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  1. There is one soon to be opened in Kingsgate Mall...
  2. Try Farmet Importers, they sell white peach puree in 1 kilo portions. Pretty sure they sell retail. 7th and Ontario area.
  3. Costco sells 6 paks of mini ish baguettes made in France that are alright.
  4. Wow - did I miss a fresh sheet or something for the food? I too thought it was a great bar - v stylish, but the menu was sad. I just had a look at the menu again to be sure it was the ramos gin fizz remembering... and no. They clearly havent had a chance to do something interesting, surprising given the roots. I understand that the drinks are the main feature, nothing wrong with that, but is it too much to ask for a little imagination with the food? Geez, maybe I'm being a tad harsh, just looked at the menu again, and unfairly we didnt even order anything and ended up going to Soma for food. (which wasnt the best idea actually, but after we added salt, it was quite palatable) It's those first impressions for me I guess, and if there isnt anything on a menu that draws me in and wants me to spend my hard earned $$$ ordering it, then I move on. My apologies for the negative remarks. I read so many positive reviews on places, and then too many times I find that it's not that way at all, (like Jules) and I suppose that I'm in a bit of a ranting mood.
  5. I'm surprised that no one has replied to this. I think that the top places to eat are pretty well the ones you want to work at...L'ecole, Zambris, Fire & Ice (?) (sorry drunk and typing), Brio, Stage? and of course some other top hotels like Ocean Pointe are always good. As far as avoiding any...geez I'd hate to say...
  6. I spotted hangar steak at So.Cial's butcher shop! ← Aha! That was going to be my first phone call in the morning - thanks!
  7. Skirt Steak, Hangar Steak - Where can I buy? One of the butchers at Granville said perhaps T&T, but I've only found Flank there...Thanks!
  8. Finally got to So.Cial last night, after seeing Rattitouille (pretty good, accurate). Originally had made resos for Jules, and had asked to be sat at the bar and was told that they don't reserve there, but to ask when we came in. A very unfriendly reception by several people (are they taking the french thing too far?), and were told that the bar was for walk ins which was fine. Got a squishy seat by the window, and then there were no wine lists available. At this point we decided that we were going to leave after ordering the pate, and finally a glass. The pate seemed to be off - with the rest of our experience - the menu was very uninspired, along with the service - they just didnt seem to care. Will not be going back. So off to Social, and since it was the tour de gastown, wasn't terribly busy, but what beautiful rooms! Sean was in the butcher shop, and showed us all his gorgous meats. We had the charcuterie plate, which was excellent, the cassoulet, which was also great, a bottle of Joie noble and I think that was it. Really looking forward to going back, the oyster bar with it's cozy fireplace, for lunch, and picking up some meat from the butcher. The night was saved and I'm so glad we went.
  9. Metro? I have not heard of it - website? Also, Chilos Tacqueria is closed due to "unpaid rent"
  10. Metro? I have not heard of it - website? Also, Chilos Tacqueria is closed due to "unpaid rent"
  11. Metro? I have not heard of it - website? Also, Chilos Tacqueria is closed due to "unpaid rent"
  12. Transylvania Flavour formerly of Gastown has now reopened 2120 W Broadway & Arbutus, jsut got the call from Nick, bigger premises/kitchen more selection open Tues-Sun 11:30 am - 11:00 pm
  13. I believe Sept is now the new opening for the new Urban Fare...
  14. A good German, Thomas Haas has does an excellent Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte). I order one every July for my boyfriends birthday - but he can only make while there are good cherries...worth the wait!
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