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  1. I have seen the Pagoda recommendation before and I once called them to try them, but they will not deliver outside a small radius.
  2. Is there anything better than mediocre in Center City for Chinese delivery? I live at 15th and Locust....
  3. Can one watch television at any of the places listed, perhaps something besides sports?
  4. For Herbicidal: The best Szechuan is to be had at Grand Sichuan, opposite the Manhattan Bridge at 125 Canal. It is everything you have dreamed of.
  5. There are apparently 8 basic cuisines in Chinese cooking. I have tried only three of them, though I have had Cantonese, Szechuan, Fujianese, Shanghainese, Taiwanese, Chao Chow, Jilin and Liaoning styles. Where can I try the remainder in Philadelphia, or baring that, non-Cantonese? I love New Joe's Shanghai, so you can begin after this great place.... These are the styles I want to try: Beijing Shandong (Jinan and Jiaodong) Jiangsu/Huaiyang Zhejiang (Hanzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing) Hunan Anhui Any ideas?
  6. I agree that Pho Xe Lua is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Philly and the standard.
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