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  1. I purchased wild salmon [Columbia River] this past weekend and it was $24.99 per pound at a local fish market in East Hampton. Of course, everything is more expensive out here!
  2. I'm also a fan of Rasoi...more info about this restaurant here: http://rasoiindianrestaurant.com/rasoi2/index.html
  3. Four of us had dinner there several weeks ago and agree that it's a great restaurant with excellent food and service. Kudos to David Drake for his support of Rahway!
  4. Not *Black*...it's just called Orchid's, is a BYO, and is quite good. It's located on Gill Lane in a little strip mall just around the corner from the Metro Park station. I go there quite often and have never been disappointed.
  5. I read about Nemo's and thought I'd give it a try, thinking it was a *restaurant*. However, the night I planned on going (a few weeks ago) I saw that it was obviously a take-out place, so I passed and went elsewhere. Have you tried Cafe Abbraci in Metuchen? I was there the other night and one in our party had a combo of clams, shrimp, calamari, etc....on a bed of risotto and raved about it. We hadn't been there in quite a while and were very favorably impressed...will be going back soon.
  6. I don't drink so didn't think to ask - but Cornus mentioned in his post that it is BYO. ← It is a BYO. So glad you enjoyed it. I was there a couple of weeks ago and we were the only ones in the restaurant also. Had the same feeling you did, but it was quite good. Hope they start attracting a mid-week crowd.
  7. I received a gift certificate for the Wine Library and used it earlier this month. It's a very impressive store and I wound up spending way more than the value of the GC! Looking forward to my next visit when I'm in that area again.
  8. They've only been open for a few months. They greatly improved the interior...Tep's used to be rather dark and dreary. Sebastian's is now bright and cherry...amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do! It's now also a non-smoking establishment which I find a *plus*. I recall Tep's used to have a non-smoking section, but since it's just one big room I often got seated right next to a table full of smokers. Sort of defeated the purpose of requesting the non-smoking section when you were seated right next to a group of smokers.
  9. Although I haven't been to Dick's Dock in more than a year, I used to go quite often for lunch and always enjoyed their fresh fish. It's very close to Dan's on Main (not sure if that's the correct name) on the same side of the street. It's also a BYO and appears to have been a diner at one time...there's a counter and booths. If you continue north past the Chowder Pot on 27 for about another mile you'll come to Sebastian's, also a new seafood restaurant and also a BYO. It used to be Tep's. I've been there a few times since it opened and also enjoyed it. They are located at 956 St. Georges Ave. in Rahway.
  10. Update: Restaurant.com sent me an email saying that they would credit me for the three unused certificates. Perhaps my original post was not clear...I purchased four $25.00 certificates directly from r.com back in April and printed them with four sequential ID numbers. When I tried to use one for the first time last week, the owner said that he had not dealt with r.com since the previous September and that they had no right selling certificates to his restaurant. Of course, I was unaware of this when I planned on using the certificate (and when I purchased them), and my main problem was with the manner in which the owner chose to deal with this, and me, a frequent customer. He implied, in no uncertain terms, that I was attempting to pull some kind of scam by presenting this certificate. That's the main reason why I will never return to this restaurant.
  11. Following is a post that I made at another forum...I'm so PO'd that I just wanted to share it here too... ____________ Over the years we've enjoyed many dinners and lunches at Casa Giuseppe in Iselin. In fact, I've often recommended this restaurant to people looking for a place in the Woodbridge area. Tonight's experience was an all time low and we will NEVER return. Earlier this year I read about a promotion (perhaps it was at this forum) by restaurant.com. For a reduced price, $25.00 certificates could be purchased and printed directly from one's own computer. Since we often go to this restaurant, I purchased four certificates and planned on using one tonight with our party of five. Having never used one of these certificates before, I let the waiter know before we placed our order that we had this certificate. He was unfamiliar with it and eventually the owner of Casa Giuseppe's came over to tell us that they hadn't dealt with this company since the previous September. He also said that these were copies (they were printed directly from my computer) and intimated that I was trying to pull off some kind of scam! When I explained how I purchased them, he said that he thought they were bogus and could be bought on ebay for $1.00. I assured him this was not the case...that I had bought them on line and printed the purchased certificates. They did honor the $25.00 certificate on the bill but this exchange caused a most unpleasant beginning to what should have been a fun pre-Christmas dinner with family. Any thoughts or similar experiences with these restaurant certificates that can be purchased on line? BTW, I contacted restaurant.com, before posting this, to report this incident. The customer rep said that I would be reimbursed for the three unused certificates since I have no intention of ever wanting to return to this restaurant. Over the years we've spent several thousand $$$$ at this restaurant, so they are ultimately the losers...we will never be returning.
  12. Obviously, I'm not posting correctly...sorry! Just wanted to respond to Curlz. Our group of four had just the opposite experience from yours. All raved about the food, presentation, and service. It couldn't have been better. Our visitor from Buffalo really enjoyed her mussel appetizer, b-i-l said his trout salad was especially tasty, and my friend and I both enjoyed our salads with warm goat cheese. We both had the tuna, done well as we like it, and it was perfect. "Best salmon I ever had" was the comment from my b-i-l, and our visitor enjoyed her burger. Desserts were also superb...two chocolate cakes, one bread pudding, and I had sorbet. All excellent. There was a bit of a time lag before taking our wine order, but that was really not a problem. We were in no hurry and enjoyed our leisurely lunch in a pleasant setting. Looking forward to a return visit in the near future. Sorry your experience wasn't as pleasant as ours.
  13. Thanks for the info. Just made a rezo for 9/7. We always enjoyed going there for *special occasions*...haven't been there for a while and looking forward to an enjoyable re-visit.
  14. A few of my favorites, all within 15 miles of the Edison area: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/yecottageinn/ http://www.loucasrestaurant.com/about.htm http://www.lacucina-linden.com/ http://www.casagiuseppe.com/ Also Dick's Dock on Main Street in Metuchen...haven't been there in quite a while but it used to have great seafood. It's also a BYO, as are LaCucina and LouCas.
  15. Delhi Darbar is also quite good. They have a liquor license with very reasonably priced wines. It's on Oak Tree Road just a short distance from the two reastaurants already mentioned. One of my favorites.
  16. In that same area is a great Chinese restaurant...Orchids. They used to be on Main St. in Woodbridge but relocated several years ago. They are now in a little strip mall just around the corner from the Metro Park RR Station. Great selections and it's also a BYO.
  17. I saw the *Sisters* at GSP last night...you're going to love it!
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