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  1. maggie dear, i should make them more often myself. i'd be buffed. rolling out those noodles is a workout, but oh so worth it. told you guys we were feeling like wimps down here. it's only -10f tonight and up to 2f tomorrow. and we can't feel the -30 windchill until we go out in the morning. then we'll be awake.
  2. it's almost soup at my house. just not thinking right this week, not enough oxygen. i should have made noodles the night before. i shouldn't have taken the camera into the sub-frigid weather, even for a shot of frozen lake michigan, then waited to do the soup and noodles until camera was charged. so, for a look at what has been happening here this evening. first, yes, yes, yes, the bread machine does knead dough like a champ and whipped my noodle dough right up. [it needs a name. can't keep calling it the bread machine and nope, bm just doesn't work for me. ] two eggs, half tsp salt and two cups of ap flour. now, it's soup. i love these noodles and makes me wonder why i don't indulge in them occasionally. only takes half the recipe of noodles for a 3 to 4 qt kettle of soup. so i can enjoy the rest later. they'll keep for a few days in the fridge. dessert bread is rising. also kneaded by the machine. any guesses... i'm sure i'll be having it tomorrow, but nice treat for brunch.
  3. we're back again and un-bundled. a bit nippy out there, -2f and windchill -26f. although cold it was a gorgeous day. no, this water is not moving... at all. it has slumped on itself in ice. been interesting watching this happen. will be glad for the chicken soup. earlier this afternoon, chicky parts in the pot with onion and carrot, just starting to simmer. the original pennsylvania dutch cookbook recipe calls for one four lb chicken, one sliced onion, one sliced carrot, one bay leaf and one tsp parsley. wash the chicken and cut into parts. put into large pot with vegs, cover with three quarts water. so i did, except i didn't use the chicken breast, replaced it with a back with ribs i had in the freezer and some other misc chicken parts to make up for chickiness. i just don't see the point in using breast for soup. i think the flesh becomes too grainy and i'd rather have it for something else. notice this recipe called for no salt or pepper, which seems to be fairly common with recipes in the book. i think they figured if it was plain salt and pepper you could figure that out on your own. camera has had time to charge so you can expect more pics as noodles progress. and it seems to be an evening for changing plans. scratched the rye bread i had planned. i have good whole wheat bread i made a few days ago i'm wanting to toast and butter to go with this soup. rye is almost too much with this simple broth. and i decided to give in to a bit of a sweet tooth. this could be a good sign. getting food urges again is a good thing. so something different will be happening later tonight... a little dessert bread i haven't made in a while.
  4. ok, you guys... so we feel wimpy, we only had to walk in -25 wind chill. great praise and thanks for winter down, handknit, soft wooly scarves and gloves i can layer. i like cold, i knew that before i moved back up north. there is something about this kind of cold i'd forgotten. when my glasses fog up and the -25 wind chill hits them it freezes. which since i have quinn to help was kinda cool at first. then, bing, we thankfully turned out of the wind looking into the sun and it was still frozen but it cleared, only to freeze up again in layers. think of using a mottled glass brick as sunspecs on your walk. my camera is charging. i took it with us for the walk and managed a shot of frozen lake michigan. then it was as though the cold zapped the charge. probably similar to not being able to wear my cochlear implant [ci] outside in weather below 20f [or above 95f]. it messes up the batteries and the processor. i always take my ci bundled in an insulated pouch, tucked inside my down coat, along with my cell phone, just in case we need it in an emergency. chicken soup is going, but camera charging, more pics later. going to have soup from last night for lunch with a little [panting with lust], fresh salad greens and grape tomatoes. truly spoiled with abundant, luscious crops of garden tomatoes, i usually just skip fresh tomatoes in the winter... why bother. but i can eat the little grape tomatoes anytime to get a fix.
