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  1. Has anyone been to Popessa, Pasta Boutik, Tomato, etc.... These are pasta fast foods...
  2. Gerry's Restaurant Delicatessen‎ - more info » 3982 rue Ontario Est, Montréal, QC H1W 1S9, Canada‎ - (514) 254-1691‎ Get out of Pie-IX metro and head south..... One of the best smoked meat and best pea soup in the city
  3. Passed by tonight, and ....sign for rent.... Anyone has got the insight ?
  4. Cherry bar Restaurant Garde-Manger (restaurant, but rocking like a bar) Suite 701 (part of Hotel Place d'Armes) Have fun !
  5. When you hit Quebec city, and take the bridge Pierre-Laporte, take the Highway 20 West. Take the the first exit named "St-Redempteur/St-Nicolas", turn right, and in front of you will be Ashton. Get a poutine there....it's one of the best ones.... Ashton 455, boul. du Pont ST-NICOLAS,G7A 2N9 Tél. : (418) 831-2749
  6. I live in a new condo development in Little Italy....at 2000$/month, you should think of buying one....There's an empty one in my building (reposessed), but i don't see it on sale anywhere.... The streets are fine in Little Italy, and it's not really dangereous... Lower Outremont, Mile End, NDG (monkland) are also cool neighborhoods for what you are looking for...
  7. Manger Boire is on Saint-Laurent, corner Mozart.....
  8. Liberte Cream Cheese.....widely available... Go buy bagels at Fairmount or St-Viateur, they have it....
  9. They have the cheeks at Falero.....but call before...
  10. my regular hangout is Ong Cakan (or something like that) next to Foufounnes Electriques on Ste-Catherine. Very good medium price menu...
  11. Lesley, is this lousy meal you are refering to going to be published as a review ? If not, can you give us some hints ?
  12. If you have never gone to QC City, I would recommend QC city eventhough tons of address in MTL would make you drewel..... Here are my recommendations for QC City : HOTELS Hotel 71 Dominion 1912 Restaurants Utopie Laurie Raphael There's a good resto on Orleans Island (30 min from QC City) which I hope someone will reply with the name... There are also some new places that have opened which I can't remember... QC City is 400 years old and you can feel it when wandering the narrow streets...realy magical.... Now, if you want to stick to fun, dynamic gigs, MTL is a better choice.... If the latter is your choice, then I'll complete with a list....
  13. Next time go with the Lamb Shank or Osso buco.
  14. Give a call to Vintage (portuguese resto) on St-Denis (corner Mont-Royal). They have a very nice second floor with a huge table....... They might be able to arrange something at 50$/person....
  15. iroc326


    If you are talking about Auberge St-Gabriel in lower Laurentians (40 miles north of MTL), then don t bother.....no culinary highlights there.
  16. Vanessa.....Japanese are specialists in beef preparation..... The problem is that Japanese are scarse in Montreal, so japanese restaurants in Montreal are actually asian restaurants.
  17. So last night I head out to Gibby's with business collegues (I wasn't paying). My worst fears got true. First, waiters and waitresses dressed in bavarian folklore ! Second, I look at the menu and boom : almost all main dishes are over 40$ Third, our waitress is pouring wine like gas coming out of a fuel pump, splashing it all over the table. She also was bending over the table and litteraly squashing the people sitting in front of me. Fourth : the food. Casa Grecque style, with 1 broccoli and 1 baked patato. Fifth : inconsistent wine list, although mark-up seemed ok. Sixth : How come Americans and Ontarians like going there ? It's one of the biggest scams in MTL.
  18. Nice place....but mark-up is too high on wine for a place like that. I recall certain mark-ups at around 2.7 !
  19. Vinfidel, I don't understand why you want to show him places like Globe, Cavalli, etc....I don't think Bourdain cares about places like that. Places like Pied de Cochon, Banquise, Magnan, Emile Bertrand (epinette beer), are landmarks with a twist.
  20. Back to the original subject : 5 a 7 in MTL means chit-chat and meating people, and possibly getting lucky. To get there, here are some addresses : Edgar Hypertavern Holder Brasserie Mile End (New owners) Baldwin Cavalli is all TAKE CARE !!! The girls are escorts !!!! Trust me on this one.
  21. For Italian, try La Molisana....... There used to be quite a few of them in the 80's. But that cheesyness stayed in that decaded....and adopted by the chinese as I can see for the 21st century ! PS : you never mentioned good food though in your request.
  22. Here's my 2 cents : the place must have the worst air quality in MTL. The open kitchen concept has got to have its limits !!!! The air is way too greasy !!!! I know 2 people who puked even before receiving their food. Martin, you're kitchen is not a nice sight....make it low-profile please. thx.
  23. went to Buddha resto yesterday in Ville St-Laurent.....excellent choice. Very good service.
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