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  1. I will definitely check out Chowhound. I did further research last night and found a chef-owned inn and restaurant that looked really good--Parker House Inn and Restaurant in Quechee. I may inquire, but please keep any others coming. www.parkerhouseinn.com I also had noted Birch Ridge Inn, so that is a good sign. Glyn: I must say that I checked out your profile in order to read your past VT posts and you look great for "60s." See, too, you are from New Haven area; any new finds recently--went a second time to Kudeta, and it definitely was better than my first visit--can't beat the atmosphere, although I still don't think their thai offerings are very authentic.
  2. I have searched the topics for info on Vermont and Woodstock and everything appears to be really ancient or talks all about Burlington. Please help! We will be driving up from Southwestern CT to Vermont in July for a Saturday Noon wedding at the Killington Grand Resort in Killington, Vermont. My husband and I figured we'd drive up early Friday and perhaps stay in the Woodstock area because it is on the way and it appears to be a nice place to visit/quaint shops, etc. Any other suggestions are welcomed. Currently, we are booked at the Killington Inn, but I am worried that it is in the middle of nowhere! I have to tell you a bit about me and my husband. We don't get to get away for a romantic night alone a lot (we have a 4-year old). We are a biracial middle-class couple. (Sorry, I hate to have to tell everyone this but even in this day and age it can sometimes effect the way we are treated at restaurants and hotels.) Anyway, I am a major foody, my husband just loves to eat. Not big drinkers. We don't mind high prices for a great meal--we live close to NYC and are used to expensive places. We want to avoid Italian since it is so good in our area. No Mexican. Not a huge fan of Prix Fix. We'd like a continental type place that is not overly pretentious (no table sweeping please). Need help with both one-night great restaurant and one-night hotel stay. Please help. I am desperate for someone who knows good food and a nice place to stay. So far, my research has lead me to The Jackson House Inn & Restaurant, Hemingway's in Killington. How far of a drive is Woodstock to Killington? Does it make sense to stay there the night before and then drive to Killington the next morning for the Noon wedding. Feel free to direct me somewhere else. I've done the Tripadvisor thing. I'm reading mixed reviews on some of the hotels and restaurants. Just cannot be snobby; my husband will hate that. Thank you all so much in advance.
  3. Chef Wentz! That is so nice of you. I'll talk to my boss and perhaps give you a call. I want to come down myself--never mind him and those serious business-talkers!! My mouth is watering.
  4. These all sound so amazing but all are very adamant about the Prix Fix. I was able to book him at the Panorama (found on another thread here) because they had a neat wine list and they can sit in the bar. However, now I am worried it is really far away. One girl I spoke with there said it was probably a 10-minute cab ride from the Inn at Penn, but when I Mapquest it, it seems like a very far distance, so I called again and the Italian guy did not know where the Inn at Penn was. Twenty-21 and Bootsies both looked so good as did Davio's and Sansom Oyster, but again, Prix Fix. And since I am not sure if the guys from AZ will like seafood? My boss I think was getting frustrated when I kept showing him menus, and he was just like, "The Panorama sounds fine--go with it." So, you think they are safe at Panorama? Have to send him back down to Philly for another trip to dine at some of these other great reco's.
  5. Definitely looking for business dinner; definitely not romantic. They are both sadly leaving their wives of over 25 years each at home as they have to be in Philly for business meeting on the morning of 2/15. We are kidding around at the office that they will have a romantic V-Day dinner for two in Philly, but I think they are looking for a dark wood, good wine, good food kind of place, but my boss wants to avoid the prix fix V-day menus. I did just make a reservation at the Panorama just in case--figuring I could cancel if need-be.
  6. Help! Can anyone recommend a place for a business man's dinner near the Inn at Penn on Valentines Day. My nephew, a UPENN student, recommended some places but they all are offering prix fix menus for Valentines Day - - The White Dog, Penne, Pod (They have a regular menu, but not sure if this is too 2001: A Space Oddysey for business men), and Zoccalo (sp?) Know anything about Susanna Foo's?