  5. pam, your challah is beautiful. i have not had great luck trying to do most doughs in the fp. but richer doughs, like brioche, i've had better luck with. and a gorgeous night out for shabbat you had. thanks for sharing those pics with us. susan, give up on the drywall til spring. your pho looks so good. it's usually my first choice for soup when i have any respiratory yuck like this. so difficult to get ingredients here. the chain gro store, pick n save, closest to me [1.5 miles], is new and is just now starting to get in any asian products. the one my dil goes to that's on the far west side of the county is very big, woodman's, and is better. but we have nothing like an asian market here. even finding a restaurant beyond a hole in the wall chinese place i tried when living on the south side of town or the sushi cafe [i like hole in the wall, but this was bad]... forget it. that is the main thing i miss about austin... if you want to eat it, you can find it somewhere. quality may be up and down [where isn't it], but it's there. count me in too for the chili garlic sauce. fortunately i still have some supplies left from tx. i moved e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g from my pantry. now if you want to talk italian deli... i was hoping to get to tenuta's deli during this blog week. actually it was on my list for today. it's great fun to shop and to eat at. i've had hot tea and checked in. we have to go walk, quinn was letting me be a bad mom this morning because i kept him up ''barking'' at him most of the night. we'll be back with some lunch and start on chicken noodle soup. chicky parts are already in the pot with cold water to finish the last of the thaw.
  6. i have never seen white anchovies. will you be showing those. i love fish and seafood, one of my fav books is the big james peterson ,fish and shellfish you'll see below. but for me the tiny little fish in cans, can for the most part, remain at rest. salt has a lot to do with it. however, my ex used to make anchovies/garlic/red pepper/bread crumbs in olive oil, tossed well with linguine and that i had to love him for. be interested to see white anchovies and what you do with them for soup. backtracking through your post. i love molly's book too. i give, what is the new approach to food that deserves one large book. and if this is a ''i showed you mine...'' here are my cookbooks at the end of the counter in my kitchen. i've got a bunch more pamphet type, like the penny dutch and ne/yankee, and worthy mags i've saved or scrounged stuck in a kitchen drawer and an old wire dairy case, plus my own hand written recipes. oops, cut off his chef's hat. i do occasionally have an undeniable sweet tooth. he's my treat jar, older than me, from my mom once again. if you notice there in the background, my big steam heat radiator. i love these, have one in every room. the one in the kitchen is especially useful for keeping my cool old uk tea kettle on with warm water all the time. and a perfect place to set my cast iron everything to dry after rinsing or damp wiping clean. i started this hours ago and i'm going down fast. in the mean time quinn and i walked in killer cold wind, i took pics, talked to my son, put up groceries, seesawed over soup. made up my mind to give myself a break tonight. and hopefully salad will be for lunch tomorrow. fridge before gros arrived... and after... more produce in baskets, etc. didn't get that far. so tonight i did the quickie ramen noodle route. no sprouts at the store or they didn't find them, so decided to do not-asian at all. this is more like what we'd eat from leftover pork roast in the south, except it would be with rice. so expect no continuity here at all except what i felt like throwing into the pot. the noodles are so quick i couldn't resist using them instead of rice. it was after 8pm and this was my first meal of the day. pork and some broth i kept out from the posole before it was well, posole. sauteed onions, garlic, baby carrots, green beans, all with a nice tooth, and no packet stuff from noodles. a touch of my basic cajun mix - basil/thyme/parsley/red and black pepper. and that's toss it together soup for tonight. tomorrow, the real thing with penny dutch chicken noodle soup.
