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  1. thats so bloody sad. my one meal there was heaven in itself... although it was a wednesday night in february, martin blunos only had 3 COVERS that night so its not a massive surprise. But its his home too with his wife and 3 kids.. so whats happening??? surely theyre not moving out.. i called dukes in bath where he is associate chef (bollocks) and they said he MAY reopen in afew months or find another site. does that mean when he re opens he will lose his 2 michelin stars?? this is awful just because of 4 men behind the wheels of a plane. so sad.
  2. I enjoyed a sublimea meal there - everything from the fois gras to the goats ilk ice cream was sublime - for some it may be too modern but i thought it was a real gastronomical experiece. Well done Heston.
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