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  1. I believe it is truly a Southern girl thing to serve jalapeno pepper jelly with cream cheese on Triscuits. The hostess simply plunks a block of cream cheese on a plate, dumps on some jelly and surrounds the cheese with crackers. A savory variation is cream cheese with Picka Pepper sauce. For a more modern version, try Earth and Vine's Red Bell Pepper and Ancho Chile jelly with peppered goat cheese on Sesmark thin crackers. Yum!
  2. I lived in Houston until I graduated from high school in 1979. I haven't been back in nearly 7 years. One dish I crave and miss more than any other (and this includes Blue Bell ice cream and Ninfa's green sauce) is the potato salad from Nielsen's Deli on Richmond Avenue. There is no other potato salad in the world as good. I once wrote Gourmet asking for the recipe. The owners of Nielsen's politely refused to share their secret, though I suspect it is the mayonnaise. I have tried to replicate it - even searching Danish cookbooks for recipes. To me, there is no better meal than a leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich with a side of Nielsen's potato salad and slaw. Tied for second place: a cheeseburger from Roznovsky's washed down by a cold long neck and the po'boys from Antones with a bag of Fritos and a Dr. Pepper. The chow chow on those po'boys is wonderful.
  3. I grew up in Houston in the 60's and 70's. I remember the only thing I would order at a Tex-Mex restaurant was chile con queso. Back in those days, this was a puffy tortilla coated in melted American cheese with a few slices of pickled jalapeno. I loved cracking the top of the tortilla dome. I wonder if I can replicate this in the same way.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions on this forum. My family had excellent Cuban mix sandwiches and yucca frita at El Siboney during our visit last week. Other Key West dining highlights were Cuban sandwiches from 5 Brothers Grocery and an excellent fish sandwich from Caroline's on Duval. If you're in town, I also heartily suggest swinging by Peppers of Key West - a "hot sauce" shop that sells a vast array of items. One of my long time favorites is Earth and Vine's Red Bell Pepper and Ancho Chile jam. Serve this with a mild goat cheese on crackers. A great twist on a Southern classic. Other suggestion - the Key Lime pie from the Blonde Giraffe. Truly delicious with a mile-high meringue
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