  7. having one of those days... closed the window instead of minimizing and wiped out my own post before sending it. back from our walk. i needed a goal to want to want anywhere today [wind chill -11f and winds at 28 mph]. poor quinn needed some exercise. we are used to walking more than a mile a day at the very least. so the deli was our goal. omg, a bit of real produce. for our walk home the deli lady wrapped produce in the ''cold'' bag you see and then into plastic with the rest, then into my backpack. everything was very cold when we arrived, but nothing froze. driving would be much easier. fresh produce is most difficult this time of year and greens are the least likely to survive a frigid 1.5 mile walk. not to mention that carrying greens home in a backpack anytime kinda makes it a limited store trip. my dearly loved dil is doing a store trip for me, with salad greens and spinach, bananas, etc., this evening. i'll show you before and after fridge pics. so this evening will be putting up groceries; will feel like my birthday. thought it would be a good day for ramen noodle with vegs and some crisped proscuitto [i can let the broth soften it a bit, but i'll still get the flavor]. and a huge salad. i haven't had fresh greens in weeks. but as a teaser, on to the soup d'jour... for tomorrow. these came to me from my mom several years ago, who is pennsylvania dutch. she got them from her mother many years ago. both were published in 1936, so she grew up with these. the ne/yankee cookbook came with a sheaf of handwritten recipes and ''instructions'' on diet, you might say, that were exchanged between her mother and her aunt. i am quite fond of these. though i seldom cook like this, these are often my go to books for comfort food. so tomorrow it will be pennsylvania dutch chicken noodle soup... wit der noodles maked by mine own hands. well, actually considering the current state of my hands i'm hoping this bad boy will help me with that. the williams sonoma bread machine was a gift from my thoughtful bro, who picked it up for a song, and offered it to me as a kitchen aid. oops, ok, pun claimed. due to not being able to effectively knead anything right now, and nope, don't have a stand mixer either, the machine sure seems worth a shot. [note to self... the next husband that offers to buy me big kitchen equipment before the remodeling is done, let him. ] so, i'm going to see if it can help me do the noodles. if not, i'll figure out something else because i've got a jones going for chicken noodle soup. that's a project for tomorrow.
  8. rolling around to the not so morning again. first order was to start this day as the rest of the week, like so... now, when anyone asks my favorite drink, my answer without hesitation is coffee. so when all i want all day is hot herb tea [late evening cup for me usually], and icy soda [which i seldom drink], alternating with big mugs of ice water, i know i'm sick. and that brings me to the ultimate cold/flu cure... chicken noodle soup. and more to follow shortly.
  9. thanks lucylou. [oops, i started this hours ago. guess i could say that after ''not breathing'' and not eating for two days green posole was quite soporific. i just sat down for a few minutes after dinner and woke up now. so to continue what i started...] quinn just alerted me that the buzzer for these is now screaming for attention. a jump through the prep for sourdough cornbread follows. i often add various optionals to these, but since my nose is a foghorn i couldn't see wasting the ingredients for subtle differences. fav add-ins are green chilies, jalapenoes, bacon, cheese, onions [sauteed or raw], chopped tomatoes and black olives in any combination. first my jug of barm, which is intentionally looser than i usually maintain it. more about that tomorrow. now the process... one cup barm stirred down into the bowl. then a stiff cornmeal dough to which i add 2 tbsps melted butter wisked with 1/3 cup sourcream and an egg. stir thoroughly to mix. if dough is too stiff add a tbsp or two of water. pan goes in the 425f oven while you are mixing batter for at least 10 minutes. fill 2/3 full... the batter begins to rise immediately. [hint for tomorrow, you can see the machine peeking up to the left of the pic.] pop in oven for about 18 to 20 minutes. for tonight, served with green posole. i topped it off with a good squeeze of lime. maybe it's my nose, but i loved the posole, couldn't tell i chinched on the chicken broth and the heat was very nice to my head. could tell i needed to eat, i was nearly driving quinn nuts with pacing, waiting for the cornbread to be done.
  10. definitely canned hominy. although this is pretty much the way i was taught by my friend when i lived in central mexico for a summer, about 10 yrs ago... i guess i could call this sick girl's posole. she used canned hominy most of the time also, no shame there. i drain and rinse the hominy because the sodium count is atrocious, and since i'm not using my own no salt chicken stock, i have to remove sodium wherever i can. i used canned lo-so chicken broth for base liquid. here's the posole process so far, until my camera had to be charged. green is some salsa verde i made last week [canned tomatillos, serranos, cilantro, garlic and lime juice], with more garlic spooned on top. my lips are badly fever burned and raw, so i'll have to see if i can stand more heat, one bowl at a time. btw... i love those cutting board sheets. really help me to get food to wherever, as well as reducing yucky clean ups. that's what both hands look like while i'm cooking, braced and gloved. damn awkward. cut pork in the background, and hominy rinsed in the colander on the left. you chip off a couple tbsps of cold butter and put in the still-heated pan the onions and pork were browned in, but off heat. then add hominy and stir to coat with butter. side note, the butter is from a local farm in deerfield, il. when you live in kenosha, wi everything around chicago is still fairly local. replace pan on med low burner and continue stirring while hominy sops up the butter and other goodies. [confession... i could eat a pan of the hominy just like this.] then add some stock or broth and tomatillos/peppers/garlic. etc., or if you're lucky like me, your salsa verde. then the camera gave out. all is simmering together in the chamba. now i have to feed quinn and we have to go for his walk, because i can't do it in the dark. more later. i think i really want some sourdough corn wedges to sop up the posole tonight. if i do, i'll pic that too. and i guess i owe a pic of my fridge. not very interesting right now.
