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  1. When I was at McGill Peel Pub was shut down for a while because of the recycled beer. ick.
  2. Went to David Greggory for dinner Tuesday. There were lots of menu choices for RW which was great. We had----- Appetizers: Truffle Pizza. The flavors of the cheese and leeks were good but the dough was soggy Tostones. (mashed plantains formed into large chips served with black beans, salsa and crema) Heavy but addictive. Great texture from the plantains. Entrees: Seared halibut in a seafood broth--- a solid dish, the fish was delicate and the broth had lots of calamari, clams, and mussels. Crabcakes-- lots of lump, a good mango sauce to accompany it Now for the not so pleasant portion of the evening... The server (not the one who took our order) puts down our desserts. We thought we'd ordered a piece of chocolate cake and a piece of coconut cake. He brought out two pieces of chocolate cake. We said we ordered one of each. He took one of the chocolate cakes away. Our server, Isabelle, who took our order comes back slams the coconut cake down and says, "just so you know-- you ordered two chocolate cakes" in a not so pleasant manner. It is perfectly possible there was a miscommunication/misunderstanding but was that comment really necessary? My guest and I both thought we had ordered one chocolate, one coconut. When we ordered our drinks we asked for recommendations from the cocktail menu and our server said "I don't drink those, I'm a bourbon girl" Usually I wouldn't pay attention to a comment like that but then combined with the rude comment with the cake. It was too much. I hate complaining about service because my family is all in the restaurant business. But getting yelled at by our server was not sitting well with us. We talked to the manager and he was great. He said he appreciated us telling him and even though we did not want him to take anything off the bill he took our drinks off the bill. He handled the situation well and I even said I know it's restaurant week and you're slammed. He said that's no excuse. So the food and the manager were all great as for Isabelle- hope she was just having a bad night
  3. I think the spring rolls are only available on the bar menu but the many Corduroy experts on this board would know better than me. The mozzarella porcupine is great too. Don't miss their desserts either...chocolate tart is great for chocolate lovers.
  4. I just have to echo what people have already been posting about Komi. Last night was my first visit and the food and service were equally amazing. Evan our server, who some may remember from Palena, was fantastic-- as personable as he was knowledgable about the food and wine list. One of the things that really stood out about the food here sounds kinda odd but I couldn't believe how good everything smelled when it was laid out before me- building such anticipation for that first bite. I was not disappointed once! Some highlights included a fantastic amuse of celery root and marcona almond soup accented with 25-year aged balsamic. Hen of the woods mushrooms with homemade pasta that was somehow rustic and delicate at the same time. Tweaked-- I could've eaten two plates of just that pork belly! The chef here combines ingredients in such a way that everything complements each other perfectly. Case in point--we ordered a dessert of devil's food cake, chile gelato and marshmallow puff, my friend had a bite of just the cake and gelato and was thinking hmmm this is a strange combination. But after having a bite with all three elements together she loved it! Can't wait to go back!
  5. As for the sign advertising the new Korean place that used to be in front of the Tyson's Sam and Harry's-- it's been taken down. Don't know if that means the deal fell through...
  6. Woo Lae Oak in Arlington right across from Pentagon Row is supposed to be good.
  7. My parents got back from FL recently and said they were disappointed that the dishes came out lukewarm to cold. Was it an off night or is that usual?
  8. Thai PILIN on Route 7 same strip as Tower Records is pretty good. More homestyle and hole in the wall than Neisha Thai or Busara- but I like it better.
  9. Taste of Saigon on Greensboro Drive
  10. Add another to the list of nuked Muenster afficionados. I always thought it was my own creation.
  11. Who was the female judge--- I missed the beginning. Did they introduce her?
  12. The Italian Store in Arlington is great.
  13. The guide seems more like a recap of the places he has reviewed this past year.
  14. I get to go to Nectar tonight to celebrate a friend's birthday. My first visit! Looking at the board I'm already leaning towards the pumpkin soup for a first course and the scallops for my entree. What else is can't miss- so I can not-so-subtly steer my dining companions?
  15. I've heard so many good things about this place and tonight I'm finally going. I definitely want to try the truffled fries- what else is can't miss on the current menu? John W. if you're out there you know best...
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