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  1. Sometime the most direct route is best. I have had the # for Bristol Spirits but didn't call it until I saw it again John. It worked although they don't sell the rum directly...normally....they did give me a ph# to there distributor for the UK it was McKinley Vintners at 020 7928 7300 and after calling them they faxed my some of what they had. Come this friday I'll have a bottle of that Classic Rum from Brisol Spirits. Went for the Monymusk 23 yr Jamican rum and the lighter 13yr Long Pond.

    Man the wife is going to kill me because I still plan on trying that Lamb's special age, Cadenheads, and to top it off next week I have a friend going to cuba. Any good ideas on what I should have him get me?? Gotta get the HC 15.....it is so much cheaper there but what else?? Ron Santiago 45 annv.(if he can find it), Matusalem Anejo, are there any real secretes anybody?? Maybe the lesser knowns or more simple yet good??

    I'm glad rum doesn't cost as much as Scotch or Cognac....I would then have to get a 2nd mortage out on the house....or sell the wifes car!! between rum and cigars I'll be poor someday. For you cigar lovers I did show great restaint. I held that new Trinidad limited ed (oh so rare ) farmhouse box (not really a humidor) in my hands and yet did not buy it. 950 british pounds it just to much for 20 cigars that you can not smoke but should only keep as a collector's item.

    but about the rum any good ideas for the trip to Cuba? 1 or 2 bottles is all I should ask for.

    hey Stephan Macha..wow.....that site at www.macha-rum.de seems to have it all I must try it someday!


  2. there is a new RyJ called a piramide 6 1/8 by 52. Keep your eye out for it in the days and weeks to come. But lets get back to Rum.

    still looking for better info on the lamb's special aged rum before I buy 1 out of the 2 differant bottles.


  3. no....totell the trust I don't know much about bacardi. I only ever get  the 8 for sipping and the white for mixing with coke or fruit juice, I use all my other for the fancier drink. But I tend to say away from it. No real reason.

    A friend is coming over this evening (I guess I should do the dishes) I'll offer him a Hoyo churchill or a San Cristobal la punta. He own a couple cigar store so no use trying to impress him.


  4. had to add a few letters to my username Cj to CjBohl.

    I just got a rum from Bacardi called Facundo named after the founding father of Bacardi.  I have been trying to find more about this with no luck even on the bacardi web site.

    The bottle is a straight normal almost clear bottle, rum is slightly more pale then Bacardi 8 with a picture of Don Facundo on the front.

    On the back it makes mention of this rum being best enjoyed straight or with ice. Anyone had this or can give me more info on this? Have not tried it yet but expect it to be kinda like bacardi 8 with luck.

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