  11. absolutely. either toasted or not, i'm a soupy bread sopper. and a good note to start a catch up post. yesterday we picked up a couple of essentials from the walgreens. also a couple cans of chicken broth that didn't make it in the pic, because, hey, i'm sick and need some help. and quinn got a well-deserved chewy treat when we came home, which he promptly took to his down comforter in the hallway to devour. i promised to post more about quinn. for those of you who don't know, i'm deaf as well as having severe vestibular issues from meniere's disease. so quinn works every day to keep me balanced and to be my ears. i have a cochlear implant [ci], on the right side, but it can't be worn all the time and it does not allow me to hear lots of sounds at all because of range. other sounds not unless i am within 10 to 15 ft of the object. even with the ci hooked up, in my flat that's means unless i'm in the kitchen i can't hear the microwave, the oven timer, if i've left the water running somewhere, if something is sizzling or boiling over. quinn does all that for me. in addition he alerts me to the phone, the door, the smoke alarm, the alarm clock. he also picks up the umpteen things i drop everyday and comes to check on me just because when i leave the room he is in if i'm not using him on harness at home. so, really and truly, cooking is possible for me because of my superdog, quinn. will post more in just a bit. i still feel like hell, but i really need some soup. i have some posole going in my 4 qt black chamba. so more pics to come.
  12. sorry, bloggers and blog readers... i really went downhill after the second trip to walgreens today; just too much. trip one was for herb tea and cough drops. trip two was for meds, which haven't taken hold yet. hmmmm... don't think i would recommend this as quick weight loss method, although it's working. i'll try to check into the blog in the morning. just can't do any more tonight and didn't manage to make soup today either. i subsisted on herb tea and ice cold soda... sodas and bread flour were brought by my son this evening. we transferred via closed door switch outs. beddy-bye... quinn says, hopefully tonight we can both sleep.
  13. good morning all, late as it is. i do need to talk more about quinn and i will post more pics. he is my essential kitchen helper. quinn is a rough collie, about 60 lbs. easy to confuse with a sheltie as people are more used to seeing those these days than collies and i didn't give you a good comparison shot in the pics. in my avatar you can kinda see how big he is. but i just got up, after finally getting some sleep. we are on our way out. will post more when we return, about quinn and bread. edited for spelling, those dang braces again.
  14. pam, this borscht looks great. i thought i'd had good borscht before, but nothing i've had looked as good as yours. yes, usually one gets the deep purple, but this was lovely and as you said it had the flavor. i'll have to try this later. thanks for posting explicit directions.
  15. anyone else remember that old beatles song... i'm so tired, couldn't sleep a wink... just thought i'd check in. can't breathe, can't stop coughing, can't sleep... geez, might as well see what's up on the blog. thanks to everyone for your well wishes. maggie dear, hope you're feeling better than this kat is. so, due to this cold/flu crud i have to change my plans for some soups this week. nothing thick or creamy. no chicky and dumplings, no split pea. but i was thinking a posole would be mighty nice and i have everything i need for that. having ingredients already on hand will be another deciding factor this week. don't think that quinn and i will be hiking the three mile round trip to the grocery store any time soon for major stuff. green posole would sure wake up the nose, maybe help clear my head. i'm thinking tex-mex style chicken tortilla soup; ginger chicken soup with saffron rice might be an alternative also. anyone have ideas for clear broth soups you want to throw out... i've got head on shrimp, bay scallops [which i actually prefer for soups/chowders], chicky, pork loin steaks and hot italian sausage for protein. oooh, and that nice proscuitto i got on monday from the deli. i also have eggs, various rices, noodles, pasta. vegs are onions, carrots, corn, peas, broccoli, green beans, potatoes, dried black beans [i was thinking cuban black bean soup for those], and various hot dried peppers. i have about two cups of chicken stock already in the freezer. also, of course, the winter staple of canned tomatoes. i actually like the ramen type noodles, but yuck, not the ''flavor packets'' which are way too salty and gross to me. but this might be a good time to make use of some i have stashed. maybe saute some scallops with a bit of garlic, onion, peas, proscuitto and toss in the noodles with chicken broth, a touch of white wine vinegar and have po' girls noodle bowl soup. ok, i have definitely rambled enough. chalk it up to fevered brain and no sleep. gonna try to sleep again now. see you guys as soon as...
