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  1. Dinner, New York Strip ordered Rare, I think they put it on at lunch and took it off for dinner service, inedible, my dog would send it back. Healthy choice Mac & Cheese, what can one say? Chocolate cake again is the winner if you don't count the Kenwood red the GF brought to supplement the 4-oz of red allowed. Some one better bring take out tomorrow.

  2. I am currently sampleing the food at Sonoma Valley Hospital. Fruit plate and cottage cheese have been a staple after seeing the fake bacon. that even a dog would reject. Talked the Doc into red wine with dinner 4oz, GF smuggled in a bottle so dinner was barely tolerable. Overcooked marinated chicken breast, healthy choice mac &cheese, wierd cheesecake. I'll continue to sample as the week progresses, luckilly I can have food brought in.

  3. Vines are dormant now, should dry up pretty quick. I see no problems with any of the vineyards. End of next month when they wake up could be a problem, if we get more water.

  4. Have the caterer set up a stir fry station.  You offer mixed veggies and either chicken, salmon or shrimp.  They can stir fry to order in one of three electric woks set up for the occasion.

    Have a pasta station as well with plain pasta and different sauces.

    Have a carving station with Steamship Round of Beef and Roast Turkey.

    Everyone should be able to cobble together something to eat that way.

    Or do what Curlz said.  It's YOUR wedding ferchrissakes.  To heck with what the guests eat/don't eat.  Keep the beverages flowing and give them a choice and tell them to shut up and eat it.


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