  7. Chocolate souffle cake (Yes! If you can call it that) was what I had and it was such a disappointment. I've read about all these other incredible desserts, but they weren't offered the day we were there--lemon meringue pie, fig dessert, etc. Funny, you say that about the bathrooms because although I did not venture down there, my sister did with my son and she was raving about how nice it was and that they have real hand towels with a hamper--huge laundry bill if you ask me! So, maybe there was a problem the day you were there or a very very smelly couple who used the bathroom before you entered--perhaps they ate too much pork belly - - - GROSS.
  8. We dined at The Dressing Room at the Westport Country Playhouse in Westport, CT Saturday, 1/27/07, for lunch with a party of seven including one well-behaved four-year-old. It was very good. I have to comment that all the staff were extremely professional, unpretentious and just plain nice--they made you feel so comfortable and that goes a long way, especially in a Westport restaurant. I must say the front dining room with its bar and fireplace looked quite inviting, and we wished we were seated there, but we were in the rear, larger dining room and it was still nice and spacious with wide planks on the floor and walls. There will be a nice outdoor patio for al fresco dining in the summer. I had the best burger of my life--it appeared to be a homemade bun; I could only eat half. It had a local cheese, covered in perfectly carmelized onions with house-cured bacon. Perfectly cooked potato wedges and pickle slices served on the side. My "Use-a-Spoon" chopped salad was also incredible. Others at my table had a lamb panini, meatloaf, chicken pot pie, oysters on the half shell that looked incredibly fresh from local waters. My sister had a burger like mine minus the bun and fats, which she said was great. Breads from SONO Bread Bakers were really great, and I cannot say enough about the service, which just made the day IMHO. The desserts offered the day we went weren't that thrilling and my chocolate dessert was rather dry but the ice cream was very tasty as was the presentation. My sisters shared an apple crumble which was quite different, more like a chopped apple thing in a mold, but they enjoyed it. Another had creme brulee with pecan biscotti. They say that the lunch menu is a scaled down version of the dinner menu with more salads. They concentrate on organic and local grown/raised items--with a strong leaning toward pork--I would have loved to have tried the ribs because I have heard they are incredible. I also wished I had one of their items with pork belly in it. Chef Michel Nischan hails from the midwest and it shows; I've seen him on local TV shows as a guest and he always seems like such a down-to-earth family man--it shows! Prices were typical Westport. Sad to say. . . Paul Newman wasn't visiting when we were there. One odd thing. . . I could somehow see this restaurant turning into a popular blue-hair joint, although the day we were there, the crowd was quite diverse with a good mix of ages--hope it stays this way. This is their website: www.dressingroomhomegrown.com
  9. My family is coming for Easter dinner. About 15-20 folks. I am making a delicious beef tenderloin with roasted shallots and port wine reduction. Several are bringing side dishes and desserts. I would like to also make an entree with shrimp and/or crabmeat. Can anyone make any recommendations for something seafood to serve as another option with the beef? or should I just do a basic grilled shrimp? (no pasta please; also not really wanting something with a heavy cream sauce) If you are curious. . . This is the recipe I am going to be using for the beef; I have made it before; it is really good. I also roast mushrooms with the shallots and although I use the bacon to brown, I don't add it to the sauce at the end and serve it on the side instead. http://beef.allrecipes.com/az/BeefTenderloinWithRoastedS.asp http://beef.allrecipes.com/az/BeefTenderloinWithRoastedS.asp' target='_blank'> Thank you all so much for any advice.
  10. ROESSLER'S IS GONE!??? Just called my CT supplier, Supreme Quality Market in West Haven, to place my yearly Roessler hot dog order for my son's birthday party, and he said that they went out of business the first of the year and no longer supply the dogs. He said he someone wanted to get the "formula" and they wouldn't give it out. He is very sad too. He said he had people drive from Massachusetts to pick up the dogs and a woman from California once called him to ship her 50 lbs. WHAT A BUMMER. I guess I'll do Deutschmacher, my next favorite. BOO HOO P.S. I tried to call 800/HOT-DOG 9 and there is absolutely no answer; not even a voice mail anymore.
