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  1. TJs has some really good deals, like those Vahlrona choc bars. That's where I get mine too.
  2. Uwajimaya $26/lb for King Salmon fillet. Cant remember what it was for Sockeye. Same for Seattle Fish company in West Seattle.
  3. Met Market posted that they get their first CR salmon on Friday and they have their cookout again on Sat. lol, they really do promote CR salmon. The whole of next week is all CR salmon stuff. ok, i did do a test when i got some wild Alaskan King and grilled it a few weeks ago. It definitely wasnt as tasty as I remembered the Yukon/CR salmon from last year.
  4. Seems like the CR salmon season has started. It should get to the Seattle area maybe on Wed? *drool* It's going to be more expensive than last year though... The markup is so much higher when it gets to consumers. ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Norquest Seafoods posted record high prices of $3.75 a pound for sockeye salmon and $6.25 a pound for kings in advance of the famed Copper River commercial salmon run, which opens Monday. "The pricing this year is the highest opening price ever, reflecting increasing consumer demand for wild Alaska salmon," said Bill Gilbert, spokesman for Norquest Seafoods in Cordova. "The prices for longline halibut and sablefish are also up. There is increased consumer awareness of the attributes of wild Alaska seafood driving the demand." The prices recorded Tuesday compare with $3.25 a pound for reds and $5.25 a pound for kings for the 2005 opening of the Copper River run.
  5. You can try calling them at their store to check. Store selections vary actually. The kirkland store had a different selection of Valrhona chocolates compared to the U.District store.
  6. My latest fav is "Phnom Pheng Noodle house" or something like that. It's on King St between 6th and 7th I think. Their seafood noodle soup and stir fried noodles with gravy are really good! Very authentic SE Asian.
  7. That's seafood fried noodles, Hong Kong style(two sides yellow, literally translated) Jade Garden has a really good example of this dish which I prefer over the Sea Garden version. Difference is simply in the ingredients used. Another type of noodles which you can get is "yi-min". It's soft noodles, not crispy but it tastes really good. Not often found in Seattle restaurants though.
  8. Thanks! Looking for lunch places as I just started working in the area. I'll check out some of the places suggested.
  9. Any good places to eat around Pioneer Sq in Seattle? Thanks!
  10. I usually go to Fran's. They have stores in the U.Village and Bellevue.
  11. I think they have a steamed/baked lobster on top of sticky rice entree that is pretty decent. You can always also ask the servers what they have that is an in-house special.
  12. Is Cafe D'Lite closed right now then? Thanks
  13. Has anyone recently tried Cafe D'Lite or Banana Leaf? How do they compare and what dishes should I go for? Thanks!
  14. Just watched the Salmon Battle and Tom Douglas should start offering those salmon dishes in his restaurants! They look sooo good! Gratz to Douglas! This is making me really hungry ...
  15. I'm interested in learning how to make good chocolate chip cookies. Saw a nice recipe in Fran's chocolate cookbook but it seems complicated and I have absolutely zero pastry/baking experience. Anyone interested in showing me how to bake some great chocolate chip cookies at their place? Thanks!
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