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  1. Off to Dunster for a few days... any updates to this thread? We're looking less for "fancy" than for good, plain hearty. Thanks.
  2. I'm finding it hard to discover much written on egullet about Toulouse and its vicinity as far as dining. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  3. Any updates for in the town of Bath, please? Thanks. Spending 2 days there in April and would love to try some pleasant restaurants, not fancy but a step or two above pub fare.
  4. Off to explore the countryside `round Toulouse in early April. Any ideas for charming B&Bs in the nearby countryside would be much appreciated.
  5. No good Mexican restaurants here. What wouldn't I give for something along the lines of a Frontera Grill...?!
  6. Has anyone been to King's Garden lately? It is well- reviewed by Toronto Life but I have no idea how long ago: http://www.torontolife.com/guide/restauran...-garden/review/
  7. I'd like one - just gimme one! - decent Mexican place in this city!
  8. Wondering if there are any updates on good places to get Dim Sum in Toronto? There hasn't been input on this subject for months and months. I'd like to head to the AGO (art gallery) then stop somewhere in the 'hood for mid-priced dim sum afterwards. Thx.
  9. Bump! I'm off to Negril for a week. First few days paying for an all-inclusive resort so we'll eat there. But for the 4 days after that, we're looking for suggestions. I've heard there's fantastic lobster to be had... but where's best? Curried goat is said to be wonderful in jamaica, but where should I eat it? thanks for any and all thoughts you can share with us!
  10. Anyone been to 'gusto lately? Still worth checking out? Or, past it's prime?
  11. Have you made any reservations? Which menus interest you the most? Once you've dined, please post your impressions. Generally, this is a thread for All Things Winterlicious!
  12. I myself prefer Mamma's pizza...
  13. Ugh, Keith. I enjoyed your description of the tasting but too bad you ruined it for me with your political musings.
  14. Funny. Didn't get this message before I left, but did decide to take both bottles. I read in "The Wine Bible" that Muscat Sec is drunk a lot in Alsace with asparagus, so I took this bottle from Pays D'Oc from Chateau Stony. It was delicious! But, with the shrimp and asparagus risotto, my friend and I both preferred the Australian Semillon-Sauvignon blend. I didn't like the Australian as much on its own, but it didn't overpower the flavours of the shrimp and risotto while Muscat added a lot of fruity zing which was delicious but added a bit too much. Anyway. There you have it. A novice's view of 2 wines with a good meal. Thanks for your thoughts! - Freckles
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