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  1. MFC

    Think Pink - Rose Confessions

    Some of my favorite roses are: Italy Bisson Cerasuolo Rose Cantalupo "Il Mimo" Nebbiolo Rose Muri-Gries Lagrien Rose France JM Raffault Chinon Rose Renardat-Fache Cerdon de Bugy - Lightly sweet and petillant Tempier Bandol Rose Bart Marsannay Rose Gour de Chaule Gigondas Rose Greece Kir-Yianni Xynamavro Rose Tatsis Negoska Rose
  2. MFC

    Eneo 2001

    Columbus Circle Wines - Broadway between 57th & 58th. Ask for Phil or Steve. BTW, this is the entry level wine for Montepeloso, if you loved the Eneo you should try the Nardo and Gabbro!!!!
  3. I have purchased Venison racks at Citarella on the upper west side many times. They usually have them in stock at the butcher counter. Also, you can go online to www.dartagnan.com and they carry plenty of cuts of venison and will ship to you overnight.
  4. MFC


    Try Aqua Grill on the corner of Spring and 6th. Always a very impressive selction of oysters that are incredibly fresh. It's great to sit at the bar (very tiny) and sample the offerings. I think they also have a sample platter where you get one of every oyster being offered.
  5. MFC

    Summer truffles

    Summer truffles are in deed black truffles. While they do have a black exterior they are white fleshed on the inside, and as stated are far less aromatic and pungent, not to mention much less expensive. Compared to black winter truffles that are black on both the exterior and interior. Fresh white truffles are only available in the fall. If look back to the posted photos you will notice the distinct difference in color between the outer layer and flesh of the truffle. In New York they are available at most gourmet stores such as Dean & Deluca and the like (about $15/oz).