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Update on ELA

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Just a quick update for those of you interested. Yes, I am married. I had my wedding Saturday night, and it was wonderful.

Stacey's grandfather died the day after the weeding. 90 years old, and all he wanted was to see this wedding. He did. He held on, came to the wedding, and then he died - peaceful, in his sleep, as if he had waited for the wedding and then knew it was time to go.

Well, we looked to postpone leaving on the honeymoon from Monday to Tuesday. Then of course came the terrible tragedy of September 11 that will live in us forvever. So our flights got cancelled. We are still here in NJ, safe and sound. Interesting twist of fate - when we looked to re-schedule our flight Tuesday, one of the lfights offered to me was the United flight, Newark to San Fran. Yes, the very same one that went down in PA. I decided to stick with my original itinerary.

Well, Tuesday morning, I got a call that the first tower was hit. I walked outside on my terrace and I watched the second plane hit the WTC - live, right from my terrace. My high-rise building is in Fort Lee, NJ - which is on top of the cliffs which overlook NYC. My building is also at the highest point in Fort Lee.

I also saw both towers collapse, also live. I cannot find the words to describe how I felt.

So, I just wanted to let all of you know that we are here in NJ - and yes, I owe Jason a phone call, and yes, we'll meet this week. Thanks.


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