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  1. Sign me up for one of each...ok...ok make that 2 but then come to think about it 3 would be nice too!!!

    I'll drink it nomatter what you call it.......if it is a little off I'll put fruit-juice in it. If it is way off I'll put cola in it!!

    enjoy cj

  2. I'm back on-line. The move from London to Seattle did have its flaws but all and all I'm back home!!

    My rum seem to all made it  :raz:  My cigars have all made it :biggrin: and now to the business of getting settled-in. I will be lurking most of the time but posting will be little. Researching and finding the out-of-the-way rums have also been put on the backburners for a few more months. I guess I'll just have to start drinking what I have :wow:

    anyhow just wanted to let the masses know



  3. well well well my friend did come through .........with 3 bottles. 1 HC15 and a bottle of Varadero but the real treat was the bottle of Santiago de Cuba extra anejo annv.

    It came in a charcoal black bottle, a slight curved indentation on the front and back near the base, large gold dust looking bulb top and of-course everything is wrote in spanish so I have NO IDEA what it reads across the front an back???hahaha

    hey I have a ??on this aniversario bottle......I'm assuming it is the annv.45 why is the number 48 wrote in black with the number 5 wrote in red and dropped down  1/2 a line and placed half covering the 8? Is there meaning in the number 485 or is it in the numbber 48

    I guess I'm just rambling on.......gotta get ready the movers come tomorrow so I'll check in after the move...6-8 weeks for household good to be shipped. That is a long time to be offline

    take care all.


  4. not sure!

    but if you had 2 bottles I would enjoy atleast one of them. Maybe look and hold the other for about 5 or so yrs. I have a bottle or two I'm in no hurry to open but I still plan on drinking them someday. Save it for a special occasion......yes I think Clement 15yr should be saved for the special occasions but enjoy one of them!! Save the other for when I visit... :raz:

    when you ask about consuming these carefully do you mean not spilling?? I always tell my kids use 2 hands when in the livingroom  !! :smile:  :biggrin:  :raz:


  5. sounds like they are keeping the best of the bunch......Grand Reserva. But it is a shame what a mess this embargo cramp as done. But lets not get to talking about that.........

    Yes if you have the bottle in hand it is easy to tell which is which but when buying on-line it can be confusing and misleading. I'm sure it is done on purpose. oh well buyer-be-ware.


  6. hey Vern how's it going?

    Yes it is true one can sip rum and nor does he need to always use it as a mixer.....A matter of fact I think neat is best.

    Hey does that Sancha Panza does he like other cigars like maybe Bolivars that are oh lets say about 5 1/8 by 42 in size?? :wink:

    so what has you friend SP or BPT shared with you??

    and welcome here


  7. welcome here Puro. I see that you in the WA area although kinda on the border uhh? Am I right? I myself am moving back to WA (close to Puyallup) at the end of the month. WA is not the best place to find rum in and I'm not sure about OR. I have a site for WA where you can see what is available and at what stores but mail order might be best.


    go into a search for rum here something might be avail close to home!! hope it works!

    So did I hear that you like a good stick with a good rum.....they seem to go hand in hand for me, anyhow glad to see you here


  8. If you have that bottle that you just do not want to open.....how best do you store it for long term? Or until that special occasion pops-up that desires the best that life can offer?


    after you have opened and sampled that rum how long can you keep it? occasionally having a glass how would you then store it?

    drink it before it goes bad or loses its touch but how long is that?

    questions, questions questions


  9. I'll have him ask about La Famosa Destilleria Boycoy. If I understand you right they might not be in production anymore right? And if they are it will no doubt be a small & quiet distillery. And that they might have moved to Puertor Rico. Are you think that they fled Cuba back when others did?

    with words like "Treasuse Island" and sayings like "you might find a old bottle in a treasure chest" I really feel like we are on a treasure hunt!!! hahaha

    would La Isla del Tesoro be the name of the rum not the maker? and what about does that say in english anyone?(treasure island)


  10. Boy I'm going broke. I think it's time to just look at the differant rums and slow down again on the buying. Between the rum, the cabinet size humidor I have being made and then the cigars I'm out of money and will be living on the streets soon. I still have the rum that my friend might bring back from Cuba for me. Sad to say but I hope he doesn't bring back too many; my wife would $hit if she saw the money I have been spending.