  16. that split pea soup sounds good to me, abra. and yes, it's true, you do sacrifice clarity in the pc, but i must say that my dinner soup still looked appetizing to me. the turkey stock was much less clear than usual because i added the apple, but my oh my, this was a good experiment. the dried cranberries and rich, broth-sopped toast were just what this cold was needing.
  17. susan, what i do to keep crusty bread fresh is stash it in a paper bag... but... the trick i use that the crumb stays moist also is to cover just the cut end with plastic wrap or a small baggie, then stash in the bag. that should keep your crust crisp and light and the interior cool. your evening looks and sounds delightful, mom. and thanks, i will check out rg for the hot and sour shrimp soup. that may be a perfect rg recipe for me on our rg highlight night.
  18. well... i was going to do a shrimp with coconut cream, but now that my body is being so uncooperative i shouldn't eat creamy stuff. i'd love the hot and sour with shrimp recipe, if you have it handy.
  19. my last slurpee here was icy too, but that's been a while for me. sometimes i make stock with cooked bones, like tonight because what i had was leftover turkey. turkey carcass is a favorite of mine to use anyway. but i also use raw bird, usually chicken. for beef stock, it's also what i have on hand. cooked if i have leftovers and raw if i can get bones. i find little difference in the quality of the stock. however, it is noticeable in the flavor whether the bones are cooked/roasted or not. i have made stock from beef ribs that were smoked and that was wonderful stuff. stock tonight is roasted turkey wing... and bonus... most of a turkey thigh i thought was a wing in it's frozen state. so i removed big hunks of bird flesh from the thigh for adding to soup, putting all the bones, skin and schmucky stuff in the pot for stock. also an onion, a couple of carrots, about a tbsp of whole mixed peppercorns, bay leaves from my tree. and why not... i threw in an apple that was not crisp enough for me to munch. the apple seemed to be the right touch for the turkey bread soup with dried cranberries. this pic is shortly before i cranked down the lid on the pressure cooker. pc is a fantastic tool for cooking some things. when i was living in the heat of tx summers it was a sweat and energy saver for making beans. creamiest beans ever, as far as i'm concerned. still my favorite way to make bean and pea soups. today the pc was a huge help because i just haven't felt up to standing up for long periods of time. what could have been a long process to make this soup, including the stock, is shortened to about two hours total time [after the turkey was thawed], from grabbing food out of the fridge until it's soup. i've been living on herb tea all day. finally ate a piece of toast with a cup of tea and a bit of the last of my spiced peach butter after i started the stock. stock is smelling really good, i think. i have to get right next to the pot to smell anything. another answer to your question, susan... what do we do with the chicken schmaltz... use it to saute onions, other vegs and the bird flesh before adding to soup. yum. i have some i've taken out of the freezer and will do that with the onion, carrots and turkey i add to the broth for tonight's soup.
  20. i do... my two fav simple smears for krispy crackers are butter and jalapeno mustard.
