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  1. don't know much about MM (except all the folks I work with say he's a tool) i just relocated here from DC and have yet to hit a lot of high end restaurants yet...work keeps getting in the way...I will say the following though 1) Globe was really really weak last time we ate there (August 04) it was like someone came in and replaced the kitchen crew with people who have never seen a box of salt..the front of the house was rather surly and lame too...shame ...it was really fuckin' good before 2) check out B44 in belden alley(spelling?) great food, killer desserts...just a cool little joint 3) San Francisco has more restaurants than DC...but it also has more overated & overpriced ones too...choose carefully...avoid crap like Farralon
  2. I must also give it up for Matchbox ( true I'm a friend of the chef for many years ) It's not a fine dining joint..but they do it well and without a lotta pretense...good on 'em
  3. I ended up in the neighborhood ( Clarendon ) that I grew up in 20+ years ago...after gettin' Mom from BWI..she went to Iceland...I'm not sure why..but I dropped her off at home and was really starvin'. And I ended up eating really, really shitty tapas...It's my fault I guess but I remember when there was good food in Arlington ( Queen Bee, Cafe Dalat, Whiteys,etc..) the simple fact that Arlington now has a fuckin' Cheesecake Factory is merely one of the signs of the "End of Days"
  4. just "dined" at the Arlington branch tonite...here's my impressions 1) frat boy bartender talking with his buddies about the "shit" he took this morning..this was before I ordered food 2) quite possibly the worst decor i've seen...kinda like a spanish cheesecake factory 3) last but not least...The worst food EVER.."gambas" or shrimp with no salt "spicy meatballs" room temp with a flaccid tomato sauce..and "chicken croquttetas" with not a lick of flavor...none..nada...this place blows
  5. it looks like at least a few people have dined there...can the chef pull off this level of food...? in an area that I dine in all to often (thanks to my in laws)..news flash..the rich crackers who populate old town can't tell good food from a hole in the ground
  6. the cultured pearl? hands down winner for worst food..really really sad...I've eaten better meals at the Rusty Trombone
  7. Chef McBride is the unsung hero in this town. I'm psyched to see what they'll do to the restaurant's look...The food I'm sure will remain damn good or even better
  8. the childe harold had a chef?...like before now
  9. The Tonic boys are doing well in Mt. Pleasant...I dine (and booze) there quite often. The Cheesesteak is a mighty fine meal in itself. I overheard that everybodys favorite 4 dollar coffee store is opening in MP...Now I can buy my crack and a latte on the same street...sweet
  10. I certainly hope the food is improving up in Rehobeth Beach..cuz the last time I went with my wife two years ago we were treated to a world class week of mediocre and occasionaly shitty food..Note: I've been in the restaurant business for 20+ years so don't waste your time posting that I'm an uneducated suburban loser who digs eating at Applebees or some other shiite.... The food "scene" in Rehobeth is remarkable not only for the $30-40 dollar entrees I saw on just about every "independent" restaurant menu but also for the total lack of even decent execution of the food. Whats going on here? Theres not a lot of places in DC with 40 dollar entrees but I'm willing to bet that they are probably able to execute them on a service and food level. The Rehobeth service level seems to be all the waiters and cooks that have been fired from everywhere south of the beach...kinda sad overall...There was even a restaurant called "Fusion"...wow..so cutting edge, the menu was a little asian and a little southwestern...very 1986
  11. here's what to do 1) go to bistro du coin 2) order the ribeye mid rare 3) order extra bernaise sauce while you're at it 4) enjoy it's that easy..any questions?...ask the swiss guy
  12. y'all need to give it up for Palena...extremely well executed food, good service...and not too clever for it's own good
  13. whats really sad is everybody looking for a deal(half price , happy hour etc) instead of looking for and supporting good...and quite possibly cheap local restaurants..I'm tired of reading hipster/foodies whining about not getting it their way
  14. my last dinner at Japone' was served with frozen seaweed salad and a nice portion of rice-caked vomit ( in the bathroom)...enjoy!
