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  1. I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you guys.....Pullman is way inferior then BU. Tapas wise, the 4 different ones I ordered were ok, but that's it.

    Wine wise, that's where I had a hard time : 5 glasses of red !!!! That's it !!!! At bu you have about 10 reds by the glass, on top of the ones that are not listed.

    Service was average.

    Overall : 6/10

  2. Quick advice : don't buy semi or automatic machines.....They suck.....

    Stay away from Saeco...overpriced.

    Buy an all manual machine. You are going to tweak your technique (takes minimum 1 year of regular use). It's well worth the effort.

    Trust me on this one.

  3. A l'os is a nice restaurant...However, I find the food a tiddy bit on the pricey side. Yes, the filet mignon was very good...but on the other hand, the lamb shank did not cut it ! On top of that, they go with the sidedish formula such as Queue de cheval (and others), so you can get clipped !

    Because of these inconsistencies, La Colombe is still ahead.

  4. So I went back to TMC to give it another chance.....Folks, it is simply not a serious coffee place. Again the damn espresso in a cappuccino cup !

    I feel nostalgia when I go back to all the times I went to cafes in Milan ordering cafe marocchino, macchiato, etc...Once, just for curiosity, I stopped at 5 different cafes during an afternoon of shopping. Do I need to tell you I looked like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas when he's spotting the chopper !!!!!

    Another very good espresso is in a fashion store on Peel....But this one is a secret !

  5. Carswell, let's imagine this scenario : you head for the first to a new restaurant. This restaurant is supposed to be the next big thing....You leave the restaurant and here's your general impression : "I just got clipped for 300$ for common food, average service and a hefty marked up wine list". What will you say to your friends about your experience : "Friends, I got clipped last night...but I'll give the restaurant a 2nd chance. Wanna join me ?" !!!!!!

    I will however give this coffee place a second chance, eventhough I have my doubts.

    Second : how can a latte-cafè be very good if the espresso is lousy ?

    Third : I do not believe that only the barista was the culprit for one of the most awful coffee I've ever had. I base myself on my personnal experience with my home machine, and with a heavy experience in espresso tasting (including Italy).

  6. I read all the posts on this thread about coffee....I just can not believe that people like the espresso at Toi, Moi, Cafe !!!!!! It must be the worst coffee in the Mile End. I went there with my bro and his wife on the terrasse expecting a compact and concentrated short espresso. What we got was a cappuccino cup filled with watery, oxydized, cheap coffee. We took one sip, and left....The waiter did gently propose another round : we declined because it was obvious they don't know anything about espresso coffee.....They seem to be into cafe equitable (take care!!!!!)

    We walked a bit more, and enjoyed a real espresso at Cafe Olympico....

    People, go to the 4-5 best espresso cafes in the city and you'll know what I'm talking about.

    My 2 cents.

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