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  1. In my experience most decent coffee places in London are staffed by Aussies
  2. By & large agree. Problem is bloggers are often attracted by the promise of freebies & superior access. What has gotten lost is that its only the quality of the commentary that matters, not just that you made the effort. I am not defending Isherwood but why would he risk his credibility lying about paying for the meal. Here is his quote "He mentioned I was given freebies, but I'm wise enough to know these were amuse bouches - they even appeared on the pre-printed menu they gave to me at the end of the meal " This never ending accusation that bloggers get free meal after free meal is pure fiction especially from my point of view. In all of my years of dining I have only ever received five in decades, and we eat out an awful lot. I for one would be very interested if people would name and shame those bloggers who receive these financial incentives. It would help clear up these never ending accusations. After much annoying innuendo The Critical Couple now put a disclaimer on their site. Hang on David - I'm not saying all do but someone did bring up the point of the Cube on twitter - hardly anyone paid for that!
  3. Yeah it has become quiet of late, and yes David's lack of posting probably hasn't helped! I don't post enough - quite honestly I've been far too busy the last 5-6 months and seem to have a backlog of stuff from the beginning of the year to write about, but never get around to it The rest of the forum seems similar in a way too. I think in some ways it doesn't help that the forum is so granular. When you look at some of the topics from some restaurants that would require their own thread every year, you might now not find a single post from the last 6-12months. Is it a reflection of a shift in focus that Jon talks about? Probably.
  4. Indeed - I worked in the building industry for many years and you get numb to the "C" word after a week as it is part of every sentence What is it about supposedly-mature men that the worst thing they can think of to call one another is something relating to female genitalia? Just like infantile adolescent boys in a schoolyard calling one another pussy. They seriously should be embarrassed if that's the best (worst) they can do. . Sorry to divert the thread briefly but please note that using the "C" word in parts of the UK is not the same as using it in the US. Anyway, both parties could have come out of this a lot better by not engaging in the whole thing. All rather silly.
  5. Excellent choice of venue and day, Martin By coincidence I was there on Saturday as well - first visit, v impressed. I can't believe I've not been before given it's pretty local to me. Slip sole is a must, fantastic. Really enjoyed the apple meille feuille as well.
  6. Odd. Doesn't tally with my experience of the service there for sure! The queues have been absolutley bonkers. Last night we had a booking at the kitchen table and it was rather wet, but the queue was still massive at about 7.45! Kitchen table was ace, I will add further words/pics this weekend.. Kitchen table sounds like it will be a laugh, but one thing that bothers me. If covers are so small and booking so impossible that you can't really get a table, should we really consider KT to be a restaurant or just a rather snazzy supper club? I guess the same logic would apply to Fat Duck, French L, El Bulli RIP too. Maybe Momofuku Ko is a better analogy. But in my brain I don't even think of BD KT as restaurant at all because I immediately write it off as so hard to get in I shouldn't bother. Hmmm... J There's 19 spots so it's not THAT small, but given the price vs. some of the other high end places in London I expect it will soon become v difficult. I think they said it was getting busy for the weekends now but weeknights should be OK.
  7. Odd. Doesn't tally with my experience of the service there for sure! The queues have been absolutley bonkers. Last night we had a booking at the kitchen table and it was rather wet, but the queue was still massive at about 7.45! Kitchen table was ace, I will add further words/pics this weekend..
  8. Fair enough, not sure what difference iodine would make either, other than helping prevent idoine-131 absorption after exposure to a nuclear meltdown?
  9. Well I went this evening and had a great time. It might be worth remembering that it tends to be quieter in that part of town at weekends, tonight there wasn't much of a queue even at 8pm. Looking forward to returning for the &
  10. It's bonkers but I'm looking forward to trying it out!!!
  11. You would think so However, as Harters says alas not. Maybe this restaurant believes that the opinions of an over zealous primrary school teacher will be a valuable source of business generation or a provide some expert culinary knowledge , however such sychophancy may actually have the paradoxical effect of dissuading anyone from wanting to go near the place. Thank you 'over zealous' is a very polite way of describing me! ;-)I have been back to SoLita on three occasions (as a full paying customer, no less) since this series of freebies and I stand by my initial comments. On the second occasion admittedly, there were some first week teething problems but by my third meal these seemed to have been resolved. Unless I'm missing something, you don't appear to have a clear disclaimer anywhere in that "review" that mentions that it was free?
  12. Blimey, so it's 7 courses including amuse? Ouch.
  13. Did you come across any other places serving quick, casual food (apart from [curry]wurst; I can easily get that downtown where I am, if I wanted to), or good, reliable bakeries? I'm afraid not - I was only there for a weekend and it wasn't that food orientated so didn't spend too much time looking into it! Monsieur Vong is certainly on the casual side though and pretty quick service
  14. Good luck finding anyone who agrees with either of those statements! Well, I could make a start with the jury of the World's 50 Best! Maybe I should have added a caveat: "who has eaten at more than 2-3 restaurants in the UK over the last 18 months"
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