  15. never been to rhumba cafe....for many good reasons... sad hipster hangout.....would never eat there...before you eat in adams morgan, take a good look down the rat infested alleys.. I gotta defend Sushi Taro...know when to go, be a smart shopper (rolls, rolls and peep the specials ) it's not a high end sushi joint ...but they bring it on a daily basis so don't playa hate
  16. went for dinner a few weeks ago and i gotta say...it sucked much less than I was expecting it to...the servers have a kinda glazed over "service schitck" where you get pushed to order the pretty decent guacamole before you have taken off your coat...food was pretty good but everything looks cooler on small cool plates...just its kinda hard to eat the pork tacos when the plate is decontructed to the point of a ten step process to be able to eat it...
  17. wow! adams morgan is rough....eat brunch at The Reef...good and cheap..and still good...avoid cashions...same menu for 5 years...Mantis does have some fine eats too but beware of going late..it becomes a bit clubby...avoid "the diner" cuz it absolutley sucks...news flash..if you are looking for good eats try to ignore adams morgan and look at whats comin up...Tonic in Mt. Not so Pleasant
  18. thanks to my parents I was subjected to the pop music of the 80's during that all important high school period...thus my disdain for the "genre"...bottom line..any self respecting restaurant shouldn't play crappy pop music ...from any era...especially the 80's...
  19. 80's music!...not cool under any situation...that said..I do hope this place does well or at least gets people thinking about decent food in the Dupont area...there are a few decent places around and a whole lot more shitty places too...and don't forget that opening a restaurant is actually easier than keeping it consistent on food and service..thats where komi has to step up to break outta the pack
  20. danzig


    don't forget that Zola is operated by the same chumps who ran Red Sage into the dirt...yet they are still around..."theme park" is correct
  21. according to the evening news this bill doesn't have enough votes on the DC Council...and our mayor says he will veto it...because it will impact businesses in DC. I was approached by a person working against the ban last nite at a very smokey BAR. She said she actually didn't smoke but thought the proposed bill was unjust to businesses...did I mention she was a Libertarian. I'm all for no smoking in restaurants...Many restaurants ae non-smoking and it works fine for all...but a total ban in bars! I'm gonna be bumming hard when I lose my paycheck playing Keno in some dive bar and I can't have a smoke...I think the idea of a "tax" on bars that allow smokers to actually smoke is called "extortion". As a filthy smoker I know that this ban is going to eventually happen pretty much everywhere..except possibly Virginia and North Carolina...but lets keep this all in perspective..sure smoking does kill you..but so does one too many Hoegardens at the BDC at 2 in the morning...
  22. worst food in town... ...."the diner" in adams morgan...proudly serving shitty food 24/7...My favorite thing is eating good food at The Reef across the street and watching people wait in line for "the diner"...thats good comedy...you should all try it
  23. had dinner tonite around 7:00...only 3 other tables...rather nervous staff, but friendly and not pretentious...had scallops with cucumber water and salmon roe, and mustard oil?...what ever it was added some wang to the dish...Halibut w/ back eyed peas, bacon, dandelion greens and some kinda lemon vinagrette was the entree...really solid cooking...great amuse... and it's nice to see someone writing a menu that delivers more than says.
  24. not the best restaurant in DC ( but doesn't try to be...it's a bistro...meat, salt, cheese, cream, booze...I'm happy)...but certainly one that contains a lotta drunk chefs around 2 in the AM on any given saturday nite (and a guy wearing really loud shirts too...)
  25. I just spoke with a local DC chef buddy of mine who took his dad to a surprise birthday dinner at the FL last friday He had many good things to say...and a few things that were..ya know..not so great...service was a little stern... pricy supplements ...but AMAZING FOOD...pretty great service ..a little intimidating maybe ..but no pressure...set him up with wines for each course... a few missed cues with wines timed for the courses...but he was thrilled He and his dad will never forget this dinner...that tells me this restaurant is still bringing it
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