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Wanted: excellent lunch in/near London, kids welcome

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It looks like I’ll be in London in early April, Easter weekend actually, visiting friends and their daughter (now 13 yrs old).

On previous visits, meals out have been casual lunches or early dinners scheduled around tourist activities and the daughter’s bedtime and general attention span.

This year, I thought I might treat them to something more ambitious for lunch, either on Saturday or Easter Sunday. My friends are well-traveled food lovers, the daughter well-mannered and not picky, but still a kid who won’t want to sit through a long tasting menu.

I’d love recommendations for a comfortable place with excellent food that will satisfy all ages. There are so many great reviews for both restaurants and pubs here, but often so sophisticated that it’s hard to know whether they’d be a good fit for all of us.

Looking for somewhere in London proper or a short (< 1 hr) drive from town. I’m assuming that anything on Easter Sunday will require advance reservations, hence my early start with this question.

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Linda, the only place that immediately jumps out at me for your party is Bar Boulud.

I keep meaning to go back as it has a busy buzzy vibe and the menu is tempting throughout. The atmosphere alone would keep your 13 year old interested as the place is good for people watching, depending on your table choice of course.

Another bonus is that it is right across the road to Harvey Nicks and a cockstride to Harrods, which is well worth a visit any day of the week. In fact the whole area is great for walking. So you could combine dining with shopping, be that window or the real shopping.

"So many places, so little time"



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