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Besides Harissa...

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Here is my personal Zhoug recipe - it is not as atomically spicy as many zhoug recipes, but still packs a potent kick (I like to taste the spices and herbs, not just having my tongue burned to a stump)...

cheers, JH

The Hirshon Zhoug

1 cup of fresh Coriander, including stems

1 cup of fresh parsely, including stems

7 (use more or less depending on your spice tolerance) Jalapenos, stem ends removed

3 serranos, stemmed

8 garlic cloves

3/4 teaspoon caraway seeds

2 teaspoons freshly ground cumin

2 teaspons freshly ground coriander

Seeds from 5 cardamom pods

1/2 teaspoon salt (add more if needed)

1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper (add more if needed)

About 3 tablespoons of olive oil (add more if needed)

Finely grind the cardamom pods and caraway seeds in a mortar and pestle or spice grinder, then sift to remove the husks.

Grind all in a food processor to a paste - cover and store in the refrigerator.

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Thanks for the Zhug recipes!

Is there any more nice Yemenite recipes out there? please link. I want to know more about this cuisine

Probably this should start a new thread...

Most of what my grandmother used to cook wasn't specifically Yemeni, since she was born in Jerusalem and grew up in both Arab villages and the Sephardic/Mizrahi Jewish community. But there are a few quintessentially Yemeni things that I have recipes for - let me know if you want them and I'll post.

Mellawach - a kind of savory, flaky, fried bread/pancake, traditionally served with hard-boiled egg, tomato sauce, tehine and zchug (but you can top it with anything)

Kubaneh - Yemeni bread that is cooked overnight in the oven on low heat in a tightly sealed pot - traditional for Shabbat since you're not allowed to actually turn the oven on, so you do it on Friday night instead. Traditionally served with huevos haminados (hard-boiled eggs baked overnight so they turn brown) and hilbeh, a fenugreek sauce

Hreime - fish in spicy tomato sauce. Daniel Rogov posted a link to his recipe somewhere on this site

Zchug (above)

Yemeni Soup - Either chicken soup or beef bone soup is made Yemeni by the addition of Hawaij, a spice mix for soup. Around here you can get it at the Israeli market. It has a lot of turmeric but otherwise I'm actually not sure what's in it.

Yemeni Coffee - like coffee elsewhere in the Middle East (ie Turkish coffee) but with Hawaij for coffee, another spice mix that has cardamom, cloves, ginger and other things but again I'm not sure of the exact ingredients, you can get it at the Israeli markets around me.

Of course there are many other Yemeni food recipes, these are just the ones I've got that I know are specifically Yemeni.

There are a few recipes at http://www.al-bab.com/yemen/soc/food.htm.

There are a bunch more in Copeland Marks' Sephardic Jewish cookbook.

there's a start...


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