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  1. Look forward to coming up with inspiring things for you. Perhaps after a Juliet and Romeo or two, I'll be even more inspiring.
  2. Making a return visit next weekend. Looking forward to it *very* much.
  3. Agreed. Jason has been the man for a long time without the recognition as such. He's super talented.
  4. http://www.gourmet.com/restaurants/2008/09...t-taste-avenues Go. Eat. Now. *disclaimer: Curtis is a friend and a customer; take my opinion for what you will. I love what he's doing, and the word is getting out about his food.
  5. I know one of the contestants well enough to know that whatever he does, he is *never* boring. Nuts, perhaps. Uncensored, always. Can drink me under the table any day of the week. Go, Dale. I hope you made that "special" charcuterie plate for a challenge (you did have to cook with ingredients from the corner Quick Mart, right?).
  6. The whole thing was educational, fun, interesting, amusing, and thought provoking. Had a great discussion with my chef friend on the walk over to R4D afterward focusing on food and culture and how to get my teenage daughter to like green vegetables. It was a room full of people who provoke thought on all manners of things regarding food. Bravo to Will for pulling it off. I am still convinced he is actually four people because of all the things he accomplishes. Looking forward to what we do next. Thanks to Will for including me in the group and for the many fine glasses of bubbly stuff I rapidly consumed at the reception. How can anyone not like being smushed up against all those charming NY chefs while eating dessert?
  7. I'm sticking with "schmoo". Remember we had plenty of wine at that point and that's as clever as we were able to be at the time. Another great dining night out for the Seattle/South Bend girlie dining club. And I got a bonus from Salumi to boot!! Next time, that light fixture in the bathroom goes home with us........
  8. We did have a fun time, didn't we? I hope your husband wasn't too green with envy once he saw the pictures. I am still debating which course is my favorite- the chesnut with garnishes or the duck dish. I may have to eat them again, purely in the name of research.
  9. OH GOOD GOD, NO!!!! My business partner tricked me into watching that movie and I'm still horrified.
  10. I saw them frozen in our local Vietnamese market this afternoon. Daughter was more interested in the live crabs and Pocky while there, so didn't investigate further. She was most surprised by the cooked, hacked apart regular chicken we brought home that included both the chicken's head (with beak!) and feet. Next time we'll get a black chicken.
  11. Wow. At least now I know what I'm looking for. I can get the emping here but no luck so far with the melinjo nuts themselves. My local Asian grocer looks at me like I'm crazy, but he probably thinks that anyway (last time I asked for poontalai, and he did have that dried). They are destined to be used in a recipe with bitter notes, so I'm looking for that bitter element they have. Thanks for the information.
  12. I love threads that are educational and awe-inspiring. I think all I have are apples and oranges in the fridge. But I have some interesting stuff in the pantry! Does anyone know where to find melinjo nuts? I understand they come from a tree called gnetum gnemom.
  13. Oaxacan Chocolate Brownies Oaxacan Chocolate Cheesecake Mayan Hot Chocolate That's a three-course meal, right?
  14. I don't get it. Would it take more time for you to cook meals for one another than to go to someplace and get stuff you don't like? ← The time factor takes over. One of us is working a second job in a kitchen, one of us has a new baby, and one of us is a divorced mom taking care of a house, a yard, a daughter, and a business. We make dinner for our families, but lunch falls through the cracks. It's not that we don't appreciate great food, we just don't put a priority on lunch.
  15. I have found, at my advanced age (ha) that there are a lot of edible things that are NWTC- not worth the calories. My workplace is situated in a small town with lackluster choices for lunch- two fast food chains, a coffee shop, a diner, a gas station pizza joint, and a truck stop. We're hungry at lunch, so we rotate amongst them. Is any of it worth eating? Only to a very hungry person, so I eat so I don't get any crabbier than I already am. The kicker? We are all chefs/cooks in a food service business. Why don't we bring lunch? Time, or lack there of. If it's there, we eat it, simply to go on with the day's work with some kind of fuel. None of it is worth the calories, but it's there. On the flip side, we treat ourselves to eating at client restaurants when we can and I've had some incredible meals. Makes up for a lot of soggy taco pizzas.
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