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  1. There is a street vendor on main just by the IGA, a german guy who sells various sausages (including bratwurst) and has suiggested I try his curry ketchup that he makes, might this be it?
  2. That's a tough one James as we just returned from there and found that was the only decent restaurant that would be open. Mission Hill is pretty good, but anything in Kelowna other than Fresco's open on Monday? not really...
  3. Venturi Schulze balsamic is also available at Urban Fare.
  4. Do yourself a favour - really. Either with the burger club or on your own. Once again I will suggest Flagg's Bistro on Alma btw Broadway and... the next street south of that. I am trying very hard to not make any disparaging comments regarding past burger club haunts as I've eaten at them all... but i guess I can't help myself, either there is a wide ranging lack of knowledge of cookery or some very untrained palates out there. I know it's all about what you like - but until you've tasted some of the best cooking, what do you have to compare it to? I think a forum to learn and trade experiences about eating and restuarants etc is the BEST thing ever - so get out there and try someting that there already isnt a thousand posts on! (except for eating in Victoria, they are generally bang on - it's small town)
  5. It's late, I've shared a bottle of old vines tempernillo and havent taken time read thru the 7 pages of postings - but just in case anyone missed mentioning Flagg's Bistro on Alma btw broadwy and 10th. Interesting story/guy, he bakes his own buns, a bit "dirty" but such a good burger! I've tried all the others (i read) mentioned as when i first moved here I had a bit of time on my hands and decided that this was my project to find the best burger. I seem to remember that at the time red onion came in at the top, but flagg's beats it and any others.
  6. Famous Foods, Kingsway around Knight has Hominy in the can, and maybe more!
  7. I'm so glad that by the end of this thread the plot was found! I was getting a bit worried in the beginning...having lived in victoria, opened a restaurant and been involved with several (all of them very good and all have been mentioned) - it has a surprisingly number of very good places relative to it's size and now that I'm in vancouver the one thing i miss the most are the restaurants. In no particular order, the best dining in victoria is: zambris paprika cafe brio the victorian camille's brasserie l'ecole john's noodle house a little place in chinatown (not asian tho) run by a crazy lady - can't remember the name... ottavio (well it's a deli/gourmet store/cafe) temple? (impressive room, frankly havent eaten enough of the food) and outside of victoria, the aerie and sooke harbour house.
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