  11. Scargo: I know this reply is extremely outdated, but I can tell you for next year that the River Restaurant and Fortune Pavilion, both located in Wal-Mart Plaza down Route 34 in Derby are very decent dining establishments for a quick dinner during the game. I agree that Blake Street has really gone down hill. IF you head right on Forest Road to Whalley Avenue/Westville and go North on Whalley beyond the entrance to 15, there is a terrific Chinese buffet place and a good jewish deli in the plaza. I am not a Japanese fan, but the place right on Route 34 in West Haven next to the Nissan dealership also gets very very good reviews--it is practically across from the Pilot parking area. Finally if you head left on Forest Road and follow Campbell Avenue all the way south to the West Haven Beaches and left on Ocean, you can dine outdoors at Chips for delicious soft shell crabs. If you head toward Derby on Route 34 and make a left on Racebrook road out to Route 1 in Orange, you could take a left on Route 1 and dine at Bajas (excellent CA-style Mexican) across from Staples; you could take a right on Route 1 and eat at Gabrielle's next to Namco or Jacob Marleys in the bar for decent pub food.
  12. Jane, I wonder if you were the nice woman I spoke to on the phone recently. You had mentioned your guys trying to get into Gloria's in Milford. Perhaps if all of us on e-Gullet who frequent Gloria's Market could make the request for your products there, they would be interested. I hope so. Thanks for the reply. I'll give you a call when we're ready for the large pork roast--my mouth is watering!! ← JANE: Are you still there? My former boss tried several times to call to order a huge seasoned pork roast the week of October 11, but no one returned her calls. She left VMs on the main line and the "Jane" line. When she saw the store boarded up she wondered if the wholesale was still around. She ended up getting a nice seasoned roast from Licios, but I am sure it isn't as good as Miller's!
  13. I just hunted and found a contact name from Roessler grandson. Call 800-HOTDOG9 and Mr. Roessler will tell you where to find them. (I called and got a VM.) Someone at the other site said that Supreme Market on 2nd Avenue in WEst Haven sells them per Mr. Roessler. Any other ideas. . . keep them coming!
  14. No, I don't, but I will ask my husband, who frequents it very very often, to find out. I checked the website www.frankieshotdogs.com, Frankie's Hot Dogs>>Click here, but it didn't name the brand. Could it be their own? I doubt it. You must order it grilled and well-done. I, too, like it with a strip of very well-cooked bacon. They also use beautiful soft rolls similar to those from French's Bakery in Stratford (Tomlinsons uses them); they are very soft. Just an Update on Frankie's Hot Dogs. . . And. . . Question on where to find Roessler's Dogs?? I happened to call them today to inquire about purchasing their relish as I am having a Hot Dog Bar at my son's two-year birthday celebration in a couple of weeks. The owner's wife confirmed to me that their hotdogs are made "by a special blend made specifically for Frankie's" that are not sold to the public raw. I then replied, "So they're not Roessler's??" and she said, "No; we are told they are a special Frankie's blend." So. . . the mystery continues. I am going to get French's Bakery Hot Dog Rolls. Two Questions: 1.) Does anyone know where I could buy Roessler's Dogs in retail bulk? Is this something sold in the meat market down on Long Wharf in New Haven? I live in Milford but am willing to travel. 2.) I am partial to split dogs. Do you think they will be OK if I split them and cook them on the grill that way? I know restaurants who split their dogs tend to use a griddle with a press. I am worried that the grill may dry them out. I have cooked Kielbasa this way on the grill and it is wonderful but of course, they have a higher fat content than weiners! Thoughts?
  15. BUMP - - - I'm bumping this very old thread because I can't find anything recent on Cape May. Just like Rail, my friend and her mom are spending two - three days in Cape May and then Atlantic City. I have made some suggestions that are very similar to what others have said here--Tisha's, 410 Bank Street, Ebbitt. Has anyone been down there recently and can speak to these. Black Duck (think that is right) looks really really good--I think it used to be Sunset's or Peaches. It's been awhile for me, so I am looking for something recent. I'll take any AC suggestions too. Her mom is not a fancy fancy adventurous type, but they both like good food in a not-pretentious atmosphere. THANKS IN ADVANCE. . .
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