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  1. Mela is superb... agreed. Also, i highly rate Thames Tandoori on Waterloo Road, nr the station. The best chicken karahi in town. Very unique. Porte des Indes - wpnderful place. Very grand with fountains etc... Worth a try
  2. There is a new restaurant in/nr the pearl building in holborn any one know what it is ? many thanks
  3. Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons - number one baby
  4. Newitts in Thame. hes amazing. supplied fat duck, waterside, manoir etc. . . .
  5. waterside inn will lose a star. . . .
  6. www.chocexpress.com excellent website.. brilliant chcocs
  7. Im looking for a really good quality restaurant that is very close to the Albert Hall for dinner at around 10pm. Help please !
  8. Right its narrowed down to three choices: La Tante Claire The Greenhouse The Capital im looking for the 'best' one in terms of food food food. thanks for your help.
  9. couldnt get a table at le gavroche on a friday till the new year not impressed. any other tips ?
  10. "Almost all the places that have been much-praised on this board for service, cooking etc - Capital, Foliage, even Connaught, Gordon Ramsay etc etc " so whats the etc.. etc.. ? Im looking for your expertise to recommend the best rather than cheapest place for lunch
  11. Where are the best places to take someone for a weekday lunch in London?? City or West End or anywhere really as long as it is central. Looking for quality. . . Simon and Co, its over to you .
  12. Do you have any favourite palces around Bucks/Berks and / or London or anywhere in the UK ? Be it a pub, curry or 3 mich stars. Id love to know where you and your family enjoy eating.
  13. Hi Heston Just a quick question about sealing meat. What is the secret of sealing meat ? Its always a tough one, especuially when youre trying to cook the perfect sirlion/ fillet steak. Thanks. PS- did u ever try out that cafe de apris recipe I gave you last year ?
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