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On a visit to New Orleans last week we had lunch on Saturday at Trenasse at the Intercontintal. The restaurant is Chef Jim Richard (ree-chard)s entry to the city from his Stinkys Fish Camp over in South Walton County in Northwest Florida. His gumbo is the best I have ever tasted. And Unka Dukes bbq shrimp is worth the meal alone. Order the muscadet wine to go with a seafood dishes. Unka Duke is a friend and should be one of yours also. They don't serve enough bread to start to sop up every morsel of sauce so don't hesitate to ask for more. Todd Price's review at Nola.com isn't bad. Next time I'm starting with the frogs legs. They were featuring striper menuier. So good. I have known Chef Jin since his days at the Paradise Cafe I the late 1980s. And now I know his bro Cajun Ed here in Tulsa. Btw it is crawfish time. I'll be eating some this weekend. Run don't walk before they become a hard to get reservation

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It is good to be a BBQ Judge.  And now it is even gooder to be a Steak Cookoff Association Judge.  Life just got even better.  Woo Hoo!!!

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