    Anyhow I must start getting ready for my move back to the states. The movers come on the 11 of March but I still have 2 trip before then. One to the states to register the kids for school and then a holiday over in Ireland. busy busy busy. It might even be hard to find the time to have a good glass of rum and a cigar.


  11. The appleton 21 I really like. I think most people do though. Like BPC Looking fwd to your comments on the Diplimatico Res. As my wife would say "sure is a pretty bottle". Tell us how it is and if it is one to pursue.

    That page where the Sea Wynde was found.....did you take a look at that British Royal Navy Imperial Rum...!$$!...could anyone afford something like that?? I couldn't even afford that empty bottle! hahaha

    go back and get the Sea Wynde too, one can never have to much rum. And what is your weekly Saterday night rum event??



  12. Is that Gran Reserva the 15yr blend?? I have a bottle of that.... but it is only 700ml and 40% alc./vol. (80 proof)

    $10 though you can not go wrong.......there isn't any bottle of rum here in the UK where I can get 750ml for 10 bucks!! Not even the stuff for mixing!!

    I'm going to have to start a tasting notebook (like I do for my cigars). The bottle I have isn't open, I can not remember what it was like the last time I had it and the bottle is to dark to tell the color of this rum.

    Hey BPC are you going to Cuba this next week?


  13. wow ....... Rene that sounds ambitious hope you can pull it off. If you are able 1.... let us all know about it (where and when) 2... let us all know how you did it (in detail) so other can try.

    we should at-least compile a list of where (City, state and country) people live so when able we can share and have small get-to-gathers! I know profiles should have this info but sometime that missed.

    I wish I was some help but that is beyond my know how

    good luck


  14. welcome here Dan.

    Yes this BB and the people can be slow with answers and the post are slow and few but we here (as you) love our rum. Glad your here.. more people means more info and more friends. And rum is best when shared. Don't you agree??

    cj :raz:

  15. So is anyone going to the festival in Cuba or is having a friend go? I hope that the stores stocked up on that wonderful drink. No.... I'm not going but do have a close friend going and I recon that he will bring me back some if not all of my favorites; Ron Matasalem Anejo, HC 15, Varadero 7yr and Ron Santiago 45. The HC15 I have never tried and the Varadero 7 I have never had my own bottle (only had a glass at a rum bar). Didn't ask for the Carr.Club7......if I did I'm sure he would get it too and having a friend bring all this back (for me) would make me feel guilty.

    Thanks BPC I just gave my friend the site on CA and said that is my wish list. My friend is starting to get into this good rum also so he like the link to CA also.


  16. The two bottles just arrived right before the weekend. Two from of the Bristol Spirits classic rum that is. But I will hold onto them for a few months before sampleing the good....maybe this summer on a warm full moon night?!

    I did go for the Lamb's 1939...... and I can not wait to see it, hold it and after a years of admiring it maybe just maybe I'll try it. Ordered it thru Gordon & MacPhail but after talking to them they did say that they will not ship to the US. Good thing I got it before I move back to the states!


  17. Yum....Appleton. The Extra is good. I don't think it if fancy or anything but a very well rounded rum. One that you do not feel like you need a special occasion to have. I reach for this sometimes when just setting around the tv at night with a cigar.

    Know that 21 is wonderful. Very nice wood aromas, kinda nutty with loads of vanilla. I'm lucky this is available here in the UK. Although not cheap.......but nothing is here. It run just under fifty british pounds I think 46.00.......that is over seventy dollars. It does also mean a trip into London but then I know I can always find it there.

    anyhow take it easy.


  18. Great site John. That must of been a bear to find, I've been looking, even talked to them in Bristol and no word about this sit. But they did enjoy telling me all about their rum. I will worn you if call long distant I was on the phone for the better part of an hour. It was a wonderful talk one that would of been great to have in the evening with a glass of the best they have ....neat. Great read/find John I but it in my Favorites file.


    I went for the 2 Jamican.....1 long pond and 1 monymusk. I did find a uk base distributor that does sell it (mentioned them prior post and very eager). I also did find a site that sells most of thier rum.  

    I hope when it comes time for the mover to pack me up I can get them to mark most of this as kitchinware  something anything other than spirits, rum or alcohol


    It has a good solection of the Bristol Spirits stuff. Although I did not purchase through them.

    Hey anyone know the differance between the Lamb's special aged rum 1939 and the 1949........ok ok I'll say it so no others dol 10. but what else?


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