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  1. Hello all. I spend a good amount of time in Winston-Salem, but have yet to dine in Greensboro. I have the opportunity to pick a restaurant in Greensboro for a casual business lunch on Monday so I'd love your recommendations. My colleague is a pickier eater than me so anything too exotic is out. No sushi and Thai isn't my favorite.

  2. I would add Degrees at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown. Not sure what the crowd is like these days, but the fireplace is warm and the lighting sets a certain mood.

    I adore Proof, the restaurant, but there's not much room in the bar area. Hell, that might be what young hipster is seeking, but I felt I should throw that out there.

    Veritas is so happening that there's rarely elbow room there either. Still, I like the place.

  3. I have eaten at Sweet Potatoes 15-20 times by now. My only complaint about lunch there is that the terrific grits are only available at dinner! I have really enjoyed my many meals there. Very few clunkers in the bunch.

    I have had lunch at Noble's once and enjoyed it very much.

    At the various Village Tavern locations, I have been disappointed by some dishes, but thrilled by the think crust pizzas. Not a fan of South by Southwest.

    My first visit to Bleu was interesting in a good way and I'll get back there soon.

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  4. IMO, Five Guys is a winner if, and only if, you're choosing between Five Guys and McDonald's or Fuddruckers. Still, given the age and size of your group, it will probably work for one meal.

    Busboy's and hjshorter's suggestions are spot-on, especially about going to Adams Morgan for Amsterdam Falafel or that hot dog place whose name I can't summon up at the moment.

    I wonder if Mama Ayesha's could take your group. The space is large.

  5. Hi there - another first time Dallas visitor, but different part of town. I'm staying by the Galleria. What would you recommend as I'm trying to avoid chains or other uninspired stuff. No sushi, no Thai. Mexican would be great, but other than the aforementioned qualifiers, I'm open.

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