
  22. I hope that it's as good as the ice cream shop that was there a few years ago. It was great to sit at the tables outside on a hot summer night and enjoy an ice cream.
  23. I always enjoy Cafe Deluxe when I'm in the area. I'm usually in the area visiting my sister (who has two youngsters), so we tend to choose a place that where her children can get loud without distubing others (Austin Grill is great for this as well). Of course, you can't go wrong with Persimmon. You gotta love a place the serves pate (instead of butter) with their bread.
  24. I'm interested!! I keep bugging the Indian restaurants in my area (Columbia, MD) to hold classes so I can learn, but I haven't had any success. Where do you hold your classes?
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