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Society Statement of Purpose

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The eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters is to increase awareness and knowledge of the arts of cooking, eating and drinking, as well as the literature of food and drink. We carry out this purpose in many places and in many ways, but primarily through internet food media. We seek to appeal to a diverse group covering professional and amateur cooks, producers, writers and consumers. The arts and crafts connected with food and drink take place in a wide variety of settings. We believe that:

  • Good food doesn’t have to be expensive or esoteric – just good. Good food and drink aren't exclusive to the rich and well-traveled;
  • People throughout the world and in all economic circumstances can be healthier, wealthier and happier by learning to eat well and cook well, and by thinking and speaking more clearly about their food and drink;
  • Professional cooks and passionate amateur cooks, professional producers and hobbyists of food and drink, professional food and beverage writers and passionate amateur writers each have something special to bring to the table. The conversation is richer and more interesting when the worlds of the professional and the amateur are brought together;
  • Food can both satisfy physical needs and engage the highest functions of intellect. It can be a commodity, a craft, an art. Though a source of bodily pleasure, food and drink are also worthy subjects for discussion, at practical, aesthetic and philosophical levels;
  • The media do much to shape our perceptions about food and drink. We are better off when the media covering food and drink are informed, honest and passionate about their subject. Like all arts, food writing is worth doing well.

The Society's activities are determined by its Board, which is authorized to pursue any program of activity that is aligned with the Society's purpose. Our geographic scope is global. We operate eG Forums, which we aim to make the Internet’s most compelling, exciting and technologically advanced interactive conversation about food, drink, and everything related to them.


Revised November 2022.

Edited by Dave the Cook (log)

Steven A. Shaw aka "Fat Guy"
Co-founder, Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, sshaw@egstaff.org
Proud signatory to the eG Ethics code
Director, New Media Studies, International Culinary Center (take my food-blogging course)

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