  21. a bit late checking in today. evidently feeling so tired early last evening was the lull before the truck hit. one moment i was feeling tired, but fine, and the next i was burning up, chilled to the bone, sneezing and coughing, one big ache. so this morning didn't start until after 11am and the first order was getting oh so patient quinn out for a walk in 11f sunny and very windy weather [-6f wind chill]. we always walk over to one of the parks on the lake, my landlady has four kids so we stay out of our own yard. it was a rough walk this morning. started today with a big pot of all the herbal tea i could scrounge out of the pantry and a giant mug ice water. haven't been able to think of eating food as yet. but... i think this is the perfect day to try out a new soup idea i had. so i have two roasted turkey wings and some other miscellaneous turkey parts thawing. today will be a pressure cooker [pc] soup day. i plan to use the wings to make a bit of stock in the pc, with onion and carrots. yes, i love carrots. i'll keep out a bit of the turkey meat to add into soup later with dried rosemary from my tx garden. a good shot of fresh ground pepper. then spoon the soup over a toasted sourdough bread round from the loaf i made yesterday and top with dried cranberries. i'll try to get pics as i go along... or at least at dinner. just one of those days when even in the flat with shades drawn i have to wear my sunspecs to stand any visuals. bear with me, it will be a low posting day for me today.
  22. susan, your bread looks wonderful. i'm very pleased with the crock pot roast beef barley soup for tonight. tasty, rich, just peppery enough. although the crust was a bit darker than i like the bread came out out cool and delicious. i'll post more on the bread tomorrow, as i tried my new bread machine my bro scooped at a thrift shop and sent to me to help with kneading while my hands/wrists are out of comission for that. this is another interesting experiment along with the minimalist no-knead bread thread. dinner tonight.... quinn had a tad of beef broth on his chow too. now we're relaxing. we're both tired tonight. winter throws us off... i may hit the cozy bed with a book pretty soon. quinn is already out at my feet.
  23. ok, sorry, getting lost in the posts already. don't remember who initially posed the ''does anyone make soup in their crock pot'' question. i never would have made it through undergrad and grad school without soup going in my crockpot. dinner pretty much ready for the family and me when i dragged in at 7 or 8pm. i'd cut up everything and do any special prep the night before while studying. stick it all in the crock pot and at around noon hubby would put it on the heating base [pre-set by me], plug it in and leave it alone until i got home. soup's on. so, my barley beef soup tonight is a bit more complex than that, but still doable to finish after work. the barley has cooked in the beef broth [stock plus added water for the barley absorption]. after removing and dividing the beef i took kitchen shears [easier/safer right now than a knife for me], cut through soup portion of the carrots/onions/tomatoes and roast. covered it, let it rest in some strained au jus too be added back into broth and barley... now. bread is out of the oven. [note to self... buy oven thermometer.] it probably shoiuld have baked 4 or 5 minutes less, for a prettier crust. but the oven pop is beautiful. all will be ready to eat in about 30 minutes. and i'm more than ready. that oatmeal disappeared a couple hours ago.
  24. i am planning to do chicken and dumplings one night too. it's my ''old favorite'' for the soup blog week. not bravery, just necessity. i understand about falling in the snow. quinn saves me from 99 per cent of potential skittery falls on snow and ice. that's his job, it's teamwork. cane and ice don't mix well when i get too distracted... that's why i have a brace on my right hand/wrist as well as my left this week also. took a bad fall on friday. still, the winter here is better for us than the summers in tx. the heat was killing us. and if i were still in austin i wouldn't be soup blogging this week either. edited to correct spelling. it's the braces' fault.
  25. thanks. i believe he's blushing. don't see why we can't spotlight our own recipe if we wish. we're not known for being an overly shy group. definitely too many soups. my blog plan was to set a day for each soup, sounds reasonable doesn't it... then winter reality struck me and i realized i have to make soup as the day and weather allows me. for me, soup is wonderful because i can always make soup out of whatever i have on hand. and some of my soup this week will be exactly that, nail soup. so i started my little chuck roast in the slow cooker about midnight last night. at two pounds that will give me beef and vegs and stock for one pot/one lb of meat, then stash another lb of this silky roast in the freezer for a different pot of soup, or something else post-blog. very slow chuck roast with vegs [onions/carrots/tomatoes/bell pepper], garlic cloves sliced and inserted in roast after browning it with a kosher salt/fresh ground pepper mix/toasted-crushed coriander seeds/cumin/evoo rub. yep, pretty sure half of this will end up as barley beef soup... tonight. beef and vegs are removed and stock is cooling in fridge to skim off fat. a batard of sourdough light wheat bread is on it's final rise also. and that smells perfect with barley beef soup.
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