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  • Setting Your Preferences: "Ignore User" (and Reversing the Process)

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    This is a large community, and like all large communities it can have its personality conflicts.  If another member, or that person's signature, rubs you the wrong way, a simple solution is to set your preferences to ignore that person, provided the person is not a member of the eG Staff.  (Ignoring an eG staff member is a violation of the Member Agreement.) You can ignore any combination of a member's posts, messages or signature. Note that the 'ignore' setting will only work when you are logged onto the site as yourself; guests always see members' posts and signatures in the forums open to guests.


    In order to add a member to your 'ignore' list, click on your user name at the upper right of the screen.  A drop-down menu will appear:

    Ignored users pick.jpg


    Select "Ignored Users" to go to the menu, where you will see a list of currently-ignored members as well as the option to ignore members. 



    Ignored users list.jpg


    When you start typing a user's name in the "Add new user to ignore list", a drop-down menu will provide a list to help select the correct name. 


    To change your settings for an ignored user, select the 'settings' wheel next to the user's avatar.  That will allow you to un-ignore the user entirely, or to change the elements that you ignore.


    Ignored users options.jpg



    Note that a user will never be notified that you are ignoring him or her.

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